“Covid data will no longer be published over concerns it is misrepresented by anti-vaxxers”

Data about the vaccines is disappearing
By Alex Berenson Feb 17

Scotland is one of the most transparent countries about Covid vaccines.


I mean Scotland WAS one of the most transparent.The country just said mRNA shots work so well that the raw data showing how well they work will no longer be released.

Because they work so well.

“Misrepresented” means screenshotted for everyone to see (though, sigh, I am not an anti-vaxxer anymore than someone who investigated thalidomide in 1965 is an “anti-mediciner.”)

Here’s the final chart we’ll ever have. Rates of death remain lower in people who were not vaccinated than those who received two doses, as they have for months:

Now let’s look at the whole chart, including boosters – no misinformation here!


13 out of the 104 people who died of Covid in Scotland in the week ending Feb. 4 were unvaccinated. In the 4 weeks ending Feb. 4, 61 of the 478 people were unvaccinated. (That’s equivalent to about 30,000 deaths in the United States.) In other words, almost 9 out of 10 of the people who die in Scotland are vaccinated, and the vast majority of those are boosted. And deaths remain stubbornly high, even though Omicron is far milder.

Scotland was among a handful of countries to publish data at this level of detail. I suspect the others will follow its lead.

The novel Covid vaccine experiment is over. It’s ending. It’s failed.The authorities know the truth as well as anyone else.

They are taking their only possible course of action: end the mandates, hide the raw numbers, and hope there are no long-term problems and everyone forgets.Oh yeah, and try to censor anyone who won’t.
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22 thoughts on ““Covid data will no longer be published over concerns it is misrepresented by anti-vaxxers””

  1. There is so much evidence against the death shots that the governments will eventually say “thanks for your sacrifice” and admit the shots hurt and kill people. Then the governments will be toppled and the one world government will restore order to the chaos.

  2. We are in a war never seen before, because it involves tech never invented before, and leaders who wield these new info-tech weapons of war – evil to an extent never suffered before.
    We don’t see soldiers and fields of battle, gunpowder, bullets, bombs, missiles, tanks, bloody carnage.
    We do see evidence of invisible evil – twisted human beings that might be compared to zombies in which the shell appears human but the soul is darkened and a fount of lies, hate, deceptions, immorality, depravity, murders – everything justice suggests is replaced by injustice – evil re-branded as righteousness.
    It is an invisible war of the spirit and the mind. The structure of the Catholic Church has been borrowed by forces infernal in this war for the spirit of Mankind – leading souls *away* from God down to the muddy reality of earth and vessels; fraternity in Christ is replaced by hierarchy under Diablos and his servants.
    In the same way that God is Truth, Logic, Love; Diablos is Lie, Insanity, Hate. Nothing that our implacable enemy does will ever make sense, nor will it stop until by the power of God, and in faith, His Catholic Christians MAKE it stop through true love, obedience and action both defensive and offensive. We must reclaim the Church, because the world can NEVER be won, our enemy defeated, absent Holy Mother Church unified in Christ through an Apostolic Line, under the one true Pope, reconnected to our forefathers in faith, humility and obedience.
    That is why the question of “Emeritus” is *the ONLY* question that matters first. The Church has been harmed and the blow is grievous. Diablos and his minions have power on earth over souls and minds because Catholics have lost our Church and most don’t see it, or care. The Papacy and the Apostolic Line of Bishops – reconnecting to the Sacred Deposit of Faith entire and whole – is the remedy to this secular war of Psyche and Soul.

  3. Please save everything.. every post you ever make, every comment, etc. Save them so that you have them and then someday you will be able to sell them to us in a book. Because, I believe that will be the way for us to ever get this information in the future. Thank you for all you do.

  4. I know four people dead under 50. All just dropped dead. One was 26, another 34. I know a 20 year old with myocarditis, a 26 year old hospitalized for blood clots, two people now with mysterious heart problems – one in their 40s another in their 20s – all out of nowhere. One of them has been sick with repeated colds and flu all winter. Nobody wants to talk about what is happening. They are too afraid. Many women I know have family members on vitamin regimens to counteract these poisonous injections. What can be said at this point?

    1. I look at my hometown paper’s online obituaries daily. They publish obits three days a week and I’ve been noticing a frequency of young people (under 70) where the cause of death isn’t mentioned or is noted as “unexpectedly died,” “died suddenly,” or a similar phrase. This is the biggest organized crime against humanity since the killing fields of Cambodia. At this point, hundreds of people in the government, big pharma, media and “philanthropy” need to be tried and if convicted, given a chance for Confession and then executed on live television/stream for the world to see.

