As Corporate Nazis begin their deathvaxx mandates, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your exemption… you won’t have much time

Across the transom, a warning for what is coming to everyone employed by Corporate America. Prepare well your exemption case, and base it squarely on the violation of the Fifth Commandment. Self-harm is a mortal sin, and there is no proportional risk to be offset (Covid infection fatality rate 0.15%). Use the VAERS data, and note that the CDC estimates it only captures 1% of true vaccine injuries. The abortion-related aspect of vaxx development is also valid, but secondary.

Dear Mark,

If we were living in a sane and just society, you would already have a Pulitzer Prize for your commendable work on covidism. Thank you for the great service you are bringing to the world with your faith, persistence, and zeal – God will reward you in our true country, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Like most Americans, I do not work for Congress nor the Post Office so therefore, my employer is subject to the covidism jab mandate. Actually, they mandated it right before Biden’s declaration of war which I find interesting. I knew in my heart this was coming because we have had threats for weeks, all echoing the propaganda that can be heard 24/7 in the mainstream media.

I write to you because today, we received an email about the new policy and our job as managers. I don’t know whether to get angry or laugh at the surrealism of this communication, but I think this can be best summed up as a blueprint for a company’s voluntary suicide. Here goes.

After the introductory reminder of the company’s mandate (just one week after the second mandate notice), we were told that to have visibility as to who on our team have not submitted their proof of the jab, we would be receiving a list of our team members who have and have not submitted that data. Furthermore, it would be posted on an allegedly secure site for management and leadership. Wow! So much for privacy. We are therefore encouraged to begin the engagement with the non-jabbed to “understand their intentions and willingness to comply with the company’s policy.” Here are some of the sub-points and the bold italics are my snarky comments:

  • We acknowledge that the policy compliance is a personal choice, albeit with real job-related consequences… we want to extend employees time and space for these personal decisions. We have three short weeks to get in line and submit our jab proof and/or exemption requests for this life-changing decision.
  • We will preserve a positive work environment, free of undue pressure or coercion. This is laughable. The communications warnings of the mandate were frequent and loaded with coercion and gas-lighting.
  • We will be mindful and use professional discretion when sharing confidential employee information. Not credible. Everyone’s jab status is on a site accessible for managers as well as executives. What could possibly go wrong?

The letter went on to give a timeline for compliance, stating that those of us who are not jabbed by the deadline will go on un-paid, administrative leave while cases are reviewed with final separation (termination) to the un-jabbed finalized with appropriate management and legal consultation.

What’s astonishing is that my company, like so many others right now, is suffering from a shortage of workers. We are losing business due to the lack of staff from the start of covidism and the lack of applicants for open positions due to the over-generous, socialist unemployment benefits. A quarter of the staff according to the letter is not jabbed and that’s the same statistic they’ve had for many weeks. It is absolute insanity to think that things are going to get better by having to terminate 25% of the staff with low probability of finding replacements and filling all the open positions that already exist no one is applying for.

I am taking my time to draft a professional, persuasive (hopefully) religious exemption. Will it be accepted? If not, I am prepared to deal with whatever happens. I know that the Divine Providence will provide for me – the miserable, wretched sinner that I am – if I stand firm and refuse to succumb to this satanic agenda and I hope everyone who is un-jabbed at this point will take the same stance.

In closing, I want to urge all Catholics to please stop calling antipope Bergoglio “Pope Francis” and to correct anyone who says that. All three covidism shots were either developed or tested with cells derived from aborted children. This is public, published data. Period. End of debate. No true holy father, in charge of defending the Church’s position on the sacredness of human life would be echoing the party line of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, let alone dictating that everyone who visits the Vatican show proof the jab.

May God Bless you and your intentions.

24 thoughts on “As Corporate Nazis begin their deathvaxx mandates, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your exemption… you won’t have much time”

  1. Did the Christians of the first three centuries write letters begging the emperor for religious exemptions?
    Workers need to man up. When you get a letter demanding you sacrifice to the god of the state by getting the death jab, resign right then and there and state your reasons. Don’t go begging on your knees for an exemption.

    1. It’s not begging if you plan to stand behind it. You’re not asking them, you’re telling them.
      Resign right there and then? That’s what they want, so they don’t have to do the messy part.

  2. How is getting an exception any different than those Christians who got exemptions from sacrificing incense to the emperor?
    You get your exemption while other Christians, such as those in the military, are getting fired?
    If you resign immediately in solidarity with others who have been fired, it hurts the company more than waiting for them to find and train your replacement

      1. I say stand up and make them fire you. Don’t make it easy on them. Fight them tooth and nail and don’t give up. Make them look you in the eye. As Archbishop Lafebvre said, “We must resist them to their face”.

      2. Well, it is kind of like being between a rock and a hard place: Take the poison jab now so as to keep supporting your family and then die from it at a later date leaving them unsupported or be fired from your job and have the worry of finding a way to support your family but live to do it.

    1. I get what you’re saying in theory. However, this isn’t as black and white as you make it. This isn’t an emperor you’re submitting to directly. It’s XYZ Inc. who’s being forced to demand this off you.
      You’re company may very well not like what’s going on and may come up with back doors to get around this nonsense for the sake of their employees. Like granting religious exemptions etc. Nothing wrong whatsoever with taking advantage, especially when you literally are refusing based on morals.
      Unfortunately the people who are needed for things to change are the vaccinated. They are the ones who need to band together and resist. They can freely have a vaccine. That doesn’t mean they have to let anyone demand proof of it.
      That’s what annoys me most about these phony unions. They’re going to watch their so called “brothers” and “sisters” lose livelihoods over this just so they can get a paycheck. I hope everyone who loses jobs bands together and really organize. Force these unions to cross picket lines everyday as they work for their blood money.

