CDC approves FOURTH jab: Is anyone waking up yet?

By Ivana Saric

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in updated guidelines Tuesday that some immunocompromised people who have received either Pfizer or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get a fourth shot.

“People over 18 who are “moderately to severely immunocompromised” and have received three doses of an mRNA vaccine may get a fourth shot (of either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines) at least six months after getting their third Pfizer or Moderna dose, per the CDC.”

Folks, this will never, ever end. WE need to end it. Demand that it end. -Mark

3 thoughts on “CDC approves FOURTH jab: Is anyone waking up yet?”

  1. Where do we direct our demands? Everybody is tone deaf! We need a holy pope. We need to beg God to send us a holy pope that will consecrate Russia asap.

  2. People should be utterly terrified of what they’ve willingly injected into their bodies without thinking twice. I’ve never seen so many people so brainwashed, it is unbelievable.
    Take the recent news about Fauci funding animal cruelty: Pointing that out to “true believers” causes their minds to short-circuit. “If Fauci will do this to puppies… What would he do to me… Or my kids… But he’s got my best interests at heart! MSNBC told me so! It’s safe and effective! CNN told me so! But puppies… Safe and Effective! But… Puppies…!”
    Aside from that one issue, trying to get through to people about all the OTHER shaddy things with this situation has been an ordeal as well. Pulling teeth is easier! They don’t believe me, or worse, they don’t even hear me when I tell then about how vaccine companies aren’t legally liable for damages. They change the topic completely… VAERS? I might as well be speaking Mandarin to them. Myocarditis in teenagers, doesn’t that seem like a cause for concern, something to look into…? The “Check Engine” light on their car gets more attention…

  3. When (or if) a semblance of sanity is restored, I’m almost certain that a new adjective will have entered the English language:
    PFIZERED – allowing oneself to be subjected to continuous unnecessary medical interventions as a result of being so psychologically terrorised that one’s capacity for critical thought is reduced to a level just below that of an actual guinea pig.
    E.g. ‘Digby’s looking a bit green around the gills today. Apparently, he had his ninth booster yesterday. Poor man’s been pfizered.’

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