Black Privilege, habitual felonious intentions, and casual murder… MSM mum

Did you hear about the lifetime loser, with a 22 year serious criminal history, who mowed down the white folk at the Waukesha Christmas Parade? Did you know he had just been released on a $1000 bail? That’s some pretty special treatment, eh?

“Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson said that a 39-year-old black male taken into custody yesterday by law enforcement officials has been charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide after driving over dozens of people in a Christmas parade.

“A lone subject intentionally drove his maroon SUV through barricades into a crowd of people that was celebrating the Waukesha Christmas Parade which resulted in killing five individuals and injuring 48 additional individuals,” Thompson said at a press conference. “I just received information that two of the 48 are children and they’re in critical condition.”

The suspect “has been charged with or convicted on an array of charges over the past 22 years, including battery, domestic violence, cocaine possession and resisting arrest in several jurisdictions in Wisconsin,” The New York Times reported. “He has served at least two jail sentences and spent years on probation and in court-mandated work-release and anger management programs …”

Earlier this month, the suspect was arrested for allegedly punching his child’s mother in the face and hitting her with his car at a gas station. The criminal complaint from the incident says that “officers observed tire tracks on her left pants leg.” The suspect was later released on $1,000 bail, which the Milwaukee Co. District Attorney said in statement today was “inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges” against the suspect.

Here, let  Mary Ann Kreitzer  explain it:

Was the Waukesha Suspect a Black Supremacist With Black Privilege?

District Attorney John Chisholm, a Soros backed D.A., should be charged as an accomplice to the Christmas parade murders. He enabled it; he owns it.

Darrell E. Brooks, Jr. essentially got a “get out of jail (almost) free” card with a $1,000 cash bail that put him back on the street so he could go kill a bunch of “f***ing” white people including the dancing grannies and a number of children. 

Accused killer Waukesha parade driver posted toxic anti-white rhetoric
Alleged Waukesha Killer Charged With 5 Counts Of Intentional Homicide, Alleged Social Media Posts Show Extreme Views: Reports

So, let’s get this straight. The January 6th protesters  insurrectionists who were unarmed and never killed anyone still sit in jail after almost a year while this guy with a rap sheet taller than he is exited through the revolving liberal door with $1,000 bail. Sure sounds like black privilege for a black supremacist to me. 
District Attorney John Chisholm is one of George Soros’ men and he predicted that his policies would end up killing people. No problem…unless perhaps they are members of his own family. Chisholm was one of the large number of D.A.s bankrolled by George Soros as the Washington Times explains:

Milwaukee’s District Attorney John Chisholm, one of a number of DAs around the country whose campaigns Mr. Soros has helped bankroll, has worked for the last 15 years to change the city’s approach to incarceration. In 2018, he tweeted how Milwaukee was making a commitment not to keep individuals held on cash bail in jail. When the pandemic hit, Milwaukee’s “woke” Community Justice Council recommended criminals needed to be let out of jail immediately. The city obliged, reducing its jail population by about 40%.

Bigotry is not limited to a particular color. There are white bigots, black bigots, rich bigots, poor bigots. So shall we stop with the attack on all whites as “systemic racists.” The monumental lie undermines our country. And who benefits? The so-called liberals, especially rich, elitist liberals like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Barack and Michele Obama, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, etc. ad nauseum. 
They are the “systemic bigots” who hate all conservatives who want to “conserve” what is good and admirable about this great country. 

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer at 5:00 AM

2 thoughts on “Black Privilege, habitual felonious intentions, and casual murder… MSM mum”

  1. Look at the booking photo of this agent of the Satanista Phoenecian world rulers. Read MILES MATHIS “Updates” on the ROYAL INBREDS who use their sociopaths for rough-trade profits. Read his NATALIE WOOD genealogy as Darrell Brooks’ mother is a Woods, pointing to the Russian Jews, not Africa. Brooks was given the ROYAL treatment because he is connected, and bashes the competition for his underworld underlords and keeps bail usury, police, judicial bureaucracies and profitable prisons in the black by being a mega-snitch. Great Deception of the Bible. Amorites+Tribe of Dan.
    Sola Fatima @ protonmail

  2. Since 2016 in Nice, France, everyone with a brain has realized that the crazies don’t need to go through the trouble (legal or otherwise) of getting ahold of a firearm to kill a lot of people. All they need is to get in their car, or any vehicle for that matter, point it in the direction of people, and then hit the gas.
    The rhetoric coming from college campuses fueled that lunatic. Anyone who says “abolish whiteness” or similar things, now must be called out on it forcefully, and called out for supporting mass-murder. Get in their faces about it.
    Also never give up your guns.

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