Ukrainian Deathlabs fully funded by US DoD to study and manufacture bioweapons: “Biowarfare scientists under diplomatic cover” … Wanna see the contracts and protocols?

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The US military program is sensitive information

Ukraine has no control over the military bio-laboratories on its own territory. According to the 2005 Agreement between the US DoD and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the Ukrainian government is prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the US program and Ukraine is obliged to transfer to the US Department of Defense (DoD) dangerous pathogens for biological research. The Pentagon has been granted access to certain state secrets of Ukraine in connection with the projects under their agreement.

Biowarfare scientists under diplomatic cover

Among the set of bilateral agreements between the US and Ukraine is the establishment of the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) – an International organization funded mainly by the US government which has been accorded diplomatic status. The STCU officially supports projects of scientists previously involved in the Soviet biological weapons program. Over the past 20 years the STCU has invested over $285 million in funding and managing some 1,850 projects of scientists who previously worked on the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Ukraine and Russia hit by new highly virulent cholera infection

In 2011 Ukraine was hit by a cholera outbreak33 patients were reportedly hospitalized for severe diarrhea. A second outbreak struck the country in 2014 when more than 800 people all across Ukraine were reported to have contracted the disease. In 2015 at least 100 new cases were registered in the city of Mykolaiv alone.

A new highly virulent variant of the cholera agent Vibrio cholera, with a high genetic similarity to the strains reported in Ukraine, hit Moscow in 2014.  According to a 2014 Russian Research Anti-Plaque Institute genetic study the cholera strain isolated in Moscow was similar to the bacteria  which caused the epidemic in neighboring Ukraine.

Southern Research Institute, one of the US contractors working at the bio-laboratories in Ukraine, has projects on Cholera, as well as on Influenza and Zika – all pathogens of military importance to the Pentagon.

Along with Southern Research Institute, two other private American companies operate  military bio-labs in Ukraine – Black&Veatch and Metabiota.

Black & Veatch Special Project Corp. was awarded $198.7 million DTRA contracts to build and operate bio-laboratories in Ukraine (under two 5-year contracts in 2008 and 2012 totaling $128.5 million), as well as in Germany, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Thailand, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Armenia.

Metabiota has been awarded a $18.4 million federal contract under the program in Georgia and Ukraine. This US company was also contracted to perform work for the DTRA before and during the Ebola crisis in West Africa, the company was awarded $3.1 million (2012-2015) for work in Sierra Leone .

Southern Research Institute has been a prime subcontractor under the DTRA program in Ukraine since 2008. Southern Research Institute was also a subcontractor on a Pentagon program for anthrax research …

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  1. There is very good reason to suspect they are using BLT-L humanized mice at these facilities to replicate pathogens. The BLT-L (engrafted with fetal thymus, liver and lung) was specifically designed for the pathogenesis. From the 2019 Precision Mouse Models study: “Lung-only mice and bone marrow/liver/thymus-lung humanized mice substantially increase the number of human pathogens that can be studied in vivo, facilitating the in vivo testing of therapeutics.”

    1. “Portable crematoria” that was in the news for a second make much more sense now if the Russian are looking to destroy dangerous biological material.

  2. If Mexico were gearing up to join the Warsaw Pact, and there were Soviet Bioweapon labs in Mexican towns and cities, you can be sure America would raise holy hell, and start up Mexican-American War 2.

    1. Unfortunately, I do not believe that to be true. Americans have become fat , effeminate and afraid. I am sure there would be a small group that might rise up, but as evidenced by the Corona “crisis”, the majority has just fallen in line, obeyed the CDC and been vaxxed up, masked up and clammed up. It took Canadian truckers to mount a real protest before some American truckers joined in.

  3. I’m thankful there are a few people trying get this info out. I also think Putin is not the monster here. Rather we are. I grew up in the Cold War. Now I’m questioning even that episode. Episode is the correct word. Every day is another episode of kabuki theater for the masses. I pray that it all comes to light very soon. I realize that’s going to be very rough for the US, but sooner is better. Good work Mark, Ann, Julie, Nurse Claire, and nerd. Oh yeah, Vanessa too. Always good to hear her speak as well. Cheers all!!

  4. Not so many ‘gain of function’ labs in Ukraine any more. It is difficult to fathom the depth of wickedness and depravity among many of our leaders. Well, it is from demonic sources. Not just physical and political battles going on here.

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