Excellent, concise essay on “Cor orans” and the intentional destruction of contemplative orders by the antichurch

I’ve written many times as to why the antichurch must destroy the Contemplatives: Because these monasteries, and the work done within them, are the heavy artillery of the spiritual battle we are engaged in. They are MARSOC, special warfare operators, the elite. The enemy knows this, as he has to deal with them every day. We benefit from their prayers in ways we cannot imagine, and the geographic domains where these cloisters exist enjoy special protection. That is why it’s sort of a big deal when a group of Carmelites decides the only way to protect themselves from attack is to extract themselves from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Woe to that place in their absence.

Note well these quotes, which reinforce what I’ve written in this space as to how the demolition works:

Under Cor Orans, every monastery is required to join a federation, and if they do not, they are forcibly enrolled. Federations violate the autonomy of monasteries dictated in the rules of their saintly foundresses, such as the discalced Carmelites. St. Teresa of Avila, for instance, was adamant that monasteries maintain strict autonomy from each other and from other monastic governing structures, especially federations—a tradition reaffirmed by Pope John Paul II in 1990. Cor Orans takes away this long-recognized monastic autonomy… federations have unchecked power over individual monasteries and their nuns. Assets and members must be shared, which means a federation can require a monastery to surrender money and sisters at any time, for any reason. Additionally, the federation can visit and inspect the monasteries at any time—and for any length of time… The possibilities for financial corruption are rampant in the federation system. The assets of closed monasteries are split between the federation, the diocese, and the Holy See (according to regulations 72 and 73). Since Cor Orans added this power, federations now have the ability to fund their own bureaucratic expenses, which gives them a vested interest in closing monasteries.  The property is held by the federation with this caveat: that the Holy See can step in at any moment and claim the closed monastery for itself (regulation 72). Since 2018, Carballo has closed hundreds of monasteries around the world.”

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Why is the Vatican Assailing Contemplative Life?


The future of contemplative orders in the Catholic Church is under siege, not by the oft-bemoaned vocations crisis, but by Archbishop Josè Rodrìguez Carballo, the secretary for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. In 2018, Carballo released Cor Oransa series of regulations on women’s monastic orders. Cor Orans is the practical implementation of Pope Francis’ 2016 Vultum Dei Quaerere. While women’s orders globally were required to conform within one calendar year, Cor Orans has proved so toxic to authentic monastic life that many monasteries have applied for exemptions, only to be met with silence, delays, and retaliation.

While much can be said about Cor Orans, it is essentially a planned obsolescence program for contemplative monasticism, designed by a bishop who has, time and again, announced that such a vocation has overstayed its use.

Carballo holds no love for contemplative monasticism. He has said that the collapse of religious vocations over the past fifty years is proof that this form of religious life is antiquated. Even when an order has flourishing vocations, he dismisses it as a fluke. In a 2015 speech, he claimed that contemplative life was outmoded and “say[s] hardly anything to people today.” To an assembly of Carmelites, he denied that Teresa would want them to remain faithful to her rule: “what does Teresa want now? We don’t want to walk as we did 500 years ago.”

Read the rest: https://www.crisismagazine.com/2021/why-is-the-vatican-assailing-contemplative-life

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  1. Does Crisis magazine have an allegiance to Antipope Bergoglio, a/k/a “Pope Francis”? How about the monasteries under attack? If so, this is a problem of their own making. Have either of them come to the defense of Pope Benedict, held under house arrest? If they lack courage to publicly acknowledge Pope Benedict as the one and only pope and to declare Bergoglio to be an anti-pope who has usurped the Holy See, then why are they complaining about Cor Orans? If Bergoglio is the true pope, then Cor Orans is a magisterial document and logically they should obey. If Pope Benedict is the true pope, then everything promulgated until the antipope is invalid. The problem is not going away while they have an allegiance to Antipope Bergoglio.

      1. We are now benefactors of Fairfield Carmelites, called upon to act from one of your previous posts. Are these sisters under this Cor Orans? If so how should we handle the donations going forward? You have superior knowledge with this problem. Can you help?
        Thank you.

        1. I have a post coming up on this topic. It’s my understanding that Fairfield understands the proper Thomistic order of obedience, and its limits. They will continue to receive my donations.

  2. This is a looting operation on two levels; the spiritual and the temporal. These diktats, in no way, advance the mission of the Church which is the salavation of souls. It would be harmful to obey these unjust and anti-Catholic orders. The good of the Church requires that the contemplatives “obey God rather than men.” May God have Mercy on them and us.

  3. “….. He has said that the collapse of religious vocations over the past fifty years is proof that this form of religious life is *antiquated* …..” (Archbishop Carballo – Congregation for the ‘Destruction’ of the Consecrated and Apostolic Life).
    He looks at spiritual life connecting Mankind to God and the Archbishop fixes on “antiquated” – outdated, no longer useful.
    But what else, really, can one expect from a practicing member of Nu Church with roots no farther back than the revolutionary times of the 1960’s? Nu Church looks at the ancient Sacred Deposit of Faith, its Dogmas and certainties, its Liturgical richness oriented around prayer, adoration, contemplation and does not see in them the very essence of our Faith, as you’d expect, but as examples of ancient discordance with modern revolutionary thought. What Catholics see as spiritual richness and hope, “Nu” proponents see encrustations of useless antiquity that need cleaning and repair, badly.
    Bergoglio very much helped clarify the situation with his Personal Edict – “Guardians of Tradition” (Traditiones Custodis) which boldly asserts that Sacred Tradition is not compatible with Vatican II Nu Church and its Nu Mass Rites: they are not of the same source, purpose, direction, Author. What came before is not part of what now is, and so it must be eliminated with force and speed.
    We should take him at his word and act, just as he is, according to this firmly held belief: Vatican II is not compatible with the Sacred Deposit of Faith and its ancient Dogmas. They will not rest until Vatican II supersedes and replaces all that came before. It is now, by common assent, Nu Church. It is familiar to the modern world, but utterly unrecognizable to any other.

  4. Well Mark, are you really not interesting in the truth about “Cor Orans” from a Carmelite nun? Why not post my comment from last Friday? The well-meaning and unsuspecting Catholic faithful need to know all the distortions blasted on the media about the legitimate norms of the Holy See for contemplative nuns. Let them see the truth about what the Holy See is really asking of us nuns. Do you fear the truth? Jesus said, I am truth. It would not serve my salvation nor anyone else’s if I did not follow Jesus in telling the truth!

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