Dutch banks cancelling accounts of deathvaxx critics

Are you ready? Have you made preparations and have alternate accounts available? What if they fine you some unknown amount for breaching their terms and conditions?

Dutch outlet NRC conducted its own research on the money flows from anti-vaccine organizations, also regarding the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, according to the newspaper. The measure was taken to combat “extremism” and “dangerous” messaging. The financial service providers refusing these clients include the ING, Triodos Bank, Rabobank and payment platform Mollie. A Rabobank spokesperson confirmed to NRC that it no longer accepted customers who spread “conspiracy theories and other proven disinformation” because the bank considers their actions “harmful”.

Anti-vaccine Dutch evangelist Jaap Dieleman saw his payment account with Mollie discontinued in February. Dieleman reaches millions of Dutch households. According to Mollie, Dieleman’s stance against getting vaccinated “do not fit with Mollie’s business operations”. Mollie also banned Café Weltschmerz, a popular YouTube channel that has called the Coronavirus narrative a conspiracy.

“Other service providers have refused to open accounts for prospective anti-vaccine clients. Triodos bank has refused to allow action group Viruswaarheid as a customer, since the group “called for confrontations that are at odds with our values”. NRC quoted from the refusal email the bank had sent to Viruswaarheid.”


3 thoughts on “Dutch banks cancelling accounts of deathvaxx critics”

  1. And now we have THIS (probably sooner than the globo-elites wanted it to start happening)…..
    And this….

    CLASSIC ADE…antibody dependent enhancement, writ laaarrrggge. Israel’s trying to hem and haw their way into an explanation for this other than the OBVIOUS. They have done to themselves willingly what Hitler and Himmler could have only dreamed of doing. And we aren’t far behind. The fall/winter season is going to be catastrophic. This comment from Aqua was DEAD-ON; “Every time a “vaxxed” person has an immune system challenge – from now on – they will have to pay for a booster to stay alive. Their immune system is now a subscription service.” Their immune systems are being destroyed, and their T-cell population decimated (ever wonder what that CRISPR spliced section of HIV was in there for?)….

    The jabbed are carrying MASSIVE viral loads within them, becoming superspreaders of more virulent variants being forced to form within their bodies….

    And this good and holy priest (if y’all don’t read Fr. Nix, get busy checking his EXCELLENT blog everyday!) cuts to the chase in a 30 sec. read with a 58 sec. video (spread this one far and wide)….

    And finally, if you haven’t yet taken the time to watch this MAGNIFICENT doctor lay it all on the line in front of the Israeli health minister (who didn’t like AT ALL what he was saying) and chief rabbinic council….must watch the whole thing including questions; it just builds and builds and builds….

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