  5. As I tried to explain in the other thread: you look at RATES not the raw numbers.
    In a highly-vaxxed population (which Scotland is), with flawed vaxxes, you’re going to get vaxxer deaths. But the only serious way to argue it is, whether the death RATES have been lowered, raised, unaffected, etc.
    The chart claims that death rates for 1 shot tend to be lower than for “unvaccinated” (with the exception of 15 January week), and that the death rates for “boosted” are much lower, across the board.
    It’s the chart’s rates for 2 shots, in-between, that are oddly higher than “unvaccinated” and potentially an angle to condemn the vaxxes. I’ll be looking at Dr John Campbell’s channel to see what he says
    In the meantime, I’m not saying the chart is correct or incorrect, good or bad, anything. Just pointing out 1) what it says and 2) how best to argue it.

  6. Sorry to weigh in twice, but the thing about the 2-shot people being actually worse off – while the 3-shot or recently-boosted people do well – that is intriguing.
    It almost says “Once you confirm your vaxx with a second shot, you’re on the treadmill, must boost forever.” A wonderful (I suppose) business plan for Big Pharma.

    1. Jeff, You are right about the rates, but there are at least four important subtleties you omit.
      1. The cabal captured medical establishment’s definition of “unvaccinated” means that that category includes all people whose deaths were caused by the first jab within the first 14 days.
      This is a really big deal, because 45% of vaccine induced deaths occur within 14 days of vaccination.
      I tried to paste a link to Steve Kirsch’s substack article “45% of deaths after COVID vaccination happen in the first 2 weeks” here. (Unclear if this applies to first dose, second dose, across all doses etc.)
      Similarly, “one dose” deaths includes people who died within 14 days of the second dose and “two dose” deaths includes people who died within 14 days of the third dose aka (first) booster.
      This is blatant, in-your-face fraud. You only have to read a few footnotes to official data tables or search for definitions to find it.
      2. Table states clearly in black – partly cut off – that these are COVID-19 RELATED deaths and defines COVID-19 related as being anyone who had at any time “tested” positive for COVID-19 with PCR (two frauds there – at any time and PCR!) AND had COVID-19 marked as a contributory cause on death certificate (another fraud perpetuated by medical establishment “guidelines”, as many honest doctors and medical professionals can explain). Basically, they are passing off all deaths within the 14 day windows as COVID-19 related deaths, because, among other things the vaccine doses do “achieve” is giving people a (supposedly) mild COVID-19 infection, as well as aby unfortunate side effects, adverse events and sequelae.
      3. Table also states clearly in red that one dose and two dose deaths include deaths of people who EXCEEDED the dosage schedule. One assumes that includes people who came too early for their second or third aka (first) booster dose. Maybe it includes those who had a bad reaction to the first dose of jab brand A and were told to start again from scratch with jab brand B. It is not really clear.
      4. A “killer”, that very few people seem to “get”, because it is both entirely logical and just a teeny bit mathematical.
      Those that died due to a first dose are not included among those who died due to a second dose, or due to a third dose.
      Similarly, those that died due to a second dose are not included among those who died due to a third dose.
      If you consider the vaccination schedule as a course of treatment, you must COMPOUND the death rates.
      Start with (say) 100,000 people (as per the table, but the rest of the figures here do NOT follow the table). A number of those will die after the first dose – say 10. Now you have 99,990 people who can take the second dose and say 5 die after that. Now you have 99,985 people who can take a third dose and say 12 die after that, so you have 99,973 people who survive 14 days or more after their third dose aka (first) booster. Thus, the accumulated death rate up to 14 days after the third dose on this example is (10+5+12) = 27 per 100,000. This is a lot worse than any of the death rates for unvaccinated given in the table, but you can see that the numbers I chose were well within the ranges given in the table.

      1. Despite the contradictions and complications in the data, one fact remains- the vax is deadly, sometimes on the first go, sometimes after 2 or 3, and sometimes after a long period of time.
        We can discuss and debate the findings but in the end, it is all moot. What we know is that people are dying, souls are being intentionally and deliberately killed.

