7 thoughts on “The absolute state of play: Facebook ‘fact checks’ the Nuremberg Code”

  1. Missing Context?

    The context surrounding the damning paragraph 1 makes it trebly damning.

    Here’s all 10 paragraphs related to “Permissible Medical Experiments”.


    Elite German doctors and the German medical community were united in support of sadistic experimentation and torture on Jews. We seem to have an outsized level of respect for the medical community that just because a doctor says or does something it must be for our good. No. They have the same capacity for evil as anyone else … and because they are bright they also have the capacity to act out and inflict harm in most ingenious ways. Doctors participated in Treblinka, Dachau, Auschwitz – in many ways were most responsible. And so – the Nuremberg Codes. “NEVER AGAIN”! we said. Until next time, it seems.

      1. Yes. It is a damning accusation, is t it? And notice, in the attached information link, “cleansing” is the precedent ideal aspired to by the “German Medical Community”.

        If you read the Nuremberg link, above, you will see that the protections enshrined there (under penalty of death – that’s what a big deal it was, and is) are to ensure human liberty against involuntary compulsion to submit to medical crimes. *Medical* crimes. The death camps were originally “health camps”. Jews and the unclean (physically and morally unclean, deviants, deformed etc) were compelled into the camps, originally, as a public service to society to cleanse society of the unfit and be treated medically by professionals while those in the camps worked to pay their way.


        Yes. Doctors do indeed have the capacity to commit acts of evil like everyone else. And when they get to the level of Dr. Fauci, who has some kind of a monopoly on power within the transmissible disease community, that power can, in the wrong hands (Fauci for instance) be transformed into something programmatic – truly dreadful … potentially crimes against humanity (as was the case with the German Doctors), rather than mere individual crimes.

  2. The Nuremberg code represents one side of the current field of battle. The Facebook censor brigade represents the other side. One side stands for commonly accepted human rights. The other side are barbarians who aim for power and human rights are things they disdain – their own elite personal rights and privileges are all they care about in their climb over bodies to the top. We gave them the benefit of the doubt while we were still figuring out what these creatures were, once exposed. Unfamiliar to our experience, they were. But … most of us (many at least) have taken their measure by now.

    Patriots are rising up. And we are done. Here is one of the best. This fellow is what I have always referred to with great affection as a bad a*s (no other way to really describe it – and frankly we are going to need a lot more of them in the days to come … no longer soft days but hard).


    The tide may be turning and what we see from the other side in their aggressive nature is not confidence but fear. I think they’re afraid of what is emerging

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