“I cannot believe how many prominent commentators and blog owners in our tiny sliver of Catholicism continue to fall for whatever the Soros-owned media tells them.”

It’s A Globalist Orgy, & Ukraine’s the Hotel Room

 – by LH

“The United States has abused the world. The perverted criminals of Washington—for the past 40 years—have so recklessly treated every single entity they’ve signed a contact with, that the world simply will not trust the U.S. anymore after this latest Ukraine fiasco. The Petrodollar is now being dropped. No one understands this right now. No one but a tiny sliver of the population wants to come to terms with what’s about to happen. But Americans have been able to have their cake and eat it too. But now? Things are about to get worse than the Great Depression in about 12-36 months. You just don’t understand it yet.

“This is going to happen. And it will happen because of the lawless conduct of pedo-perverts running the empire. They’ve burned every. Single. Bridge. The Global American Empire (the GAE)’s reputation across the world is ruined. (UPDATE: Speaking of diminished reputation, our Iraq consulate just got bombed by twelve missiles from Iran.) From our fake vaccines to this provocation to nuclear world war. We have shown all nations that we are nothing more than criminals, and doing business with us is like building a house on sand.

“Make no mistake, Pedo Washington wants this war. They want everyone in the Ukraine—and Russia—to die. And they want everything over there blown to smithereens. And they want this because the oligarchs have committed such great evil in past decades, and they want the rubble to cover over everything so that they can hide their sins underneath it all. Russia , China, and a growing list of other powers realize this, and so they are making their moves now. Yet the liberal GAE remains obtuse, continuing ever-onward with its push for a new world order…”

“It astounds me how many people fell for the Covid narrative. It is conclusively and demonstrably clear that the Covid narrative was never about eradicating a disease. It was a vector for federal oligarchical control over every aspect of our lives. And when the gaslighting finally ended? They pushed Putin to the brink with blatant, contract-breaking NATO expansion, and an ongoing support to our puppet government, run by cocaine Zelensky—whose government is responsible for killing at least 13,000 Eastern Ukrainians in the Donbas since 2014. The good news is that the GAE is getting broken. But the bad news is that people are still being gaslit on a massive, global scale. It astonishes me how many people still fully and completely believe every jot and tittle of the corporate media narrative.

“Even well-known Traditionalist Catholics have been caught up in it. It’s absolutely insane. I cannot believe how many prominent commentators and blog owners in our tiny sliver of Catholicism continue to fall for whatever the Soros-owned media tells them. These people literally side with Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates. I am witnessing people transform into Mark Shea in real time. It astounds me. People I used to respect are even eschewing Traditional Catholicism now…

“Some would argue that this is what happens when you can’t even open your mind to the possibility that we have an antipope. Some would argue that if you can’t entertain the notion that this is an apocalyptic time, then you won’t be fit for survival for what is to come. Jesus Christ said that those who persevere to the end will be saved. I suppose we will see who can persevere and who cannot.”

Read the rest for predictions on gas and food prices in the coming months, among other things: https://forge-and-anvil.com/2022/03/13/its-a-globalist-orgy-ukraines-the-hotel-room/

2 thoughts on ““I cannot believe how many prominent commentators and blog owners in our tiny sliver of Catholicism continue to fall for whatever the Soros-owned media tells them.””

  1. Sonuvah…this is jaw dropping. Would you and Miss B. and the Nurse Called Claire ever consider using part of a podcast to share your daily reads on the internet? Your blog and Ann’s and a few others are on mine, but I’ve never heard of LH. Until today. Thanks, and God Bless.

  2. I have never seen so many normally intelligent and rational people I know simply mindlessly parrot the media. I have wondered if maybe people were being drugged with something to make them receptive to prompting. First the unhinged and disproportionate Trump hate fest, which morphed into the Plandemic obsession, which morphed into the Putin hate fest. No amount of proof or reasoning makes a dent. The Traddies who are not by now renouncing the “Bergoglio papacy” are similarly irrational, or dishonest. When I first read Ann B’s explanations, I was so relieved, and glad. Nothing Bergoglio has done is valid. I can only say that it is a denial of reality on a massive, preternatural scale. The sheep being separated from the goats??

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