Infographic: What is going to happen to polite society when the infection rate in the “fully vaccinated” EXCEEDS the filthy unvaxxed? Will this finally be the Red Pill?

I’m not an expert, but I know a trend line when I see one. In this case, the green one is going to exceed the purple one in short order. Maybe on Christmas Day.

This is Ontario, but I don’t know why it would be different anywhere else. The 12 and older vaccination rate here is 91%. What’s going to happen when they find out, not only that it doesn’t work, but that you’re more likely to get covid if you’ve been double or triple vaxxed. Do you think that might cause some anger? Will they shut off the internet, so nobody can research “vaccine-enhanced disease,” or ADE?

Please share this information with anyone who may be on the fence at this time, facing a jab-or-job-loss situation, etc.

14 thoughts on “Infographic: What is going to happen to polite society when the infection rate in the “fully vaccinated” EXCEEDS the filthy unvaxxed? Will this finally be the Red Pill?”

  1. This will be the “red pill”: when the bodies start dropping in numbers too large to ignore. And 2022 will be the year it starts. And then Donald Trump will get the blame. Not Fauci, not Pfizer and Moderna and JJ. But Trump. Legally, he’s the only one who hasn’t covered his bum. And it was his namesake “warp speed” that let the devil in.
    The country will be in chaos, and the Repubs will be finished because of Trump, leaving only the administrative state in power. And they will simply double down and tighten control.

  2. Look at this Mark. Yes, we are hated mightily! file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/22/02/4F4C27E3-60F0-4FE6-A104-883CC0961A4C/IMG_8980.heic

  3. The Globalists control the data. To that end, they will NEVER allow their false numbers to reflect the reality that their Death Vaccines ARE the sole cause of the depopulation that they seek.

  4. Very good. Yes, this is key. In Ontario, for a few months the daily announced rate has been about 20% of the jabbed and then it hung around 30%. Last week it hit 47%, yesterday 71% and today, 73%. At 86% then we’re all even, the jabbed and unjabbed have the same rate given their population. What then? My prediction in Ontario is 90% jabbed with the virus by Christmas, five days from now.

  5. They are sending home rapid test kits with school children over Christmas break in some provinces,
    Ontario included . We have low percentages of 5-11 year olds injected across the country. I am expecting cases of unvaxxed to go up because of that. The tests will yield positive results, everyone will panic, and bring their small children in for PCR tests. Then, parents will be put under pressure to have the younger cohorts shot up or the government will threaten to close the schools, and remove permission to participate in sports and activities for young children. They may start requiring the vaxpass for that age group. I don’t think that is required for anyone under 12 in any province yet, as far as I know. Closing schools is turning out to have been a social disaster. You never close the schools.

  6. It is a glorious thing to not fear death. Live life and enjoy every minute, do all that you can with the gifts God gave you, while you still can, before death takes you to give account.
    “Death smiles at us all … all a man can do is smile back”.
    Fear is the absolute worst contagion possible. It is the opposite of life.

  7. Probably not much. I don’t hold out much hope for the brainwashed.
    They should be terrified they just willingly lined up, rolled up their sleeve, and injected God-only-knows-what into themselves. They should be on the floor in tears, scared out of their minds, repeating, “What have I done!?!” Over and over again.
    That they are doing that speaks volumes. To them, it won’t matter, you’re still a “filthy plague rat”, and they’ll think that until their dying breath. (If the oligarchs pushing this shot are to be believed, that day is sooner than they realize.)

  8. They’ll be redpilled when God slaps them in the face like Batman and tells them not to get the mark of the beast, which is probably that chip in Sweden to put your vaccine passports info into. Unless God slaps them to their senses they’ll line up to get it like it is the latest Apple product and mock the stupid anti-chippers who disobeyed the government experts who told them that it will keep people from buying fake vaccine certificates.

  9. Nothing will happen as the stage has been set…they will double/triple down on blaming the unvaxxed for the vaxxed getting infected etc. Wash/rinse/repeat. The true data will never see the light of day as those who control the data have to much at stake. Numbers don’t lie…people w agendas make numbers lie.

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