“The New Fundamentalists: They do not permit the freedom of the spirit to enter into them.”

God can’t change. The three Persons of the Triune Godhead can’t change. God is perfect, has always been perfect, and you can’t improve upon perfect.

A five year old can grasp this.

So if someone is asking you to embrace a spirit of change, he is asking you to embrace a demon, and by doing so, adds to the MOUNTAIN of evidence that he himself does not enjoy the supernatural protection of the Petrine Promises.

Whatever this spirit is, you definitely don’t want it entering into you.

He’s not the pope. But he is likely the False Profit forerunner of the Antichrist. Explains a lot.

“Remember your prelates who have spoken the word of God to you; whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation, Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today; and the same for ever. Be not led away with various and strange doctrines…” (Hebrews 13:7-9)

For I am the Lord, and I change not…” (Malachi 3:6)


11 thoughts on ““The New Fundamentalists: They do not permit the freedom of the spirit to enter into them.””

  1. December 6, 1965 – The day before the Second Vatican Council ended,
    “Once the Council is ended, will everything return to the way it was before?
    Appearances and habits would say yes. THE SPIRIT OF THE COUNCIL WOULD REPLY NO.”
    – Pope Paul VI, during an Address to the Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops of Italy
    Continuing his diagnosis, he [Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger] recalls that this “true” Council, “already during its sessions [Vatican II] and then increasingly in the subsequent period, was opposed by A SELF-STYLED ‘SPIRIT OF THE COUNCIL’, which in reality is A TRUE ‘ANTI-SPIRIT OF THE COUNCIL’. According to this PERNICIOUS ANTI-SPIRIT [Konzils-Ungeist in German], everything that is ‘new’ (or presumed such: how many old heresies have surfaced again in recent years that have been presented as something new!) is always and in every case better than what has been or what is. It is the ANTI-SPIRIT according to which the history of the Church would first begin with Vatican II, viewed as a kind of point zero.” – The Ratzinger Report: an exclusive interview on the state of the Church (Rapporto Sulla Fede), 1985, by Vittorio Messori, p. 34-35
    (emphasis added by caps.)

  2. In my opinion, antipope Bergoglio is the most wicked and dangerous man on earth. Worse than Fauci, Gates and even that potbellied pig dictator in North Korea. Why? Because unlike the others, Bergoglio is on a mission to destroy souls. Gates, Fauci and the sadistic dictators of the world can only destroy the body. Heaven is filled with saints that were martyred by the despots of history. Antipope Bergoglio since day one has been the pied piper, driving souls out of the Church, discouraging confused souls from coming into the Church and leading as many souls as he can on the path to hell. Nothing wrong in this world will get better as long as this antipapacy is ignored.

    1. I’ve often pondered the scope of Bergoglio’s evil and have come to the same conclusion. Today I am praying in a special way for his conversion. Lord Have Mercy on Your Church! We implore you to right the Barque of Peter! We are clinging! Holy Mary, crush the head of the serpent!

    2. I’m fond of saying Anthony Fauci is the second most evil man living today, if only to set up the “Who’s first?” follow up question.

  3. Anyone else remember when “reforming of annulments” was at the start of this mess?
    Sit back and think about this for a moment:
    Can you imagine Pope St. Leo the Great, St. Pius X, St. Pius V, or any other “big name” Pope from history allowing pagan worship in the Vatican?

  4. Makes me yearn for that bygone era of the god of surprises. Ah, happy daze! (Whatever happened to him anyway?)

  5. So the Holy Father has no “Francis mercy” for the (new) fundamentalists? Can’t he get the smell of those sheep? Why can’t he go near those peripheries? Can he not dialogue with them? Why?
    I. Don’t. Get. It.

    1. To a Bolshevik, only the outcome matters. Popular will can never deliver the desired communist outcome, so PsyOp lies and deception are intrinsic to the Bolshevik’s operating plan of attack.
      The aim of the Bolshevik is to burn down and destroy the existing system, including most especially, the Catholic Church which is the beating heart of Western civilization as we’ve always known it – City of God/City of Man. It is hard to comprehend how anyone could want to burn down our beautiful (at its core) civilization and replace it with an evil impoverished system of enslavement, but Bolsheviks don’t think like that. Destruction is he currency of their ideas and the intent is to build their own “kingdom” on the rubble.
      Jorgé Bergóglio is the Bolshevik change agent of the communist one world government takeover. This war we *are currently fighting* is not a war of billets and bombs but words and ideas. PsyOp is their natural and best, most effective weapon to defeat their enemy – us.

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