9 thoughts on ““The Council of Trent is like dirt,” whether you’re Luther, Bugnini , or Bergoglio”

  1. This holy man is the face of the enemy of those who currently rule the Church. Faithful Catholics and their true Bishops are now either underground or in prison or dead. Communist apparatchiks chosen by the Psrty have been given Bishop Mitres to enforce communist rule over our brothers and sisters in China. The RCC and Chinese communists are in alliance.

    And this holy, suffering Cardinal of the Church – who actually deserves the red he wears, perhaps alone among the College – was not even granted the courtesy of an audience with the “Pope”, after traveling across the world to voice his concerns on behalf of the Church in China.

    What happened to the Church in China was a harbinger. I knew it at the time. On the other side of the world and far, far away but within the mystical Body of Christ they might just as well have been our neighbor in the pew. And now we see – what happened to them can, now is, happening to us all. And this holy Cardinal now speaks on our behalf.

    1. “…and that the Council of Trent is like dirt that has accumulated on the frescos of the Sistine Chapel.”

      I think the Cardinal misses the major point, that it is not Motu Proprios that Grant or withdraw “permission” to celebrate the Holy Mass of St. Pius V, granted in perpetuity, forever, by dogmatic Council of Trent. There can be no “parallel rite”. That is dogma. The New Order™️ is prohibited by dogmatic decree and it cannot be equivalent to the Holy Mass of Trent.

      But with that sentence above, Cardinal Zen has perfectly described the essence of the problem besetting the RCC. Dogmas proclaimed by one of the most important dogmatic Councils in Church history – specifically called to define dogmas against Protestant heresies – are now seen as mere dirt and dust and cobwebs to be cleared from the Sistine Chapel which is the redefined Vatican II RCC with a patrimony that extends back to 1962. The pallet paints used are the modernist philosophies. The artist is the modernist Bishop(s) who painted over the true Sistine Chapel. Everything that was is painted over. Clinging dogmas from the past are just nuisances to be cleaned up, washed away and thrown in the trash.

      But to be Catholic, we must reclaim Dogmas, ancient as they may be, as all equally binding and necessary to our faith and our salvation.

      Trent is as binding today as it was the day it was promulgated.

      DOGMA – Definition
      Doctrine taught by the Church to be believed by all the faithful as part of divine revelation. All dogmas, therefore, are formally revealed truths and promulgated as such by the Church. They are revealed either in Scripture or tradition, either explicitly (as the Incarnation) or implicitly (as the Assumption). Moreover, their acceptance by the faithful must be proposed as necessary for salvation. They may be taught by the Church in a solemn manner, as with the definition of the Immaculate Conception, or in an ordinary way, as with the constant teaching on the malice of taking innocent human life.

  2. He is right. Most who attend all the Tlms, not SSPXers, accept the council easily. They are the ones who Prefer the TLM

    “Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ” – St. Athanasius

    1. I believe that you are correct to call Quo primum a dogmatic text. By the language St. Pius V uses, he appears to have been declaring liturgical dogma. The fact that Quo primum was not included in the Novus ordo is proof that they were promulgating a new rite. Paul VI did not have the temerity to directly attack this venerable Rite. He just threatened anyone who would dare cling to what they obviously had the right to cling to. The tone of Caudillo Bergoglio’s letter makes clear that he does not recognize St. Pius V’s missal to be an express of his religion. For once, he is right.

      1. Def: Apostolic constitutions (apostolicae constitutions) are considered the most solemn papal documents and concern weighty doctrinal or disciplinary matters that are published as either universal or particular law of the Church.

  3. Why do we keep asking these question when we know “The War Is On”… and has been all along.

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