      2. Hi Paul,
        1. It’s a fair point, that any covid-associated deaths happening within 14 days of the first shot would almost certainly be counted as “unvaccinated”.
        Having said that: My understanding is that most of the vaccine injuries happen after 2nd shot or later. Which you acknowledge as possible, in saying “Unclear if this applies to first dose, second dose, across all doses etc.”
        2. Fair point. The issues around counting deaths “from” covid vs. “with” covid are a mess. This is partly why I didn’t endorse the table as such, but rather, only highlighted Rate as its most relevant bit.
        “among other things the vaccine doses do “achieve” is giving people a (supposedly) mild COVID-19 infection, as well as aby unfortunate side effects” – Well, the vaxx give people a flood of the covid spike protein. That’s clear (and indeed it’s the entire point; that flood is what stimulates the person’s immune system).
        What’s unclear, to me at least, is if people have post-vaxx symptoms only because of that flood of spike protein (somewhat mimicking covid disease), or if it’s because the vaxx in some way attracted actual covid virus.
        I have heard more than one story from young people (20s) like “Me and my friends all got covid, about 10 days after our second dose of vaxx.” But I was in no position to confirm any test results, details, etc. with them.
        3. Another fair point. I’d like to see the full red text; too bad it’s cut off.
        4. Another fair point; the survivor bias. If you were so unlucky as to die from first vaxx shot (and the number will be small), you won’t be around to die from the second or third shots (making them look better). We do need to see accurating reporting of vaxx injuries including a cumulative number.
        P.S. I respectfully suggest NOT referring to these shots as “vaccines”. I say vaxx, William Briggs says vexxine, etc.
        The reason is:
        1. Real vaccines are reliably effective. (You get a tetanus shot, then stop worrying about getting tetanus.)
        2. Real vaccines are reliably safe. (Pulled from the market if they’re causing injuries.)
        3. Real vaccines inject you with a fixed amount of antigen to stimulate the Innate Arm of the immune system. (Whereas these vaxxes hijack good tissue cells, force them to manufacture an unpredictable flood of spike protein, to stimulate the Adaptive Arm of the immune system, followed by an auto-immune response of your body attacking & destroying its own cells that had been hijacked.)

    2. Before he died recently, virologist Luc Montagnier, had some very interesting things to say about this germ warfare crime being perpetrated on humanity. Specifically, the man who received a Nobel prize for his discovery of the HIV virus, discovered that AIDS had been artificially introduced into the vaccine spike protein. His comment, just before he died – “If you have been vaccinated three times, I suggest you get tested for AIDS; and after you do, sue the government”.
      This is a very good summary of his work. Tragic, that this kind and heroic Frenchman died when we need him most.

      1. Do you know or do you know how we can find out whether this (V)AIDS is sexually transmitted? I’m sure that the spouses of everyone who got a vaccine will want to know. Asking for a friend. Thank you!

  7. I don’t know, beyond the common AIDS understanding that it *is* transmitted through sexual contact. My understanding of VAIDS is that it was engineered into the Vax (the V), for the specific purpose of acting like AIDS – lowering our immunity defense against ALL disease, including cancers; and transmitting like AIDS. VAIDS is AIDS, engineered via mRNA tech.
    There is also much else within the vaccination (Graphene Oxide razors is my biggest concern – the cause of the epic clotting) that would gravely concern me in transmitting through intimate sexual contact. Here is a link to a German Graphene Oxide scientist (dead/murdered shortly after this video was posted) discussing the Graphene Oxide razors (letter commentary on his work and death – his video embedded below the letter).
    As for your question, my suggestion is Dr. Tenpenny’s Telegram portal. She is not only knowledgeable but one of the first to understand and publically identify the vaccine threat and is the leading medical expert in posting and disseminating useful information and remedies to the vaxxed and un-vaxxed. I think you can post the question in her forum, there, or co tact her directly. I am certain she will know.

    1. Neither vaxx nor covid give you AIDS. That fear would be quite exaggerated.
      HIV is of course sexually transmitted. Covid is not. Vaxx is not. Spike protein is not.
      There was an incident in Australia, where University of Queensland tried to develop a vaxx using some inserts from HIV, and they had to pull it because it turned people HIV-positive on test results.
      Those Australians did NOT have HIV nor AIDS, but merely a scary moment as they happened to turn positive – for fake & artificial reasons – on a certain scary test.
      Whether the covid retrovirus itself contains inserts from the HIV retrovirus, is another discussion – it gets into the question of whether covid was engineered – I know most of us think that it probably was engineered – but it is a separate, big discussion that I’m going to skip for now.