  3. A simple “No.” should be the only thing required. A religious exemption shouldn’t even exist.
    A devout monk in a monastery has just as much right to refuse ANY medical treatment, experimental or otherwise, as an atheist covered in tattoos with half their head shaved and the other half dyed neon-pink.

    1. You are correct in theory. But the exemption is an attempt to avoid loss of income and retirement for those who have invested decades in their professions and who are trying to support families. Not everyone can just walk away, especially those of us who regard accepting unearned handouts from the government as sinful.
      What I have heard is that you absolutely should not quit. Leave the ball in their court. It’s supposed to be better from a legal perspective, but that’s a joke when the courts are packed with covidiots and leftists.

      1. There is also the matter of the abortion tainted injections that are gene therapy that will very likely do damage to you. It is against the 5th commandment to knowingly do something that is likely to harm yourself.

    2. I agree with Pissed-Off Pureblood. It is very surprising that Mark, Ann, and Brother Bugnolo don’t get this: They have no authority whatsoever to demand to anyone, no matter what his religion is, to get an experimental and proven dangerous injection for a fictional disease that has a 99.98% survival rate AND can easily be treated with ivermectin or chloroquine. It is not a religious issue; it is a natural law issue.
      So to turn around and say, “Oh, please give me a religion exemption” is 100% morally wrong. You are breaking the eighth commandment. You are bearing false witness by saying you ACCEPT their authority to mandate the death jab, and you want them to use their exact same authority to grant you an exception for your religion when it is not even a religious issue.
      Why would you even want to continue working for this type of employer? The argument that you have to break the eighth commandment so that you can continue supporting your family is morally weak. It is the exact same one that the Lapsi used during the persecutions of Decius and Diocletian. Well, if you need to support your family, then go find another job with an employer that does not mandate the death jab or start your own business. But don’t bear false witness and benefit by getting an exemption when others have witnessed to the truth and have gotten fired or quit.
      If you don’t believe me, ask the question if it is morally acceptable to present a vaccination card that says you got the vaccine when in fact you did not. I know there are those who are doing this in the military. If this is not acceptable because it is bearing false witness, then how is it morally acceptable to bear false witness to get a religious exemption when it is not a religious issue?

      1. Mark, I am saying the right thing morally to do is what Pissed-off Pureblood writes above about a simple “no.”
        I believe the proper Catholic thing to do would be at the very moment you get the email announcement stating the policy that everyone must get the death jab or be fired, you send an email right back saying you refuse and informing them they are breaking the Nuremberg Code, they have no right to do so, and they will be held accountable in the future. But don’t ask for a religious exemption.

      2. Joel is right. I didn’t really consider it until this thread, but he’s right. Requesting a religious exemption to avoid participating in a lie and a crime against humanity defeats its own purpose. By acknowledging their power over you, you’re participating in the lie regardless of the outcome.
        These are our executioners. We don’t beg them for mercy.

      3. What Pureblood and McNeil say is correct, but so is Barnhardt etc.
        Circumstance determines this.
        As a TEMPORARY/PRUDENT measure to buy time, an exemption request or forging of documents to circumvent immediate enemy assault and to pass through enemy lines is perfectly permissable.
        But the end goal must be the TRUTH. So if one must. Do both. Demonstrate on every grounds that the bastards have no power over you, even under their own terms. Assault them with both minor and major arguments.
        This is WAR folks! Be wise as serpents. Anything you can do to clog the bureaucracy and get it to hurt itself and get stuck, you do, until it’s finally time to conquer them and slit their throaths in the valley of Kishon.
        In the end we do have to hang them for crimes against humanity. But much like the abortion war, grab victories where you can find them, without contradicting your chances of further victory.
        The exemptions are not a permanent deal.
        Try it as a charitable act – offering a chance to the employer to show charity in return so that they might be encouraged to reflect, do more and hopefully convert. An opportunity to do a little good.
        Those employers who still refuse will have to answer for failing these little opportunities offered to them as mercies when they stand before the Throne of God. The trial will be VERY FAIR.

      4. You must not have a family of several children to support. Easy to say what’s right when you have no skin in the game or don’t have to face those situations head on.

  4. Good letter, and I loved this towards the end: “In closing, I want to urge all Catholics to please stop calling antipope Bergoglio ‘Pope Francis’ and to correct anyone who says that.”

  5. The city that I work for had its deadline for getting the shot on September 17. This was the first week that the unvaccinated had to start weekly testing. I am refusing to comply with any of this and will apparently get my first write up next week. Out of nearly 400 employees in my department, I am one of two who has not yet submitted results, which are due by Friday. The exemption we can get is pointless as well, since we still have to weekly test. I’m not going along any of this anymore, I’m done.
    I’m currently looking for a new job and hoping that I can hold onto this one until my wife and my first child is born and I can use some of my leave. It’s a difficult situation, but I trust in Our Lord that everything will work out. Please pray for me that I have the courage to make a stand. I’ll be praying for all of you here as well! God Bless!

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