11 thoughts on “Jabbed, traced, tracked: New “No vaxx, no Mass” policies coming to a diocese near you”

  1. This bishop is an agent of the Enemy — and maybe he is so blind as not to know it. And why bother to attend Mass, if you have to sell out to the government and a bishop such as this? And, a photo ID to attend Mass? And, what if you don’t have the means to “download your electric QR code”? Need a computer to attend Mass, as well? Official Catholicism, more in some places (such a this) and very little in others (such as the archdiocese where I live) has become a joke.

  2. 22nd Sunday After Pentecost
    Feast of St. Raphael, Archangel
    24th October, MMXXI A. D.
    P. O’B–
    It’s Antipope Francis and the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church. Not the Church per se.
    Of course they’re agents of the Enemy. Banning the Old Mass and requiring the Poison Death Shot are sure signs. At least it clarifies who they are; who they’re not.
    Just don’t mistake them for the true Church.
    Viva Pope Benedict! Happy feast of St. Raphael. (Take a glance at the Book of Tobias today).

  3. “Our people need access to the Sacramental life of the Church especially now.”
    Bishop Daniels merits an immediate transfer to Irony City. With any luck, he’ll also take with him all the ‘pastoral leaders, ushers and greeters’ who are willing to help implement his ruling.
    “Together we can make this work.”
    Yes, indeed bishop. Thank you for your open admission that without a band of like-minded acolytes, your scheme will be dead in the water. As G.K.Chesterton said on his deathbed, “It’s between light and darkness and every man must make his choice.”
    I better not say what should be done with the vaccine portal but just like the effect that might be produced upon any Catholic worthy of the name who reads this letter, it’s enough to bring a tear to eye.
    Grand Falls has fallen.

  4. I was born in this town and always considered it my home away from home. I still have family there. Newfoundland was an epicenter of the abuse crisis. I can remember it all cracking open in 87-88. I can say, unequivocally, that the Catholic Church in Newfoundland has been sodomized to death. The same can be said for the Church in Cape Breton. There is only one thing that gives me hope – this country was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart – twice. Otherwise, I would just be waiting for utter decimation at this point.

  5. We were warned by Jesus Christ – Himself, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” and by St. Paul, “I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. And of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.”¹
    One follows these wolves in sheep’s clothing at one’s own peril.
    ¹Matthew 7:15 and Acts 20:29-30

  6. There is not one mention, in this letter from one of the line of the Apostles of Jesus, of Jesus Christ, Redeemer, King. Vax, Vax, QR Codes, mandates, checks, social distance, limitations, no singing, capacity requirements vax, vax, vax, mask, mask, mask …. have a wretched day.
    Then, this little book just happens to arrive today in the mail …
    Benedictus “The Traditional Catholic Companion”. Oh, but I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long, long time. From the back cover:
    Texts: for following the TLM each day of the month.
    Daily Devotions: Morning and evening from the Divine Office.
    Meditations: From Catholic spiritual masters from centuries past.
    Classical Essays: on the Feasts and Saints of the old calendar.
    Beautiful Prayers: and inspiring masterpieces of sacred art.
    Ideas: For fostering a vibrantly Catholic culture in the home.
    I haven’t used it yet – just pulled it out of the package for the first time. But at first glance, this is a game changer, at least for me. It’s beautiful and easy to use and connects busy, busy, busy me to the Traditional Calendar well before the dates so I can prepare. This seems to me a Liturgical Guide for the Traditional Laity like me with good intent but in need of guidance from the Masters.
    This is a new publication and from what I’ve seen so far I recommend it and hope it carries far and wide and becomes a norm in the SSPX, ICKSP and FSSP pews. Those who worship Our Lord in communion with Holy Mother Church as Christ intended throughout recorded time will be most pleased at this wonderful little booklet that has the Propers for every day; the Propers and Liturgy for every Sunday with prayers, essays, meditations, ideas, devotions, etc. It connects us to shat we care about which is the cycle of the Liturgical calendar and being consumed by our Catholic Faith on our way to Heaven forever.
    $5 is all per month. A worthy effort.
    To you Parishioners of Grand Falls, you have a clear choice:
    Stay in the Nu mass and go down the Covid virus paths of worldliness and worry with your Bishop and Priests.
    Get a monthly subscription and a copy of this booklet, leave the Nu Mass and do whatever it takes to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a Traditional Order where Christ is worshiped above all, which will get you to heaven for sure, if you have a will to take the hand of the Traditional orthodox Catholic Priests and get there with them.
    This is the Faith – https://praybenedictus.com/
    Not Covidism.

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