It’s unthinkable that the FDA and CDC would conspire to doomflu the country and force vaxx the population, right? It’s certainly never happened before, right?

There is no way they could engineer a pogrom as such, complete with multi-media propaganda featuring celebrities and such, while at the say time ignoring/silencing real doctors and honest researchers on the ground, right?

Except they already tried it before. Practice run was in 1976. Watch the first five minutes of this:

The CDC is a criminal organization, non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerents, and have been for over 40 years.

Watch every second, download, and spread aggressively.

They have executed this CoronaScam crime against humanity because they have done it before, got away with it, and in the past 45 years it had been almost totally forgotten.  ALMOST…

9 thoughts on “It’s unthinkable that the FDA and CDC would conspire to doomflu the country and force vaxx the population, right? It’s certainly never happened before, right?”

  1. Perhaps not that amazing if you acknowledge that sin blinds the intellect….lately when engaged in discussions related to religious topics/events and considering the disposition of the person(s) participating I’ll ask them if he/she acknowledge the central/essential role Divine Grace and whether they believe their souls are in the state of Sanctifying Grace.
    A little surprising to me are the number of times the response is an immediate no….giving little to no consideration of the questions import.
    I bet if I drove to Philadelphia and stood on the corner of South Street and Spruce (or any other busy Philadelphia street corner) and asked passersby if they are in the state of Grace most would respond: No, I live in Pennsylvania.
    I can’t recall the exact citation in Revelation where it reveals that in the latter days God will allow many to be afflicted with blindness due to their sinful intransigence and willful rejection of His Grace….I think we’re there.

  2. Yeah, this excerpt is all well and good but let’s not forget that it’s peculiar to its time. The Science has come on leaps and bound in the 45 years since and today’s quick and easy injection delivered by friendly and helpful staff now doesn’t just cause neurological disorders – we can confidently also add eye disorders, respiratory problems, facial paralysis, anaphylaxis, acute cardiac events and of course blood clotting. The swine flu jollop of 1976 is positively health-giving compared to today’s medicinal compound.

  3. From 1962 missal morning prayers:
    Adorable Jesus…Enlighten my mind, purify my heart, and guide my steps that I may pass all my life in Thy divine service.
    Thank you NonVeni Mark and AB for your tireless efforts to spread the Truth.
    Most assuredly, you have both helped more people than you will know this side of eternity.
    God bless you and your families.
    If anyone is looking for ivermectin, here’s a link to the nicest, sweetest lady who personally called me (twice) to let me know she got some in:
    Her name is Lizz

  4. Also…check out Dr. Peter McCullough on his recommendation on diluting povodone iodine with water and using it to swab your nose and swish and spit. It can stop the virus from taking a foothold inside the body. I know someone with covid whose family is doing this and so far, none of them have come down with it.

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