FSSP finally issues statement: “We wish to reaffirm our unwavering fidelity to the successor of Peter on the one hand, and on the other, our desire to remain faithful to our Constitutions and charism…”

In which case, knowing and ACKNOWLEDGING the identity of the true Successor of Peter becomes… a pretty big deal.

Fribourg, July 20, 2021

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, whose goal is the sanctification of priests through the faithful observance of the liturgical traditions prior to the reform implemented after the Second Vatican Council (cf. Constitutions n. 8), has received Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes with surprise.

Founded and canonically approved according to the Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei Adflicta of Pope St. John Paul II of July 2, 1988, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter has always professed its adherence to the entire Magisterium of the Church and its fidelity to the Roman Pontiff and the successors of the Apostles, exercising its ministry under the responsibility of the diocesan bishops. Referring in its Constitutions to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, the Fraternity has always sought to be in accord with what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI called in 2005: “the hermeneutic of reform in the continuity of the Church” (Address to the Roman Curia, December 22, 2005).

Today, therefore, the Fraternity of St. Peter is deeply saddened by the reasons given for limiting the use of the Missal of Pope St. John XXIII, which is at the center of its charism. The Fraternity in no way recognizes itself in the criticisms made. It is surprising that no mention is made of the many fruits visible in the apostolates attached to the missal of St. John XXIII and the joy of the faithful in being able to benefit from this liturgical form. Many people have discovered or returned to the Faith thanks to this liturgy. How can we fail to notice, moreover, that the communities of the faithful attached to it are often young and flourishing, and that many Christian households, priests or religious vocations have come from it?

In the current context, we wish to reaffirm our unwavering fidelity to the successor of Peter on the one hand, and on the other, our desire to remain faithful to our Constitutions and charism, continuing to serve the faithful as we have done since our foundation. We hope to be able to count on the understanding of the bishops, whose authority we have always respected, and with whom we have always collaborated loyally.

Confident in the intercession of Our Lady and our Patron, Saint Peter, we hope to live this trial in faith and fidelity.


13 thoughts on “FSSP finally issues statement: “We wish to reaffirm our unwavering fidelity to the successor of Peter on the one hand, and on the other, our desire to remain faithful to our Constitutions and charism…””

  1. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. I don’t……surely the vast majority of trads believe Benedict is Pope.

    1. Assumptions Assumptions Assumptions ! I fully accept Francis is Pope. What you are saying is a ludicrous as saying the majority of N.O. attendees do not believe in the true Presence ! RIDICULOUS!

      1. I apologize for my harsh post above, it was made in haste. In my neck of the woods we only have ICKSP or SSPX. When out of state I’ve attended both FSSP and SSPX and love them both. My thoughts when posting what I did were on the silence of the ICK…..which seems to me a better way to go at this point. Why should any apostolate give the public impression that an antipope is Pope? Most especially if privately or in their heart they know he’s not? It’s even more crucial, imo to state the obvious….or be silent. Even though the recent polls showing most trads believe Benedict is Pope are not “scientific” it’s still a good indication.

      2. Kono, nothing ‘harsh’ about your original post…we have got to stop apologizing for no reason, and start fighting with a seriousness and absolute resolve that the most dire of situations requires. Abp. Lefebvre (God bless him!) saw alllll of this coming…he did his best for as long as he could to ‘work’ with the destroyers and to try to bring about a true ‘hermaneutic of continuity’, but when he saw that was an ontological impossibility (Truth has no part with error) he did the manly and right thing and became a true brother of St. Athanasius, conserving and passing on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness….including and MOST especially, the Liturgy. When the FSSP was formed from a break-off group, what’s happening to them (and by extension to the ICK and other groups in line with the line of destruction) was a fait accompli. It’s tantamount in the secular realm to those who believe their unalienable rights come from God and cannot be taken away (SSPX), and those who believe they come from the government and can be abrogated with a regime change (FSSP). They can argue against the comparison allll they want, but once they signed on with the Vat2 crowd (Kung, Martini, Bugnin, Rahner, et al), Ass!Idiot!Destruction! was a foregone conclusion. NO ONE should be surprised.
        NOW…if they had any real balls (and basic reason!), they would do what their great and holy progenitor did when it was put-up-or-shut-up time and speak the Truth clearly, plainly, and loudly….bergoglio is NOT, and has NEVER been, Peter, and that Vat2 was hijacked by a cabal of modernists who torched the original and approved Schema, replacing it with something NOT of Catholic origin. That it, along with all of its fetid, putrid fruit must be abrogated…NOT the immemorial Mass (which btw, never can be abrogated by ontological reality itself, and certainly, CERTAINLY not by Peter).

