3 thoughts on “You’ll never believe what happened when media darling Iceland hit 92% deathvaxxed”

  1. “Hey there, want to eat this cookie?” “Come on! This cookie is great!” “This cookie is totally safe!” “I’ll give you a doughnut if you eat this cookie!” “What? Are you afraid of a cookie!” “There’s a lotto to win a lot of money if you just take this cookie!” … …
    If someone were offering your child such a cookie, you’d be okay with them running like hell, making a scene, and finding a police officer.
    If it’s the state with an experimental shot, a bunch of people are A-Okay with it…
    If it were as safe as they were saying, there’d be zero need for any sort of tempting (free doughnuts), bribing(lottery to win money), or even stripping you of your livelihood with you and your children starving in the streets.
    “You don’t want to take this shot? Ok then, have a good day. Oh, I’ve taken the shot myself, and there’s no danger of this pandemic to me anymore. You can cough all you want on my maskless face. I’m good, how’ve you been?” That’s what would be said if this shot actually worked.
    To someone who’s already taken this shot, I can’t help you.
    To someone who hasn’t take this shot yet: For God’s Sake, for the sake of the Three Person’s of the Holy Trinity, for the sake of the Blessed Mother, for the sake of all the Saints in Heaven Watching what you do: Don’t take this shot. You’ll fail the stupid test if you do.

  2. “I was contacted and spoken to by a nurse, who is now terminated or soon will be, and she advised me that in the hospital she works at they average 5 to 6 still births a year and from January to June they had 86. That’s an 800% increase and ALL THE MOTHERS WERE VACCINATED.”
    “Another nurse I know communicated with me and told me that within a 48 hour period they had 9 still births – ALL THE MOTHERS WERE VACCINATED.”
    “This isn’t just about the children who stand before us. This is about all the children we will never get to see because all children are going to be affected by this and we have to stand and protect them – we have to guard them.” – Paralegal Suzanne Coles, Waterloo Ontario Canada

  3. Interesting. If you look at the 10ks of for profit hospital systems, there has been a significant drop in ER visits from 2019 to 2020 (about 20%). Odd that ER visits would drop in the middle of a “pandemic” and “overflowing” ICUs. Just sayin’.

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