5 thoughts on “Remember, Jen Psaki says it’s “offensive” to suggest anyone is stranded in Afghanistan”

  1. “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”. Sun Tsu

    The Chinese are serious. America (so far) is not. We have been seriously, perhaps fatally betrayed and most people are not even aware of it.

  2. One of the most obvious indicators that a prole is engaging in WrongThink is the asking of questions. It is symptomatic (hehe!) not just of a disinclination to indiscriminately accept the information fed to him but also betokens a certain ingratitude towards those who make the effort to provide this same information. If only all recipients would recognise that whatever is imparted is on a ‘need to know’ basis and that further explanation serves no purpose other than causing gratuitous inconvenience and no little irritation. So whether it be those long-forgotten dubia, the brainiac idea that two masks are better than one or that five or six vactheens+boosters are better than three or four, or even the borderline treasonous notion that the withdrawal from Afghanistan isn’t being conducted with military precision and progressing very nicely, thank you!, we should firstly all just pause, take a breath and humbly ask ourselves that most pertinent of questions – “Who are YOU to question the Mighty Oz?”

  3. The reaping of the Killing Fields has begun.

    People like this ridiculous Press Secretary who lecture about “offensive” words and phrases are about to get a lesson in the real world, how things have always worked throughout time – until the blip-in-time anomaly of the last 70 years. All the stupid Covid fears and race-baiting and language checking is about to get some perspective. We really can lose it all. And it usually happens really fast, if and when that time comes.

    Pieces of paper, such as out Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, do not guarantee freedom and the American civil way of life. No, not at all. Precedent to any of that fine freedom language is the nasty, brutal, tough willingness, bravery and skill of American fighting men to engage the enemy in battle and to be willing *and able* – to blow their enemy’s heads off in combat – so that we win, they don’t. If they win, well ….. Afghanistan is about to be a lesson in what happens when “they win”, when violent, evil men prevail in that mortal test of combat against American patriots.

    We are about to be tested at a very fundamental level. Already are, really. God bless the servicemen who died today and their families who gave them up for our country. God bless all the Americans who are about to die in the Afghanistan Killing Fields. This is going to be epic.

    1. After writing this, it also struck me that there is something that has to come before even the willingness to take up arms and fight for your country, your community, your family, your way of life – an essential ingredient we often neglect to think about. Love. We have to love our nation, its history, heritage and the specific documents that authorize the Rules of Law that make America special. We have to love it enough that we are willing to give and sacrifice almost anything to ensure it endures. That love will naturally produce patriots willing to defend what they love (their nation) when malign forces gather to threaten and take it all away; to re-make it into what THEY love, value and treasure.

      As it stands, I think at the spiritual level we Americans have lost that love, patriotism, and the enemy (Globalists, Muslims and Communists) is winning because they believe …. we don’t – at least not enough to prevail over time in the long struggle.

      And in THAT way our current secular struggle mirrors, reflects the inner struggle within the heart of Holy Mother Church. We are all called to be martyrs for our Faith and defend Christ who lives within the visible structure of the Sacred Magisterium (Scripture and Tradition) and the active worship of those who are conformed thereby. If we don’t love Her, more even than American patriots who love their nation, if we don’t love Her to the point of dying for Her in defense of those who would take it all away at the foundational Sacred Magisterium ….. then we will lose Her in a similar way to Americans who will lose their nation to those whose love of other things is stronger and more enduring than their own.

      We must love what is good first, at the spiritual and intellectual level. And then we must be willing to give everything, including our lives, in defense of it – as if it were a treasure of great price, more valuable than life itself.

      1. Interesting that Critical Race Theory enters our National bloodstream at the precise moment of trial, no? CRT, that which uses western civilization’s greatest taboo – racism – against itself to hate itself and destroy the love of its civilization all foundations so necessary to defend itself against the advancing enemy.

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