        And Mark, I’m pretty sure that Mary Ann was applying sarcasm…..at least, Dear God in heaven I hope she was, cause otherwise your great combox has been grievously infected. Maybe you should have some kind of a ‘vaxport’ to comment here…like taking the Oath Against Modernism? 😉

  2. The man you accepted as successor of Peter demands you face the audience and say the New Mass™️.

    Will you?

  3. On July 16, 1054 Pope Leo IX and the Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicated each other in what is known as “The Great Schism” when the Catholic and Orthodox Churches split.
    On July 16, 2021 Francis eliminated the Latin Mass.
    A coincidence? Yeah, sure. It was done on July 16 for the symbolism.
    God bless

  4. The majority is frequently wrong. I don’t believe we have a Pope and as long as the majority of trads believe that Jorge or Ratzinger is pope I guess we will continue to be without. I don’t know how the Church became some ludicrous majority rule institution but apparently we are bc those who recognize the seat is vacant seem to be waiting for some number of other people to realize and this clown show goes on and on, decades on end. Lord deliver us from the majority, please give us just one Catholic man to somehow be elected the Pope.

    1. Melanie, I understand your frustration, but it would be a serious violation of Christ’s promises regarding Indefectibility and visibility of the Church to then leave Her without a pope for 63 years… three generations of the faithful, without a true pope? How would that not make Him a liar and a thief? “Decades on end” is exactly why it can’t be true.

      1. I understand your frustration with decades on end but the fact is that nothing would make Christ a liar. He is the only Person that I believe 100%. If the real Pope would take away our Mass and our Religion which Vatican II did, then the Church defected. Christ does not lie, the Church doesn’t defect and we need a Pope even though it’s been 63 years. If you guys can mistakenly believe that Ratzinger was a Pope and still find a way to elect a Catholic man the Pope, go for it. I just think it is not a good idea to start with a false premise. I have observed that God often fixes our mistakes when we do something, when we are at least bumbling forward with good will, so please if you guys want to do something, I support you. Get us a Catholic man, not a New Order heretic, in the throne of Peter and he has my most humble obedience.

    2. I used to be a sedevacantist. It is a dead end. No pope means no new bishops. And people can talk all they want about indefectibility but the fact is the sede “church” is a place where you choose for your bishop whoever agrees with you and call everyone else a heretic.

      I think the Church was infiltrated and many popes were told what to do. This is how I explain the scandals since Vatican II. The infiltrators have now imprisoned Benedict and put their own man in charge who is working towards taking away the daily sacrifice and implementing the abomination of desolation. Why would JPII ask bishops permission to consecrate Russia? He’s their superior.

  5. @Melanie: No, no, no. Come on, man! When you say, “he has my most humble obedience” you actually mean “he has most of your obedience”. And when you get down to it, none of your obedience is really humble. Is it? Really?

    Please go play somewhere else. You and other die-hard Sedes ruined AKACatholic’s combox and it now remains empty kind of like an outdoor sandbox that the cats took over. You have no intention of “Recognizing” only of RESISTing!

    I identify you as a Not-So-Obvious-Establishment disturbance. Repent and convert and prove me wrong. Or just leave.

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