If you can’t see that Ukraine is the vector for the next phase of global reset and smothering the masses, I can’t help you.

I mean, when every godless cretin on earth is lined up on same side of something, with all the godless sheep in lockstep behind them, all the same ones shoving covid, vaxxes, masks, shutting down your entire existence… now pivoting to the next phase of your annihilation.

NATO will claim Putin is insane, as pretext for just war. This is happening. Your fake POTUS will no doubt stutter it out during the SOTU tonight, with the same fake bluster he deployed at the Thomas confirmation. Get ready.

5 thoughts on “If you can’t see that Ukraine is the vector for the next phase of global reset and smothering the masses, I can’t help you.”

  1. Where are all the peaceniks and the anti-war protesters that flooded the streets and airways when W so much as hinted that war was coming to both Afghanistan and Iraq? The same thing is happening now so where’s Cindy Sheehan, the move on dot ogres, the Quakers, etc?

  2. I empathize with Miss Barnhardt’s frustration over people who can’t see what is obvious to her. I’m guessing that many of us have had the same frustration in recent years. Perhaps it’s a cross that we have to bear with patience. Just because we can clearly see an ultimate consequence of the events now taking place doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s inevitable that it will play out the way we think, and at the speed we think it will happen. This may be a subtle trick of our enemy who wants us to believe that there’s nothing we can do stop his agenda, because, “look at how many people have fallen for my lies!” He’s at least trying to blunt the spiritual weapons that make him howl with pain whenever we do the will of God with charity and patience. Satan knows he’s a loser. He’s just trying to take as many souls — even our’s — as possible with him as he inevitably loses again. What a snivelling, pathethic loser!

  3. Wow, you ain’t lyin’.
    Scrolling through my husband’s facebook is a trip. Without exception, every person who spent the last 2 years jostling to be Most Panicked About Covid is going apoplectic over Ukraine. Without exception.

  4. Putin and the Russian government are all in on the coronahoax, the emergency powers and the Mark of the Beast digital ID.
    One Ukranian MP let the cat out of the bag. This is about who controls the ‘New World Order.’
    When asked about why Russia was carrying out the same surveillance on its own people when they gave asylum to Edward Snowden for exposing the same thing in the USA, the reply was that because the Americans are doing it, so we also have to.
    And there you have it.. the other guy is going to do it, that gives him the advantage, so we have no choice but to also do it, or else we fall behind.
    Since some things are inevitable, it therefore makes sense that you get there and achieve it before the other guy does and uses it against you. You have to not only keep up withe the Jones, you need to accelerate and control a sizable amount of it before they do. Or else they will leverage it against you.
    It is a competition.
    It is Cain or Abel, Isaac or Jacob, Saul or David; Israel or Judah, Abraham’s genes or the gentiles, Jerusalem or Rome? Who shall inherit the position presumed to be the others by right? Who shall POWER be transitioned to? Who shall control the inevitable global world order?

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