“An American Tragedy:” Not President Biden moves to isolate and penalize unvaxxed, encourages private employers to do the same


The Biden administration on July 29 stated that federal workers and contractors will have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or else wear masks, engage in social distancing, and submit to regular COVID-19 testing.

“Right now, too many people are dying or watching someone they love die and say if ‘I’d just got the vaccine,’” President Joe Biden said in the East Room of the White House. “This is an American tragedy. People are dying who don’t have to die.”

“Anyone who does not attest to being fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask on the job no matter their geographic location, physically distance from all other employees and visitors, comply with a weekly or twice weekly screening testing requirement, and be subject to restrictions on official travel,” the White House stated in a fact sheet.

Those rules, according to the White House, apply also to onsite contractors who work with the federal government.

The Biden administration will also recommend the same model to employers across the United States…


9 thoughts on ““An American Tragedy:” Not President Biden moves to isolate and penalize unvaxxed, encourages private employers to do the same”

  1. So often pictures speak louder than words. The attached picture is devastating. Aussie government is fanning the terror flames about the next viral “wave”. Good grief! How bad is it?


    A tiny little pin prick. Nothing.

    They called out the Aussie military on their own people to put down the rebellion against the fake Scamdemic. A big zero.

    But even if it were a true pandemic, they still have no right to lock us down or jab us or make us wear masks. Our rights and freedom are not dependent upon the judgements of the CDC and gravity of threat. They simply are what they are – nobody can have them. The Aussie military should lay down their weapons in protest against an illegal, immoral order.

    1. Hubby and I are chafing under new Nevada mask mandate based on nothing significant. Powers that be are whining “well we have to do something!” —toxic effeminacy to be sure. But we thank God we are not Australians! As you point out, Aqua, the DYSTOPIAN epicenter in down under.

  2. What will we do? As Catholics, we come here to view, read, chat a bit sometimes, comment, and leave. We see the trend, and it is not in our favor. We have our Faith in our God and His Only Son. We pray and we pray, even as we do other things during the day. Wake up at all hours and think of our futures and pray to our God. Our Church is even going against the remnant. The trend is taking us to slavery, and what to do? We come here from all over and we should help each other somehow. We have families, and for some those are being dismantled by the machine. Time is short and any help to some would be helpful, practical things we can do somehow to stem the tide of darkness. Some of us are alone, and some are separated from our families, we all have a story to tell. Grandma and I feel we cannot let God down, we owe Him, and we are here in this place and time for that reason. We must act, but how? The enemy is strong, evil, and have their idols, but we feel we are just as strong, if not more so as we have God on our side.

    Just a suggestion Mark, if I could. This is your creation. Is there a way for you to keep an open thread for advice of any kind that people could share worldwide? They wish us separated and confused, but we can beat them.

    Thank you.

    1. @ Renfrew Summer

      What I see happening in my corner of the world is the Faithful seeking Tradition and Constant Church orthodox Teaching. And banding together in communities of likeminded Faithful. I see numerous examples of this, much beyond my own personal experience. We are leaving the worldly liturgical communities and seeking, at sometimes great personal inconvenience, to join practical working communities and friendships of orthodox RCC Faitnful.

      For instance – I traveled across the country to find and join what we have now joined in a safe personal political space and also an orthodox RCC community (SSPX). I did this at great personal inconvenience, personal and financial cost with one aim alone – put roots in to an extended community of faithful, orthodox Catholics and likeminded families. The fruits I see so far extend beyond the Parish into the local community. I personally know many other stories just like mine around the country as we spread out.

      1. Thank you. We do not have that luxury to move, as we are in the country. We know of no one close that are Latin Rite types. As for our Sunday, we do this at home and have not received Holy Communion, only spiritually. One day again we hope to have Jesus Himself give us the Eternal Body again. Our former parish, gone nuts with the covid religion, and we will not denigrate ourselves and God. As far as more orthodox types, we have in this area, Mennonites, a strong minded folk, simple plain living. We have used their services and have a certain rapport with them. Meat, eggs, building material, vegetables if needed. Mostly cash transactions. Just a useful relationship, and one we will keep up.

        Thank you, for your support, and have a pleasant day sir.

    2. Dear Mr Summer,

      It sounds like you and Mrs Summer enjoy a nice martini from time to time. Pa and I do too. Pa loves ‘em dirty with lots of olive juice. I recently bought him some green chili vodka (St George brand out of Alameda,California) for his 66th birthday and he is really enjoying it.

      We are retired and really have no like-minded friends in regards to this Covid hysteria—everybody took the Quackcine. If you want to have a Skype Happy Hour with us once a month to start out with that might be fun. Just compare regional notes. We split our time between Utah and Nevada. Mark might be able to get us together.

  3. This was a comment on wmbriggs.com by a commenter Dennis that is worth sharing:

    “If anyone is pressed by employer to take vax or risk firing or other penalties, I have a 5 page questionnaire that can be presented to them, along with a draft legal memo to setting forth various legal arguments against such employer or school mandates (need to be tailored to jurisdiction).

    I also came across the following, example, which someone said worked with his employer: Had his lawyer draft demand that employer, in order to establish a truly safe work environment that his client would feel comfortable in (or else he may need to seek redress through EEOC claims, lawsuits, etc), inquire into and demand health records and current health status of all employees for all other possible communicable diseases, including, but not limited to HIV/AIDS, other STDs, hepatitis, strep, flu, cold, measles, mumps, chicken pox, shingles, etc., etc., and ask that employer take measures to ensure employees that may be at risk of spreading any communicable illness, including common cold, be quarantined from the rest of employees, and other measures be taken that are necessary to ensure safety and health of others etc…if employer sees it as urgent for his business to stop the spread of one virus with an extremely high survival rate (Covid), there is no legitimate reason then that he should be exempt from any moral or legal responsibility to stop all potential illnesses or diseases for which employees may be at risk, or to demand employees submit to other innoculations or prophylactic treatments for illnesses or diseases they may spread.

    Result: Says employer backed down and would no longer demand vax or ongoing proof of periodic negative tests, etc.”

    The idea would be to overwhelm nazi employers with regulation, taking their logic to the full extent that demands they need to do the impossible if they wish to be consistent.

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