“The harvesting of unborn babies, with beating hearts, is an ongoing evil. Do you want to benefit from it?”

John Zmirak wrote this up at The Stream today. There are many aspects which make it worth sharing. I am probably pasting too much here, but please read the whole thing at his site, and share the link. (In the full version, he also explains the ongoing born-alive baby vivisecting still going on at Pitt, funded by Fauci/NIH)

By JOHN ZMIRAK Published on August 12, 2021

Yesterday I went to visit my doctor. Why? Mainly, because a good friend of mine and his family came down with COVID. He’s an MMA athlete, and the illness left him, as he put it, “at death’s door.” That is, until his doctor put him on Azithromycin and Prednisone, which quickly relieved his lungs and got him on the path to recovery. My friend strongly advised me, as a pudgy couch potato at higher risk of COVID death, to get hold of these medicines in advance and have them ready in case.

Thankfully, my doctor agreed, and gave me the prescriptions. So if (or maybe when) I come down with COVID, I won’t be half-dead, scrambling for answers, getting tested in parking lots. I’m also getting on a regimen of vitamins C and D, plus zinc, to help my immune system. I pass this advice along to you.

No, Doctor, I’m Not a Crank

One hurdle I knew I’d face with my doctor: explaining why I will not accept the vaccine. When he asked, I explained that I couldn’t take the current approved vaccines “for religious reasons.” That didn’t seem to explain anything to him, so I continued. “They’re linked to abortion.”

He smiled, “No, no there are some that aren’t,” and proceeded to tell me about Pfizer’s product.

“But that was tested on cells from an aborted baby,” I said. “I don’t want to benefit from an abortion, so I won’t take it.”

He looked unsatisfied, but shrugged, and (thank you, Lord!) wrote me the prescription for Azithromycin and Prednisone. They will sit in my apartment along with the guns I hope I’ll never be forced to use in anger.

Maybe You Didn’t Know

If my doctor didn’t know this fact, I’ll bet a lot of my readers don’t either. Many of you may have innocently gotten the vaccine. And I’m not here to judge you for what you did in all good faith. But we all deserve to know the truth. Especially if we’re still weighing our decisions about the vaccine. And about the use of government or corporate coercion to impose the vaccine on everyone.

Later this week, I will unpack the moral and even eschatological implications of governments, many employers, and even some of our churches, pressuring millions of Americans to benefit from abortion. In fact, I’ll go through a prophetic, unsettling essay of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. He calls the use of aborted fetal cells in medicine “a human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan.”

Just reading that makes me wince. I can hear Larry David’s voice in my head saying “That’s pret-ty strong language there, pret-ty strong.” But having read Vigano’s letter and parsed the logic, I can’t say that I find any flaws. Let’s save that for Friday’s column, though.

But Isn’t Pfizer’s Okey-Dokey?

For now, let’s just look at the facts about Pfizer. Its vaccine has the fewest apparent ethical concerns (compared to say, Johnson and Johnson). I’m using as a reference a heavily documented information sheet provided by Children of God for Life… Pfizer did test the vaccine on cells cloned from a single aborted fetus. Alas, the child never had a name. We do know it was an unborn baby girl, aborted in the Netherlands around 1972. Pro-life bioethicists in Britain decided to do her justice and name her “Johanna Vera Alderliesten.”

What You Need to Know

There are some things we do know. I’ll list them, so people can remember them when deciding about the least ethically questionable vaccine available in the U.S.

  1. Johanna was aborted, not miscarried.
  2. She was almost certainly aborted in collusion with the tissue harvester, otherwise her kidneys would have been dead and the tissue useless.
  3. Abortions directly linked to harvesting organs and tissue are still going on, and being funded by our government.
  4. So the evil of fetal tissue harvest is not “remote,” and the fact that Johanna died more than 30 years ago is morally irrelevant. It’s an ongoing, even escalating evil, which we’re rewarding by making it profitable.
  5. By taking vaccines derived from Johanna and her fellow abortion victims, we are willingly benefiting from a profound, continuing evil — just as surely as if we were buying kidneys on the black market that China harvested from religious prisoners of conscience, as Forbes reports it’s still doing. This Vatican, which greenlit our taking the vaccine, sent Pope Francis’ right hand man, Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, to a conference of China’s organ harvesters, where he flattered the Chinese regime. 

Now that you know all this: Do you want to benefit from such deaths? Should the deaths of such innocents give us life? Do you really want to go to the throne of God a few years later than you might have, with this cup of cold poison on your conscience?

8 thoughts on ““The harvesting of unborn babies, with beating hearts, is an ongoing evil. Do you want to benefit from it?””

  1. I read this early this morning and sadly, it did not shock me because these atrocities have been common practice by big pharma and their sick cohorts in academia for many years. I made the decision years ago not to invest in any pharmaceutical, biotech or contract research organization. I encourage anyone with stocks or mutual fund investments with those types of companies to pull out. At this point, you have to assume that at least a portion of your investment is directly funding this culture of death.

  2. Putting aside the aborted fetal cell link, who in their right mind would trust “warp-speed vaccine” given all the information now available? Warp-speed “medicine” is not science. It’s bullsh!t. And given its link to abortion, is evil.

    I’m happy to report that at least some of my family is waking up to the madness. My liberal, adult son in California is totally against vaccine passports….and he’s “vaxxed”. He’s also listened to liberal podcasts who are promoting ivermectin (he scoffed at me when I sent him some a few months ago). Now he’s listening to me. I have new hope that God will answer my prayers for his conversion too.

  3. I had COVID back in February 2021 and was sick for the whole month. I just had another checkup with my Doctor and she ordered COVID antibody testing. The results were very good! I tested positive for not just one but two antibody tests. She explained that most people when they have the tests only test positive for one of them. This means, that after six months, I have natural immunity and do not need any stinking vaccine! It also exposes the lie that the antibodies are “only good for 90 days and you still need the deathvaxx”. These people are evil liars.

  4. If “covid” has never been isolated how did they determine that you had “COVID” back in February 2021?

    If the “covid” pcr testing is not reliable how did they determine that you had “COVID?”

    Maybe it was just the flu….and I’ve been told that medical facilities have been instructed to not test for influenza but to record patients with “influenza like flu symptoms” as “covid.”

    “Common questions
    Can you tell the difference between COVID-19 and flu?
    Respiratory illnesses can share so many of the same symptoms — a fever, chills, coughing, tiredness, a sore throat, body aches, a headache, and a stuffed nose — so it’s not easy to tell the difference.Nov 2, 2020”

    Covid diagnosis, as i’m sure you’re aware, is a BIG money maker.

    So, are you certain you had “COVID?”

  5. BwaHahahHaHAHA!!!

    We’ve reached a new low in the list of vexxine positive outcomes department!

    ‘He avoided double death?’ Man killed by Covid was spared ‘worse condition’ because he was fully vaxxed, reassuring report claims

    As experts extol the life-preserving qualities of Covid jabs, a news story has claimed that the condition of a man who died from the virus could have been worse had he not been vaxxed.

    Aside from being fully inoculated against Covid, Elizondo “rarely left the house, was always masked up, and even wore gloves,” Yvonne Rodriguez, the daughter of the deceased, told San Antonio news station KSAT. Although she said she couldn’t understand how her father caught the virus, Rodriguez stressed that she felt the vaccine had still been helpful.

    “I saw my dad, how sick as he was,” she said. “I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

    Others proposed that perhaps the elderly man would be “double dead” or “super dead” if he had not been fully vaccinated.


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