“Please note that we don’t disclose these numbers to the public or the media. Please do not share with others.”

AdventHealth in Ocala, Florida REALLY doesn’t want you to see their inpatient Coof census. So lemme just go ahead and post it here, mmkay?

So all of the green beds are people who have been injected THRICE with the Pachamama Juice, and the yellow beds are people who have had TWO, ONE or zero ClotShots. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many of the yellow beds are purebloods – zero injections? And then of those, what their Vitamin D levels are?

I think we all have a good idea of what those figures actually are.

Please don’t share this aggressively because it would hurt the feewings of the mid-wit zombie cultists running the AdventHealth Group in Ocala, Flahrda.

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9 thoughts on ““Please note that we don’t disclose these numbers to the public or the media. Please do not share with others.””

  1. I would only add that it would be nice to know how many of the yellows are within 2 weeks of having gotten a shot, especially the booster. I was recently talking to my aunt, who’s a nurse, and she had no idea that a person isn’t considered vexxed until they’re at least 2 weeks out from the 2nd, or 3rd shot. She, sadly, was at the same time sure that the government does nothing but lie, and pro-vexx. Not sure how a very intelligent person can hold these two views together, but she does. I’m hoping she’s coming to her senses.

  2. This is one where both sides of a controversial issue have a point.
    The vaxx don’t fully prevent (don’t lower-to-zero) infections, hospitalizations or deaths – Valid point.
    The vaxx do lower *somewhat* the infections, hospitalizations & deaths – Another valid point.
    As an example, assume the vaxx lower the rates (or a person’s odds) of infection, hospitalization or death by one-half. Guess what? Some vaxxed people will still get infections, hospitalizations & deaths – because math. If we assume a 2/3-vaxxed population, the numbers should then be about equal between vaxxed & unvaxxed.
    FYI, generally I’m in favor of vit D, iver, natural immunity via omicron, etc. Just explaining the math.

      1. Of course not – because that’s a separate interesting topic. Happy to go there.
        The risk of vaxx (I won’t call them “vaccines” as they 1. don’t work well enough, 2. are gene therapies, a different category) injury appears to be cumulative, growing with each shot. Because spike protein.
        Meaning that natural infection, which also floods you with spike protein, carries a similar risk of giving you such injuries. Therefore:
        1. From a medical standpoint, people with natural immunity probably should *not* be vaxxed. (Don’t accumulate more spike protein / more injury risk.)
        2. while high-risk people lacking natural immunity (and ignoring the moral issues) could maybe say, ok 1 or 2 shots is better than getting covid in its full-on, severe form…
        3. Except oops! omicron makes the whole discussion moot. We are all going to be exposed to omicron, and get our natural immunity that way, sooner or later.

  3. Jeff, those who took the vaxxes – especially the second and third / first booster shots – will NOT get their natural immunity back by Omicron infection.

    1. Paul – interesting claim but thus far, most good data is saying that any omicron, whether alone or some vaxxing followed by omicron, provides good immunity.
      If you’re predicting the data will change to the vaxxers’ detriment, and if it comes true, “I owe you a Coke” (Mr. Burns quote).

  4. Jeff I can see you argument regarding the math. However, another adjustment to the calculations is the shifting definition of vaxxed/unvaxed. In my circle, people with one vaxx have a high rate of Covid. Then the PTB keep shifting the definition. So the unvaxxed group includes the 2 doses but not boosted.

  5. “.. and the yellow beds are people who have had TWO, ONE or zero ClotShots. ”
    I doubt that. ‘Not fully vaccinated’ implies they have had at least one dose. Not least because the maniacs wouldn’t miss a trick to tell us how many unvaccinated are clogging up the hospitals!

  6. Read some moral theology. One of the conditions for indirectly doing something evil is that there is a serious reason. Unless you have a weak immune system or are old the death statistics clearly show that you do, in fact, have no proportionate reason to take the death shot,

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