Dilyana has the receipts on all sorts of interesting US-funded virus research in Ukraine… not just in labs but on real live people

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Let me just say this. Pointing to evidence showing that something stinks in Ukraine is not the same as being pro-Putin. It’s possible to have a situation where all actors are bad actors. Think about it: Doesn’t it make you wonder why all the wrong people – the same ones who pushed covid, masks, and vaxxes for the past two years – are all now yay Ukraine… The timing sure is convenient.

Documents expose US biological experiments on allied soldiers in Ukraine and Georgia

By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva January 24, 2022

While the US is planning to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe to “protect its allies against Russia”, internal documents show what American “protection” in practical terms means. The Pentagon has conducted biological experiments with a potentially lethal outcome on 4,400 soldiers in Ukraine and 1,000 soldiers in Georgia. According to leaked documents, all volunteer deaths should be reported within 24 h (in Ukraine) and 48 h (in Georgia).

Both countries are considered the most loyal US partners in the region with a number of Pentagon programs being implemented in their territory. One of them is the $2.5 billion Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Biological engagement program which includes research on bio agents, deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria being studied on the local population.

 obtained from the US Federal contracts registry show that USAMRU-G is expanding its activities to other US allies in the region and is “establishing expeditionary capabilities” in Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia and any future locations. The next USAMRU-G project involving biological tests on soldiers is due to start in March of this year at the Bulgarian Military Hospital in Sofia.

Project UP-8: All deaths of study participants should be reported within 24 h

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded a similar project involving soldiers in Ukraine code-named UP-8: The spread of  Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus and hantaviruses in Ukraine and the potential need for differential diagnosis in patients with suspected leptospirosis. The project started in 2017 and was extended few times until 2020, internal documents show.

According to the project’s description, blood samples will be collected from 4,400 healthy soldiers in Lviv, Kharkov, Odesa and Kyiv. 4,000 of these samples will be tested for antibodies against hantaviruses, and 400 of them – for the presence of antibodies against Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus. The results of the blood testing will not be provided to the study participants.

There is no information as to what other procedures will be performed except that “serious incidents, including deaths should be reported within 24 hours. All deaths of study subjects that are suspected or known to be related to the research procedures should be brought to the attention of the bioethics committees in the USA and Ukraine.”

Blood samples from 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers will be tested for hantaviruses. Another 400 blood samples will be tested for CCHF under the DTRA-sponsored Ukrainian Project UP-8.
Project UP-8: “Serious incidents, including deaths should be reported within 24 hours. All deaths of study subjects that are suspected or known to be related to the research procedures should be brought to the attention of the bioethics committees in the USA and Ukraine.” Source: ukr-leaks.org

DTRA has allocated $80 million for biological research in Ukraine as of 30 July 2020, according to information obtained from the US Federal contracts registry. Tasked with the program is the US company Black &Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Another DTRA contractor operating in Ukraine is CH2M Hill. The American company has been awarded a $22.8 million contract (2020-2023) for the reconstruction and equipment of two biolaboratories:  the State Scientific Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise (Kyiv ILD) and the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection Regional Diagnostic Laboratory (Odesa RDL).

US personnel are indemnified for deaths and injuries to the local population

The DTRA activities in Georgia and Ukraine fall under the protection of special bilateral agreements. According to these agreements, Georgia and Ukraine shall hold harmless, bring no legal proceedings and indemnify the United States and its personnel, contractors and contractors’ personnel, for damage to property, or death or injury to any persons in Georgia and Ukraine, arising out of activities under this Agreement. If DTRA-sponsored scientists cause deaths or injuries to the local population they cannot be held to account.

Furthermore, according to the US-Ukraine Agreement, claims by third parties for deaths and injuries in Ukraine, arising out of the acts or omissions of any employees of the United States related to work under this Agreement, shall be the responsibility of Ukraine.


16 thoughts on “Dilyana has the receipts on all sorts of interesting US-funded virus research in Ukraine… not just in labs but on real live people”

  1. I am becoming increasingly convinced that the USA will be one of the countries that the Blessed Virgin has said would be annihilated and wiped from the face of the Earth. God have mercy on our souls.

  2. The US deserves annihilation for so many of our governments wicked deeds. But alas, will we be vanquished, those under the mantle of The Mother of God? Patroness of the Americas. And more specifically, Patroness of the United States since 1846.

  3. If bergolio wanted to he could allow Benedict assemble some bishops from around the world to consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart. Since he doesn’t believe any of it it would be a great propaganda move for the also unbelieving media. “So what could it hurt?”

  4. It all stinks and all the actors are guilty. But what is the end game in this episode? Tune in next week to find out on “Watch the world burn”.

  5. So this goes back to the Trump administration if not before. And what IS IT with Popes who presumably believed or represented that they believed in Fatima but did not IMMEDIATELY act on what Our Lady requested? What — they thought they knew better? There were political considerations (I think one Pope — maybe Pope John XXIII? said something about political considerations making it not feasible at one point) — that Our Lady just didn’t think about? If they believed in Fatima it should have been an extreme priority to consecrate Russia immediately regardless of any objections from anyone. Everything is bizarre.

