7 thoughts on “Epic rant: 31 year LAFD veteran explains the unfolding tyranny”

  1. Be prepared, mentally more than anything else, spiritually, to give everything for the cause of freedom. This is not a war in the traditional sense. But it is a war. We have not yet begun to fight. “They” have. And they have taken a lot of ground already. We cannot be satisfied with defense. We need it all back, everything. We need to go on offense and drive these tyrants back and then make them pay. No more! But that means we are all, individually, going to have to pay a heavy price. In addition to being smart, savvy, strong, we have to be willing to do like this Fire Captain who, as usual in his line of work, is willing to put his own life on the line before he ever asks anything of his men.

    Get ready. The other side is going for it all. So far, as stupid and venal as they are, they are winning just because they have no opposition. That needs to change, pronto.

  2. This is how a real man reacts. I was afraid there weren’t too many left. However, Mark, you’ve been excellent, and there are others risking everything at many levels; as he said, the fights are coming to us— we won’t need to go looking for them. “Go along time get along” isn’t going to work much longer.
    It’s way past time to start setting up parallel systems— this man and his colleagues start their own private fire department; they have the skills. Non-injected doctors and nurses set up practices for non-injected. I saw where Reinhold Fullmer (sp?) in Germany has a group that bought an abandoned hospital and will staff it with non-injected doctors and nurses who are going to treat injured jab recipients and try to figure out how to heal the bad effects. Even if that is a false report, innovation like this is needed world wide while resisting tyranny. There are so many of us; alas, our Achilles heel is not being organized and being leaderless. Those times must rapidly come to a close, though. Pray God raises up some leaders to navigate the chaos. There are many still bewitched by the MSM media narrative, but it’s time to press on and hope they catch up later. I am looking into whatever can be done locally.

  3. I commend him. His message is a little jumbled—said this is not about politics or red and blue—oh, but it is about politics and all the monied liberals in the blue states are the vanguards enshrining this evil.

    All truckers, firemen, nurses and doctors must start organizing. I propose all here donate to America’s Frontline Doctors.

  4. Thanks for sharing Mark. Going to make a Holy Hour shortly and pray for more men to be raised up. Also, praying that Cardinal Burke’s near death (?) does something to light a fire under his butt…..it ALL starts and ends with The Church. Oh btw….loved, loved the last two podcasts!

    1. Kono,

      You are so right that Christ’s Church is the center of the universe. It does ALL start and end in/with the Church. We hope and pray Cardinal Burke rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. These are desperate times.

      1. Absolutely. It is not a coincidence that all hell broke loose thought-out the whole world after the antipope did the pachamama worshipping bs. My prayer is that between Card. Burke’s recovery and the Traditional Orders leaders being called to Rome, someone with authority will do something. The very least that needs to be done, is that EVERY single Mass being offered by a traditional priest, Pope Benedict be commemorated.

    2. I prayed for essentially the same thing, though, “I beg thee, my Lady, to light a fire under Cardinal Burke’s butt,” didn’t seem like the best way to put it! But that’s what we want to see, for sure.
      I suggest we all pray that the Prelate promised by Our Lady of Good Success that will restore the Church be sent posthaste. She told us to ask for this, so I’m thinking he’s not going to be sent until we do.

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