Mice from Hell 4.0: Just how big is the market for Humanized Mice? What is a good test to find out?

Hint: A really good indicator of market size and competition between brands is when you type a subject into your browser and the first several items that pop up are not actual search results, but rather ads.

Folks, this is big, BIG business. All these companies have popped up with personalized brands of mice to sell to research labs, most certainly including DARPA and CCP. Keep in mind, there are trade secrets and proprietary information at play here, so while everything made public on a website is totally declassified, the more advanced “technology” remains yet hidden. Can you imagine? What we can see easily in a few clicks doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is really going on. But don’t take my word for it, let them explain in their own words. Let’s review just one of the websites and see how good their pitch is.

“The development of novel techniques and systems to study human diseases in both an in vitro and in vivo settings is usually in high demand. Preferably, small animal models are the most efficient approach for studying human afflictions. The immunodeficient mice can permit efficient engraftment with human hematopoietic cells and then generate a functional human immune system. These humanized mouse models are becoming increasingly important for preclinical studies of human immunity, tissue regeneration, hematopoiesis, cancer, and infectious diseases etc. As a world leader in the industry of animal model, Creative Biolabs provides a range of validated humanized BLT mice for our worldwide clients to evaluate the safety and efficacy of potential novel agents.”

Humanized BLT Mouse

“Transplantation of human hematopoietic stem cells into severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice leads to long-term engraftment and systemic reconstitution with human progenitor, B, and myeloid cells, but interestedly, human T cells are rarely present in any tissue. While the implantation of SCID mice with human fetal thymus and liver (SCID-hu thy/liv mice) permits the development of abundant thymocytes that are localized in the human organoid implant, there is minimal systemic repopulation with human T cells. The BLT mouse is a modification of the SCID-Hu model which was developed by Joseph McCune in the early 1900s. Humanized BLT SCID mouse models are established by co-implanting human fetal liver and autologous thymus fragments under the renal capsule of an immunodeficient mouse and then, either before or after preconditioning, human HSCs isolated from the same fetal liver are injected intravenously to engraft the bone marrow. As in the Hu-SRC-SCID model, all lineages of human hematopoietic cells develop.”


“One of the greatest impacts of humanized mice has been in the field of HIV research. The BLT humanized mouse model is particularly promising since the combination of transplantation of human fetal pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells with surgical engraftment of human fetal thymic tissue leads to improved T cell reconstitution, maturation, and selection. To date, the humanized BLT mouse models have been used to study many aspects of HIV infection including prevention, mucosal transmission, HIV-specific innate and adaptive immunity, viral latency, and novel antiretroviral and immune-based therapies for suppression and reservoir eradication.”

Establishment of Humanized BLT Mouse

Humanized BLT Mice

Fig. 1. Approaches for the engraftment of human immune systems in immunodeficient mice. To establish BLT (bone marrow, liver, thymus) mice, fetal liver and thymus fragments are implanted under the renal capsule in irradiated adult immunodeficient mice, and HSCs derived from the same fetal liver are injected intravenously. (Shultz et al., 2012)


  • A complete human immune system is engrafted in the absence of human-specific exogenous cytokines
  • T cells are HLA restricted
  • Higher levels of total human haematopoietic cell engraftment are achieved than in the Hu-SRC-SCID model
  • It is the only model that leads to the generation of a human mucosal immune system

“The advantageous features of the humanized BLT mouse models have made them particularly valuable in many areas of biomedical research, such as immune systems, infectious disease, and tumor immunology. With advanced technology and extensive professional knowledge, scientists at Creative Biolabs have established a group of humanized BLT mouse models that have been verified already and these models are available for delivery or being incorporated into our drug efficacy testing services.”

As a world leader in the industry of animal model, Creative Biolabs also offers other Humanized Mouse Models you may be interested in:• Humanized PBL SCID Mice
• Humanized SRC SCID Mice
• Humanized BLT Mice
• Humanized Immune Checkpoint knock-in Mouse Models

“If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ animal models or drug discovery service, please contact us for more details.”


8 thoughts on “Mice from Hell 4.0: Just how big is the market for Humanized Mice? What is a good test to find out?”

  1. Bravo for tackling this aspect of the humanized mice industry. It’s not just government-funded researchers who are involved. Private companies don’t have any legal restriction on fetal tissue research, and now that the Biden Administration is in power, what little restrictions there were on fetal tissue research during the Trump Administration have all been ended. It’s interesting that Creative Biolabs are so upfront about their BLT mouse.

  2. What’s been on my heart today is if there were a way to baptize these poor babies before they’re murdered. I know it sounds far fetched, and it would have to be done in such a way as to not be complicit in the evil…..but the mission of the Church is still the salvation of souls. This level of evil is heart breaking.

  3. Does anyone else stop and reflect every now and then? Imagine someone two years ago telling you that you’ll be eating horse paste and researching humanized mice.
    Please make it stop! Lol

  4. Those Google AdWords are nauseating. Our culture has become so satanic that these bastards in the medical/bio/pharma/academia industry have no shame in literally advertising to the broad public they have humanized mice for sale. Why again should God shed His grace on the United States?

  5. I like a knowledgeable line by line fisking of the promotional literature translating into clear language when a New fresh vivisected dead baby part will be ‘obtained’ and inserted into the mouse.

  6. It’s interesting that when they need random body parts they’re “human” but til then they’re just fetuses or clumps of cells.

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