Wars and Rumors of Wars: Russia, Ukraine, and Fatima

Some geo-political history, current events, and supernatural intervention, from Tony & Vickie Ambrosetti at Tradidi Quod et Accepi:

And you shall hear of wars and rumor of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (Matt. 24:6)

How did it come to this? We are witnessing two nations with deep historical Christian roots fighting over the identity of a country considered a “borderland” — which is what “Ukraine” actually means. We watch the news with aching hearts; as often happens, it is the innocent civilians who suffer most. Most of us have seen images like this before. Much of what we are seeing is certainly propaganda — from both sides — but it hits very close to home for those of us who served our country in uniform and for our loved ones who stayed behind, the latter hoping not to get a knock on the door from the base chaplain. We military men know firsthand about “collateral damage” and civilian casualties, and as we watch the evening news, we grudgingly remember past conflicts, when the good guys were hard to discern from the bad guys, and we didn’t always know whose interests lay at the heart of the dispute.

Which brings us to the Russian invasion of Ukraine currently underway. Whose interests are at stake? Certainly Russia and Ukraine; but there are other fingerprints all over this crime scene. We only found out in the last few days that the U.S. government had secret biological warfare research facilities in Ukraine. And remember when the legitimately elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was forced out of office by the so-called “Dignity Revolution” of February, 2014? President Yanukovych, who favored Russia over the European Union, was replaced by a man greatly favored by the U.S. (Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry) and Western Europe. Unlike our election of 2020, however, the 2010 Ukraine election was considered fair all around, with these results:

Even the casual observer will immediately notice that the lines are fairly clearly drawn between southeast and northwest Ukraine. The Ukrainians themselves are indeed deeply divided between looking to Russia for the future, or to the West. This can be at least partially explained by the fact that the ethno-linguistic divisions, as shown in the map below, line up very neatly with the map above. Notice the blue areas where citizens identify, more or less, as Russian:

Therefore, can we really place all the blame on Putin and Russia for all of the events that led up to this conflict? We are certainly not saying that Putin’s resorting to war is laudable, only that in light of Western interference since the fall of the Soviet Union, it is somewhat understandable — especially in light of U.S. neo-con and Deep-State intrigues and bullying. And thank God that our emasculated military does not have to go up against the Russian troops, who are not nearly as concerned as our Pentagon chiefs regarding inclusiveness, diversity, and celebrations of sodomy pride. Watch this video that compares the Russian military to the U.S. Army, and try not to cry.

It is at this point that we should remind ourselves that in the eyes of our Catholic Faith (and hence in the Eyes of God), war is usually considered a chastisement. In fact, let us consider the real issue, which is neither Western war-mongering (by both Democrats and Republicans) nor Putin’s thuggish background as a heavy-handed politician and KGB operative. No, the real problem is that Our Lady’s request for Russia to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart has never been accomplished properly...

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6 thoughts on “Wars and Rumors of Wars: Russia, Ukraine, and Fatima”

  1. I’m first to admit, the “optics” don’t look good for Russia and Putin. The big mean Putin ruling Russia with an iron fist, invades small peaceful Ukraine which was just minding its own business.
    After talking with a lot of Russian Orthodox, it’s going to take a lot more than Consecrating Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart…
    From the Russian Orthodox’s point of view, they can say (and I’ve heard various arguments like this):
    “For our entire history, since we became autocephalous from Constantinople we’ve never been in Communion with Rome, we’ve done just fine without Communion with Rome for centuries, and we don’t see the need for Communion with Rome, now or ever. In fact, the Bishop of Rome today isn’t even a Christian! We didn’t sacrifice three generations to satanic communism to go into Communion with that demon-worshiper in white!”
    (With the vast majority of the Church going along with bergoglio, I for one don’t have much to counter that last argument.)
    Nothing short of a Pope bringing in a bunch of known sexual predators to Rome, having the Swiss Guard immediately arrest them, and then publicly executing them in St. Peter’s Square, live-streaming it, while giving Glory to God by praying the Rosary while it’s happening, will ever get the attention of the Russian Orthodox.

