‘Fully vaccinated’ account for nearly 100 percent of Syracuse University’s COVID cases

SYRACUSE, New York (LifeSiteNews) – Syracuse University announced on September 17 that 143 of its 148 identified cases of COVID are attributable to individuals who have been vaccinated.

“There are now 148 active cases on the dashboard, eight fewer than yesterday,” the campus paper The Daily Orange reported. However, the COVID-19 dashboard showed only five students were in quarantine that day, meaning 143 of the students considered “fully vaccinated” were not in isolation. 

This means that 96% of the identified COVID cases are attributable to people considered to be fully jabbed by the university. 

A university official previously said 93% of the identified COVID-19 cases were among inoculated students. 

“Of the positive tests, 93% are among vaccinated students, many of whom are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms,” the campus paper reported, based on comments from Mike Haynie, the private university’s vice chancellor for strategic initiatives and innovation. 

The university’s own interpretation of the threat of COVID spread belies the efficacy of the shots.  

University officials have placed Syracuse at a “red” threat level, which “indicates a high level of transmission risk on campus.” Over 90 percent of the campus, including faculty, staff and students are considered fully inoculated against COVID-19, according to a Daily Orange article from last month. The percentage of fully-jabbed should be higher now at the end of September. 

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  1. This is something I’ve noticed and I know what everyone is trying to do with these stories…see…the “vaccinated” are still getting COVID so the shots are useless, but I think we need to be careful. How are the positive tests being obtained??? This is not usually clarified within the stories that I’ve seen, so it seems to be giving credence to the PCR process to test for this virus when we say…loooook the jabbed are getting COVID!!!! We can’t change our goal posts…the PCR has 98% false positives so should not be used for a “see…I told you” gotcha angle. Now…if it could be shown that these are symptomatic positive cases or vaxx technology reactions then that’s a different story, obviously. So maybe we need to be more cautious with these links because I’ve been seeing an uptick of these types of posts in comparison to the PCR/virus numbers are junk science from last year. I just don’t want our side to start feeding the bear.

  2. “Here’s the Polio vaccine. We made it in only one year, we don’t know what, if any, long-term effects it might have. If anything bad does happen, we’ll censor you from all communication channels, and you’ll never be able to sue us the manufacturer for anything, ever. And by the way, one can still catch Polio with it, but you’ll only be paralyzed in one leg, or maybe one arm, we’re not sure. You need to take this in order to go to the grocery store, and work to feed your kids…”
    -Things never said in the 1950s.

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