Action item: FDA accepting public comments on upcoming decision to experiment on children

At stake is nothing less than injecting an experimental and likely poisonous substance into 5-12 year olds, which in turn will be made a mandatory requirement to attend school, play sports, etc. We have no idea, as it would be impossible, to know any long term adverse effects, but we do know the short term side effects are hideous. Not to mention the risk vs reward for this age group, vaxx vs covid, is negative. Can you spare five minutes to make a public comment? Comments are open until Midnight this coming Monday.

Link is here:

Be sure to use the VAERS injury data, and remember that these figures are only 1% of the estimated death and injuries. This is all an open secret that no one is reporting on. It means over one million people have likely died from the vaxx. Covid is the biggest crime against humanity ever committed, and the deathvaxx is its climax. Or at least, the vector for the total collapse of civilization. I will paste a few handy screenshots here. The first one is quite dramatic. Pass it on.

15 thoughts on “Action item: FDA accepting public comments on upcoming decision to experiment on children”

  1. The committee is soliciting comments on “regulatory issues” facing the FDA in regards to “vaccines and *related biological products* (lovely).
    My only comment to them or anyone else who thinks it’s their business (like my former employer) my medical decisions are between myself and myself … I talk things over with my wife. I don’t need a reason to choose not to get the jab. I don’t need a reason not to disclose personal medical information to whoever thinks they have a right to ask. I don’t need to place my Crown Jewel Catholic Faith in a permission request letter to a board of pagans and likely CRT perverts so they can parse my fundamental beliefs and decide whether they meet their own criteria. I don’t care about their criteria. I don’t have to come up with proofs or reasons or anything else to justify my decision – it’s mine, mine alone.
    Somewhere last year we got sucked into this paradigm shift that our personal liberty is based on whether we can come up with reasons good enough to sustain it. “Your liberty ends where my health risks begin”, as the fake President Brandon said yesterday. Wrong. My liberty is 1,000 times more important than your health … at least. The Bill of Rights guarantees basic fundamental liberties. It does not guarantee a right not to get infected and sick … that’s your own personal problem, Brandon, Karen (etc), deal with it as you please. But my liberty is not up for negotiation or justification. It just is. God gave it to me and Fakepresident Brandon nor any of his cast of perverted characters can have it – not for any price and my reasons are my own.

    1. I spent a few minutes to formulate and submit a comment.
      It is very important that the public be able to access comments regarding the shots being pushed upon children.
      Every little thing we can do adds to the ripple effect.

      1. I completely agree. And I do that in my own way.
        There is also a time and place in which argument is no longer profitable or appropriate. One of those times is when someone is actively trying to take from you a basic human right based on a tyrannical and unjust contingency they imposed. That demands not words but face to face contact and pure resistance.
        The proper response of a Jew to a German (for instance) who insists the Jew get on the train for transportation to health and cleansing centers is not an explanation as to why they don’t need such services and they don’t really fit the stated criteria for “treatment”. Anger and force are the only legitimate reply in that moment.
        I do not and will not justify my reasons to anyone who is blackmailing me by withholding my God-given and Constitutional rights by demanding an action in exchange for a cookie – an action that is morally, religiously, physically unacceptable; tyrannical. In friendly normal times, we can have the conversation. When the metaphorical (or actual) gun is placed to my head (jab now or lose your job; jab your kids or lose them to CPS) – the conversation is over.

  2. We all know what the decision they’re going to make is. This “public comments” is just a formality they have to undergo, a minor speed bump for them
    They could be flooded with information, they’re not going to read anything anyone writes that goes against that decision that’s already been made.

  3. Mr Pissed-Off Pureblood,
    You are probably right, but one should still express one’s strongly held opinion and try every legitimate way to get them to change course.
    I’m not familiar with the FDA and am neither resident in nor a citizen of the US.
    In the small southern pocket of China I live in, there used to be government operated public consultations on significant matters and opinions were published with names provided published, but contact details redacted.
    At least we, the people, could see what support the government had (or had not) and how many and even who was on our side.

  4. I feel that this is the worst thing in the world to do to our children and grandchildren. Their immune systems are just being developed and you want to destroy they by putting this poison in them that most likely will harm them for life or even kill them. I have a grandson that has a compromised immune system and this will most likely will kill him and I’m not willing to put him in that position for your satisfaction so you can make more money. Pull your heads put of your backsides and get real. I think that all of you need to take a very long look in the mirror and ask yourselves if this was my child or grandchild would I want this poison forced into them for just a few dollar in my pockets. Please don’t put these kids lives in danger, they are innocent little kids that don’t deserve this from people they are suppose to trust. Don’t do this to them.

  5. I am a teacher and I am highly against this shot. Our students have been getting Covid but the symptoms are very mild and are lasting about three days. 100 percent of the students in our entire school district (second largest in Oregon) have recovered with no lasting symptoms. The shot has a 50 times greater chance of sending these healthy kids to the hospital than Covid. Mandating these shots for kids is just wrong. It must me a choice, There are too many risks to the health of our children to make it mandatory.

  6. Actions taken hastily in response to fear or anger (or infatuation for that matter) rarely turn out well.
    Think: why is the FDA asking for public comment when (1) it didn’t do it for adult vaxxes and (2) it doesn’t care what you think.

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