  2. Please excuse me, I did not intend to say Our Lady said Russia was an “insignificant nation”. My error. I only meant Russia was considered insignificant by most of the world, as she was so poor at that time.
    And POP, I fully understand our current pope is an apostate. He is not the church.

    I hear you, POP. As a Roman Catholic who attends the Roman Rite (the Mass of the Ages that Francis seeks to destroy) I can only tell you this. Catholics are taught to take the long view, because the church itself is so ancient. While America is young, Europe is old, and the church is old. We have almost 2000 years of history. These are unparalleled times. The world has never seen, what we see. One could easily say these are apocalyptic times. For people who have not attended to such things, this may easily shock them. It sobers even the people who have. It is a time for taking personal stock of one’s life, and looking at Jesus Christ with new eyes. Taking more seriously one’s life, sins, confessing them, amending one’s life, and getting right with God.
    Fatima happened in 1917. Our Lady appeared to three children who had no idea of world events. At that time Russia was so poor she could not feed her own children, and was considered insignificant. Our Lady told the children that people have offended God, and that if they do not stop, calamities would follow. Wars, rumors of wars, and other disasters, even “nations will be annihilated”. She asked then, that the consecration of an “insignificant nation”, Russia, be made to her Immaculate Heart, or, “Russia would spread her errors throughout the world”. Nobody could understand what errors Russia could possibly spread. It was not done. Various popes tried to fulfill her request but indirectly, not mentioning Russia by name, and it was to be done in union with all the bishops of the world. Later seers said that Our Lady said it would be done, “but late”.
    It is late.
    It seems impossible to you and I, surely it does, but I can promise you this, if the consecration is done as Our Lady asked, then what she promised will also happen, despite our having no idea how it could happen. She promised “There will be peace”.

  4. It is not for us to question how the Blessed Virgin will obtain victory through her Immaculate Heart. She said that her Immaculate Heart would triumph after was Russia was consecrated thus we need not ask how, but simply need to accept her words. There are many historical examples of her assistance in battles, LePanto being one that comes to mind immediately. We are in the present situation because of our arrogance. God is in charge and when we do not abide in His Permitting and Ordaining Will, He leaves us to our own resources, which usually ends badly.

  5. It is my firm belief that Ukraine is the head of the Satanic snake that has infiltrated every Western government and the Catholic Church up to and including the See of Peter. From what I have seen Ukraine is next level evil – the kind that makes you sick if you are exposed to it at any sensory level. The current Ukraine regime was installed by Clinton and her Deep State pals during Obama’s regime in 2014. They host DOD funded bio-weapons labs, with subterranean tunnel networks, along the border with Russia. It is rumored that these labs released an Ebola variant into Russia, squashed before it could spread by Russians already alert to the threat, part of the justification for the current decapitation invasion.
    I simply do not understand how any Christian can support this corrupt, satanic Ukrainian regime which funds (via government level money laundering) the One World Government network that inflicted Covid, lockdowns and passports on us. The Ukrainian people need to be liberated. So do we. What can anyone say against Putin who is doing precisely that – mostly for his own security, but … according to this writer, linked below, there may be *much, much more to it than mere national security concerns*.
    On one side, you have a regime that features Maria Abromovich, the most wicked woman (perhaps) on earth delivering a message on its Ukrainian Twitter feed. On the other, you have this (linked below), a nation whose President seeks the blessings of Orthodox Patriarchs before battle in the name of God.
    The source for this, Juliette Engel, was involved in an Underground Railroad for sex trafficking victims in Russia for ten years, so I believe she has some credibility to speak on internal Russian evolutions. I found the information compelling.

    1. And then this (for context).
      I had no idea (actually some idea, but nothing like this detail) this was going on in Russia. I am blown away by this information! Who goes to battle any more in the name of Christ?! With Priests accompanying, blessing actions and movements.
      Put this side by side with our current American depravity. It is not a pleasant for the American patriot side of me to consider. But as a Catholic, as one who is very aware of the warnings of Our Lady at Fatima … I am very encouraged.
      Actually, I am stunned by this. In the middle of this pagan, nihilistic OWG offensive against Western civilization … there is THIS happening in Russia!

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