Ukrainian Nazis and the Collective West Partner on the Path to Nuclear War

Susan Matthiesen is in blowtorch mode… full link below

Zelensky was just quoted as saying, “Don’t fear nuclear war. Just be ready for it.” In this article I will henceforth call Zelensky, “Elensky” since the letter “Z” has been deemed illegal in Ukraine. I will do this since I don’t want the Ukrainian Nazi Azov troops to ask the FBI to disappear me – not that I’m important enough to have anyone do that, but like Elensky said, I need to “be ready for it”. 

By now the world should see that after WWII the bacilli of Nazism wafted eastward in the air and settled in the west of Ukraine, embedding itself in the Ukrainian Azov troops who use the Swastika as their insignia while they brutalize eastern Ukrainian Russian civilians with rape, torture or just shooting them on sight. What with all the hoopla about the Capitol “rioters” being evil Nazi type right-wingers one would think that the Left would be able to recognize real Nazis, but apparently not. The Left, that is, the Collective West (USA, EU and Australia) who hates itself and its former Christian civilization, loves Nazism. One can see true love blooming in the Collective West’s falling all over itself with little red meme hearts flowing from the breasts of Western leaders calling for nuclear WWIII.

Let me interrupt at this moment to post Elensky’s recent video of himself high on drugs. Couldn’t find this particular video on YouTube since it was definitely censored so people wouldn’t see the acid-head druggie comedian in high heels Puppet that the Western Puppet Masters placed to lead the West into their wanted nuclear war. Click on the link below to see the 32 second video that Elensky’s handlers tried to erase from being seen.

Did you see it? Do we need to go to war for Elensky? For this man? Are YOU, cheering for this man “dripping with narcissistic madness, pride, unhinged ego, corruption and monumental incompetence” and his Nazi goons? Have you been taking to heart as the truth everything that the Western Media is saying even after being fooled for two years by the Covid “coof”. Did you not recognize that the MSM, after terrorizing the world for two years with the coof, in one day dropped that narrative and the next day picked up the narrative of how wonderful Nazis are and that we must plan WWIII to solve the problem of Ukraine…

And here I must interject the reason Globalists Elites choose death over life even though it should be obvious to even the most naïve person on the planet. What with all the millions of people murdered by the Left’s Marxist agenda of wars, abortion, euthanasia, transgender and homosexual-lesbian agendas for eradication of the population, and all the Green agenda garbage, etc., a nuclear war would help eradicate millions of humans from the face of the earth. Death, death and more death. The more people killed, the better for the Elites because it’s easier to control less people than more…

(She’s just getting started… go read the whole thing) >>>

8 thoughts on “Ukrainian Nazis and the Collective West Partner on the Path to Nuclear War”

  1. Mary Ann and Susan are lovely ladies and are true warriors for the church militant (not to be confused with that narcissistic, tabloid trash group in Ferndale, MI). This latest post of theirs is very sobering and I hope it goes far and wide, so thank you Mark for giving it some publicity. Folks, when the people who brought us the covidism death cult suddenly stop talking about covidism and use all their resources in the media and social media to prop up Zelensky and hate on Putin, we have every right to believe something involving population is what’s really up.
    May Our Lady of Vladimir wrap her mantle of protection over Russia and her president, Vladimir Putin and guide them to victory.

  2. Something involving population CONTROL I meant to type. What I get for typing too fast on the iPhone 😉

  3. This assessment squares with the reports from my sister-in-law who is from Mariopul. Dirty, dirty business, with Western hands deep in the mud.

  4. The great tribulation seems almost here. Just go to your search engine and type “CBDC” or “digital identity” or “vaccine passports”. Read what the Apocalypse says about the mark of the beast. Think about how the upcoming famine will probably be solved by digital payments or UBI as Francis calls for.
    Nuclear war is just another sign.

  5. This squares with reports from my Canadian sister in law, formerly of Mariopul. Western hands have been deep in the mud of this dirty business.

  6. Mary Ann and Susan are absolute WARRIORS….all my respect ladies. And Susan….you were made for this time…keep blasting the Truth out of your mighty blowtorch. We tussled on a topic a few years back, but you’ve always had my respect and admiration. It has increased exponentially over the years; and this piece is easily your best yet….crystalline, distilled Truth.
    Thanks for linking, Mark.

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