14 thoughts on “It was quite something to see the massive coordination on Black Friday to announce the next phase of your torture”

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. I woke up this morning and was reading the news and I said to my family: “how does this new variant and massive panic appear overnight?” It’s so obvious that it is coordinated and unfortunately even conservative sites are helping to spread the panic…

  2. There are the same waves that made St. Peter sink. if we look at Jesus and his power with Hope we will overcome all the waves, not only this one …
    John 16:33 “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16, 33

    1. and notice how they totally skipped over the letter Xi….can’t go upsetting the Chinese dictator-demon now can we?

  3. A virus is going to mutate. Like it or not. I think the people who really don’t believe in evolution are all the normies who were betting on this experimental shot.
    My investments took a bit of a hit yesterday from those four (4!!) fully vaccinated cases.
    All those investors and traders on Wall Street: Take five minutes to walk around the nearest big box retail store, and look at how none of them are shut down because all their workers are in mass-graves. You’ll walk out of that store thinking, “Maybe there’s nothing to worry about…”

  4. Hold on. There’s ten letters in the Greek alphabet between delta and omicron. What happened to them? Have there been 10 further “variants” since delta was dredged up and if so, were all of them more benign than the super-deadly delta so didn’t merit a special mention? But now apparently omicron has rocked up and not only will it potentially make delta look like a stifled half-sneeze but it also coincides nicely (and totally by accident) with the emergence of whatever has been marinading inside millions of jabvangelists’ bodies for the last nine months. Well, they can stick their delta and their omicron in their Stalinist pi-holes. I intend to continue clinging for dear life to the Alpha and the Omega.

      1. The delusion is so deep-rooted now that the WHO could actually call the next variant ‘MORONIC’ and the hordes who have gone full-cult wouldn’t even blink.

    1. HA!….once again, satan sure does love his anagrams.
      here’re the 2 things they’re NOT telling you:
      1) all……ALL the known cases have shown mild symptoms.
      2) it seems to be spreading primarily among the ‘vaxxed’. Can you say ‘antibody dependent enhancement’?

  5. Is that governor of New York the governor of the New York which just held a HUGE unmasked parade the day before, with thousands of the peasants in attendance?! They were allowed their day off. Now, back to the masks and the jabs.

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