I’m sure the criminals are quaking in their boots over this announcement

I do hope they share their brilliance with Philly Mayor Kenney.

4 thoughts on “I’m sure the criminals are quaking in their boots over this announcement”

  1. These two are caricatures of their sex – effeminate meets butch.
    How do you solve crime in our communities? Not in government programs and initiatives from the likes of these cartoon renditions of a man and a woman. It must be with men and women acting like God intended at the nuclear core level of the family. Men acting bravely in defense of his tribe, with leadership guiding them to safe harbors. Women nurturing and loving and bringing happy, secure life into the midst of her brood.
    We need the Catholic Faith, intact and whole – not the cheap counterfeit no one cares about but the real deal men and women are proud to pass on to their kids and the kids latch onto as something primal, much bigger than themselves and recognizeable to their souls before they can even speak or understand a word.
    And we need a lot more men like this who are not afraid to walk right up to the face of a tyrant (in this case Justine Castro – aka Trudeau … could also be a neighborhood equivalent) and not mince words about what he is …
    I loved this speech, from a Croatian MP to the EU. Justine Castro-Trudeau was sitting right behind him. The Eastern Europeans (Russians too, for that matter) have tasted communist tyrants, their insane policies and their violence against the innocent and have little stomach for it now,

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