      1. You are incorrect. The foremost virologist in the world, (which I linked to above), disagrees with you. Read the and view the links I provided above, especially the ones from Luc Montagnier (rip). He discovered HIV. He knows this better than you, and he knows (knew) it better than almost any other scientist on earth. And he said it does.
        And are you not aware of the exponential increase in multitudes of unrelated disease in the vaxxed? This site has been posting them. That is the fruit of the AIDS tree.
        “… it gets into the question of whether covid was engineered – I know most of us think that it probably was engineered – but it is a separate, big discussion that I’m going to skip for now.”
        It was engineered. And I’m not even willing to debate it any more. It was engineered and it was designed to lower our God-given Immuno defenses which fight everything and replace them with mRNA tech which may or may not fight one thing. That is VAIDS. And it is likely transmissible; likely by design. It was engineered by very bad people who are going to pay for their crimes one day. I’ve seen enough to know this with certainty. The current para-military op in Canada against their own citizens to compel these injections into the unwilling is proof enough, if the exponentially increased numbers of debilitating illnesses don’t convince you.
        People are willing to lose everything over this, because people KNOW this is true.

      2. P.S. Re: the incident in Australia…. I should have spelled out that the *antibodies* from U. of Queensland test vaxx turned people positive on HIV *antibody* tests. Again: At no point did those people have HIV (actual viral particles or immune damage).
        UQ engineered a vaxx, they gave it some inserts (inactive clippings) from HIV, human bodies developed antibodies (natch – the whole point), the antibodies mirrored the UQ vaxx’s inactive HIV clippings (duh!), the antibodies showed up on people’s HIV antibody tests, people naturally were scared, UQ stopped the experiment.

      3. https://meaninginhistory.substack.com/p/covid-injection-update-suppression?utm_source=url
        and just for giggles:
        You seem really fixated on saying that ‘covid’ itself and the injection cause the same “flood” of spike protein; utterly incorrect. A ‘covid’ infection tends to stay within the respiratory tract. The lungs can get slammed from inflammatory reaction to the spike; self attacks self, but the ‘natural’ spike factory ends in a couple of weeks.The jab injects trillions of synthetic spike encodes, wrapped in dangerous lipo-nanotech that go to all the major organ systems (with a special affinity for brain, heart, ovaries, spleen, lungs, blood vessel endothelial tissue, and liver) within a matter of hours, and last for weeks?, months?, years?….the deathvax is a whooooole lot worse. ‘covid’ was made for the injection, not vice-versa.

      4. Aqua: You didn’t point out (nor refute) anything I said, that was incorrect. You simply called me wrong while re-asserting your previous assertions. That’s how a kid argues. A Hail Mary on you (and yes I really just said it), then a goodbye.

      5. Jeff: “That’s how a kid argues. A Hail Mary on you (and yes I really just said it), then a goodbye.”
        That’s actually funny. A short chuckle for you (and yes, I really had one).
        As I said – click on the link. Is is the foremost virologist in the world. He won a Nobel prize for his discovery of the HIV virus. Few if any understand HIV/AIDS better than Dr. Luc Montagnier. Read his work, if you are as serious as you say. It’s all there, if you wish to spend the time, and lots more besides what I provided you.
        He identified an AIDS DNA strand, an engineered strand within the Covid genome. His words:
        “A contiguous region representing 2.49% of the whole COVID-19 genome is 40.99% made up of 12 diverse EIE originating from various strains of HIV SIV retroviruses.”
        I honestly could care less whether you agree or not. I care as much as I’ve cared about anything – that I will not consent to anyone else telling me what I must or must not inject into my body or the bodies of my precious wife and children. Your opinions are your own. You are welcome to them. Anyone with an opinion that crosses a line and tries to impose it on me and mine will be met with firm resistance.
        Again: the evidence is there. A few excerpts, easily understood above. There is much more. If you believe in science, it seems you probably think you do, then consider conclusions that counter your preconceptions – especially those of a virologist, at the end of his lifetime study, who was perhaps the foremost expert on the entire planet.

      6. And how convenient … while perusing the latest news of Canada’s tyrant tightening his grip to ensure truckers and every Canadian with them puts the substance in their arm, out comes a new program to widely distribute HIV testing kits. Free. Government sponsored. Coming to a CVS near you. Huh! Imagine, such a thing. HIV/AIDS. What’s up with that, in the middle of a Covid “pandemic”, right?

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