“Mental illness now seems to include a large part of North America’s population actually desiring nuclear war”

Ever wonder why all the same people always wind up on the wrong side of everything? -NVP

Continued Mass Psychosis Formation

by Father David Nix

One can have truth without love, but one can not have love without truth.  Also, even though not all mental illness is directly due to sin, all sin eventually leads to mental illness.  Such mental illness now seems to include a large part of North America’s population actually desiring nuclear war.  This was something absent even in the Cold War of the 20th century.  The below graph reveals that if most people live in mortal sin, then most people will have insane desires:

 NB I’m not saying that taking the C19 vaccine was necessarily a mortal sin. But I am saying that living in spiritual blindness for years has now led to obvious manifestations of medical blindness and political blindness.


5 thoughts on ““Mental illness now seems to include a large part of North America’s population actually desiring nuclear war””

  1. Grave sin: “…(1) grave action that is committed in (2) full knowledge of its gravity and with the (3) full consent of the sinner’s will”.
    There are many Catholics for which taking the gene altering therapy (not a vaccine, even though it is easier to say) does involve “full knowledge of its gravity”.
    It is a “grave action” (1) for all, and for all except those injected while unconscious or while strapped down to a table in prison camp it is also injected with “full consent” (3). “Full knowledge of gravity” (2) is missing in many cases because those who should know better (SSPX – shout out to you, Fr. Sélégny, and others – fail to catechize those who are not as educated in moral theology.
    I firmly believe, however, that at some level the gene therapy is sinful for all, and gravely so for most Catholics. I know too much about what is in this substance and the motives behind those who produced it and compel us to take it and, now, the obvious evidence of injury that proves all my suppositions to be true.
    This thing was no ordinary mistake. There is a spiritual quality to this which, when combined with the satanic beliefs of those who lead humanity down these paths, compel me to believe there is not just a physical component to these juices (as dangerous as these are) but also a spiritual element to this gene altering therapy that is based in various ways on the vivisected tissue of living babies. And so, the spiritual connection, applied at a macro level to the world, takes on a spiritual element at the macro social level as well.
    I have noticed this mass psychosis also. George Weigel, of all people, calling Archbishop Viganó (?!) a conspiracy theorist! Unanimous desire of all peoples everywhere, from every political spectrum possible, to enter conflict with Russia in defense of the very regime that is the engine of corruption in Western governments and fascist control over our individual lives – and thereby risk nuclear exchange, the end of all things, for the sake of some wicked man named Zelensky who is a very talented fag dancer. It is beyond making no sense into the realm of insanity.
    God bless Texas, where I live. May it always remain a free State or return to its roots as a free Republic.

    1. Francis called an act of suicide (and perhaps murder) an act of love. And people just obeyed, thinking that the commands of Francis has the same authority as eternal law.
      I later found out that there is a hierarchy of law. If the civil law asks you to violate canon law ((such as shutting down mass or breaking the seal of confession) you don’t obey. If a true pope commands something contrary to natural and divine positive law, you don’t obey. People treat ever law wherever it comes from has the authority of God Himself.

  2. The man firing this gun has (of course) declared and emergency and banned all opposition parties and opposition news media. The Nazi brigades (not the “neo” variety – the real ones)? Azov, C14, National Corps (etc) … untouched by the man who wore the Nazi Iron Cross on his olive green t-shirt during his address to Congress.
    And the people locked down, masked, fired for non-compliance, (forced to retire and relocate – me) are asked to support their tormentors, through this fellow, and join them in WW III for the cause of The Great Reset and its OWG. I simply can’t believe there is a political market for this. But I see it, first hand, in my little corner of the world. It is insane.

    1. Ask these zombies if a Ukrainian should have the right to be born and watch their brain short circuit in real time.

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