6 thoughts on “Can you imagine thinking that obedience toward an apostate heretic is a Precept of the Church?”

  1. What event(s) are you referring to that the Bishops objected to:
    1. Masonic “Thought for the Day” message on BBC Radio 4
    2. Anti-Christian meeting with Biden
    3. Meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-In
    4. Meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
    5. Diwali greetings message

  2. There is no greater act of hatred and animosity toward the Pope than to render obedience to his enemy, Antipope.
    There is no greater act of loyalty than to defend the true and reigning Pope from his enemies and all of their illegitimate, anti-Church, anti-Christ, heretical acts.
    I’m at the point now where I am completely comfortable with any of them doing what they feel they must do with me. I fear them not. I see clearly what they have done, are doing, will do – where they are taking the poor benighted souls who follow them straight to hell. Two Popes was the first, foundational heretical act which naturally leads to the Synod on Synodality, intended to destroy the Monarchical structure endowed to us by Christ our Lord. Pachamama in the High Altar and the Wiccan Shaman pagan spell chantings are merely the next step on the sprint to total destruction of the parallel Nu-Church, its evil odious spirit, all those who follow it and those responsible for it.
    There is no excuse, for following this evil parallel thing they call a Church. None. It starts with two Popes and branches out from there. Accept it or not – ALL Catholics must choose a side. I choose communion with the Saints in Christ through time and eternity – no variation, no change, perfection cannot and will not for it is already perfect.

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