Double-vaxxed NCAA Division I athlete delivers warning from hospital bed

“College athlete delivers warning from hospital bed after developing myocarditis following vaccine.

“John Stokes, division 1 golfer, gives an update after developing myocarditis following second covid vaccination. He encourages anyone who has had an adverse reaction to report it to VAERS.

“His collegiate athletics career is still uncertain at this time.”

One thought on “Double-vaxxed NCAA Division I athlete delivers warning from hospital bed”

  1. “Due to the time I spend at high altitudes in a self-powered battle suit dodging F-22 Raptors, custom-built in my home laboratory to my own specifications, I am declining to take the covid vaccine. Unlike Bruce Wayne and his flying-rat costume, I only need to tell people once that I am Iron Man.”
    – The “religious exemption” everyone (with any guts) should give their employers for this BS.
    And that poor kid isn’t really an “athlete.” It’s golf. Imagine the real athletes and what they’ll go through.
    And it’s not like all over the internet people were trying to tell everyone like him to hold off, and wait for short- and long-term side effects to be studied.

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