Phillies vs Nationals game canceled due to covid outbreak: 12 infected, all but one were vaxxed!

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Four Washington Nationals players and eight staffers have tested positive for COVID-19, forcing Major League Baseball to postpone their game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday night.

Washington manager Dave Martinez said Turner was among four players who tested positive. He didn’t identify the others. “I’m just worried about the guys, I really am,” Martinez said. “It’s been a tough go; this doesn’t make it any easier.”

Martinez said all but one of those who tested positive have been vaccinated… The Nationals are among the teams that have reached the 85% vaccination rate, which let some of MLB’s coronavirus protocols to be relaxed.

4 thoughts on “Phillies vs Nationals game canceled due to covid outbreak: 12 infected, all but one were vaxxed!”

  1. The tragedy! The horror!

    It’s a pity the NPC meme has mostly gone out of use because NOTHING like the past year and a half has proven it so thoroughly: Most people can hardly be said to be people at all. It’s the p-zombie problem. CS Lewis was right, in A Toast to Screwtape; Hell’s strategy has succeeded.

  2. Are these players mice or men? Looks like the same kind of gutless pussies as the NFL! Give them pussy cat bracelets. Let’s go out to the ball game and support your heroes in tights, right, maroons. I’m a good boy coach, send me out, mamma wants to see me fail. Yea, I got boogers now!

    And when men were men….

  3. Please all, duck-duck-go Dr Thomas Binder, a Swiss virologist, epidemiologist and practicing physician who wrote an elegant article called The Corona Scandal: Anatomy of an Announced Crisis. He lays out very simply the origins of Covid-19, and the series of unfortunate events that got us where we are. Beautifully presented with citations. Herd immunity to Covid 19 was reached by April 2020. There is NO PANDEMIC, just an outrageous mis-use of PCR testing. The virus is mutating but is LESS VIRULENT. Lord, please avenge the wicked people worldwide who are foisting this insanity on us.

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