3 thoughts on “It was only a matter of time: Refusing to inject yourself with poison is racist”

  1. Must come as news to all the hesitant people of color who refuse the experimental shots precisely because they don’t trust white institutions!

  2. Well, in my neck of the woods, a large majority of the clotshot pushers are not exactly indigenous so if charged with that particular ThoughtCrime, I probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on (and funnily enough that’s another potential side effect of the clotshots so it looks like I’m on to a loser any which way).

  3. I don’t have ties to any group except the One Holy Catholic Church. And I don’t want the jab because…
    A. Already had the wuhan flu, so I have natural immunity
    B. Jab does not work
    C. Jab has side effects worse than the wuhan flu (Russian roulette = sin against Commandment V)
    D. If celebs and morally bankrupt politicians push something this hard, it must be evil.
    Nothing to do with racism.

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