    1. Deborah Sager: You are right, that is the key to the devolution of all things temporal. But your recollection of the Divine command, relayed to us by Our Lady, is incomplete:
      From SSPX: https://sspx.org/en/fatima_consecration_invalid_pope_bishops_russia
      – quote –
      Sr. Lucy reported that the Virgin of Fatima appeared to her again on June 13, 1929, and said:
      This is the moment when God asks
      1. the Holy Father to make,
      2. in union with all the bishops of the world,
      3. the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart.
      He promises to save it by that means. So many are the souls which the justice of God condemns for sins committed against me that I come to ask for reparation. Sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.”
      And Sr. Lucy added:
      Later on through an intimate communication, Our Lord said: ‘They have not chosen to heed my request… As the King of France, they will regret it and then will do it, but it will be too late. Russia will already have spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church, the Holy Father will have much to suffer.’”
      Sr. Lucy asked our Lord why He would not convert Russia without the solemn public consecration of that nation specifically. Jesus answered:
      Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its homage later on, and put the devotidevotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.”
      – end quote –
      I think the key problem is that the command of Our Lord is to the Pope *in union with the world’s Bishops*. The Pope is a prisoner in the Vatican. The world’s Bishops are prisoners of Vatican II theology and absent from duty without leave. It doesn’t look good.

  6. It is simply mind boggling that US is conducting “research” into militarized bio-weapons – specifically and comprehensively illegal for 100 years in every part of the globe since WW I. It also boggles that no one in government is standing up to call the crimes, crimes. We have become, it seems, inured to the idea our government is committing crimes of this scope and magnitude in direct violation of international treaty and law. How many more labs in how many more dark and misbegotten corners of the world are there?
    Covid is obviously engineered, obviously created through the efforts of US “scientists” (of the religious scientist cult variety). And now there is direct evidence that the size and scope of their crimes is far beyond our previous worse suspicions. And the research is being done in criminal states like China and Ukraine to avoid detection and restrictions.
    Where is the Republican opposition? Anyone? I consider this bio-weapon threat on par with nuclear weapons … perhaps worse since it is obviously easier to release the biologic genie than the nuclear – it is invisible, can’t (easily) be traced to a launch site, and it keeps the infrastructure in place for future use by the conquering armies. It is being done to us in real time, it seems, and – silence. Stunning. One can only speculate why there is no response from the conservative opposition, because it makes no rational sense why they don’t defend what they have sworn to defend – our Constitution and its institutions against all enemies foreign and domestic.
    As to who we should support in the Russian-Ukraine conflict drama … if Ukraine is cooperating in bio-weapon production; actively assisting in making WMDs; cooperating in funding the Biden and Clinton crime families; if George Soros, the Nazi collaborator, traitor, destroyer of civilization is an open supporter of Ukraine; if the OWG European Union is a supporter of Ukraine and is using their new trick of removing “SWIFT” banking access to Russia to compel obedience; if all media networks (including Fox) are supporters of Ukraine; if Bush, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Romney and Maria Abromovich (a truly hideous and evil woman – do not look her up fwiw) … all the wrong people support Ukraine – it might make one pause before jumping on that bandwagon.
    For me it comes down to the bio-weapons. The research exposed on this blog (and others) is compelling proof. I am strongly against Ukraine, as a gangster state. I am agnostic on Russia, which appears to be returning to its Christian roots in Orthodoxy.
    But one thing is for sure: I am viscerally opposed to the illegal, degenerate, destructive, enemy of America Biden Crime Family regime. The sooner they are exposed and deposed, the better. *IF* Russia is doing anything to aid those efforts, then they are obviously the good guys. Considering the cast of villains who oppose him (especially Satanist Maria Abromovich) that wouldn’t surprise me at all. I have seen amazing defenses made by Putin of the Christian roots of Western Civilization and why it is good. Put that up against the villains I list above and decide whose side to take.

  7. When I see George Soros and Marina Abramovic openly waiving their Ukrainian flags, all I see is a psy-op trying to push us onto Team Putin. The troll farms on Twitter are already pushing the “traitors!” narrative for anyone who’s not down for the cause. If/when this thing goes hot, with US pawns fighting Russian pawns, I think they’re fixing to give us the Japanese treatment from WWII (which would include disarming us). January 6th seemed to be a big step toward vilifying the right as traitors. A hot world war would allow them to act on that on a massive scale.

    1. It goes far, far beyond George Soros and Maria Abromovich. It is a unified mass-media promotion campaign which includes public figures only some of whom I listed. Who, anywhere, takes the other side? The
      promotional campaign’s intention is to unite previously locked down, insulted, bedraggled, impoverished citizens to support war against Russia, big bad Russia.
      Thanks, but no to that. A big fat, no.
      There IS a psy-op, and it is emanating, as always, from the Deep State – experts in lies: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/question-all-it-current-western-propaganda-ukraine-epic-scale
      As I said – I am agnostic about Russia, but have strong opinions about the current US regime and their Ukraine clients (or is it the reverse?). I want to know about the labs and the activities therein. Period. Russia defending itself as it sees fit (from NATO aggression through Ukraine cooperative alliance) does not interest me. It is *distracting from the main question*: what have they been doing in these labs – during this age of the pandemic and never-ending lockdowns, mandates and “passports”?

      1. They were just examples… I know it’s a full blown op. I just don’t know whether Putin’s in on it or not. If he’s not, I’d expect him to go public about the labs and why they were targeted.
        There’s no good reason to trust anyone.

  8. Wow. Amazing work uncovering all this, Mark and all. Thank you for continuing to shine light in the darkness. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

  9. Yes, it could all be gaslighting since I don’t understand Russian and have to take their word for it that he’s actually saying it … but … Putin seems to be the only one calling out the Satan worshipping pedo-globalists, while at the same time supporting and promoting the Christian roots of Western civilization.
    Who does this, any more? Very few in this country, that’s for sure.
    This made me laugh …

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