Reminder, all the adverse vaxx reactions were totally foreseen and forecasted by the FDA before the first deathvaxx victim was jabbed

Remember, all of this leaked out in December, before anyone got the vaxx. Informed consent demanded everyone be warned. But they hid it.

The numbers for first five drugs in this chart represent 25 years of adverse events (January 1996 thru March 2021):

I posted the following leak on December 9th, 2020, before anyone had gotten the jab:

FDA releases draft of “vaccine” side-effects, and it’s a doozy

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These sound fun. “Deaths” and “birth outcomes” seem especially troublesome.

But not to worry, they promise to keep track of everything.

First on the list is “Guillain-Barré syndrome,” described as “a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves.” The syndrome has “no known cure” and it mortality rate is “4% to 7%.” 

“Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis,” a “rare inflammatory condition that affects the brain and spinal cord,” is second on the FDA’s list. Third is “Transverse myelitis,” a neurological disorder which inflames the spinal cord, causing “pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction.”

FDA powerpoint slideshow HERE.

Reportage HERE.

21 thoughts on “Reminder, all the adverse vaxx reactions were totally foreseen and forecasted by the FDA before the first deathvaxx victim was jabbed”

  1. Social distancing, isolation, destruction of our daily economic way of life.

    These are the three conditions imposed upon us by our (no longer) representative government.

    All of these conditions are incredibly, existentially harmful on a personal level and on a local, state and national societal level. None of these conditions help. All of these conditions harm.

    Masking: JAMA Pediatric association did a study on CO2 (the greenhouse gas the communists keep telling us to worry about) accumulating behind the mask. It is beyond toxic. It doesn’t stop germs but it does accumulate “greenhouse gas”, CO2, to replace your former supply of pure oxygen with.

    The study is on behalf of our children. It applies to all in masks, however.

    “The normal content of carbon dioxide in the open is about 0.04% by volume (ie, 400 ppm). A level of 0.2% by volume or 2000 ppm *is the limit* for closed rooms according to the German Federal Environmental Office, and *everything beyond this level is unacceptable*.”

    “We measured means between 13 120 (384) and 13 910 (374) ppm of carbon dioxide in inhaled air under surgical and filtering facepiece 2 (FFP2) masks, which is higher than what is already deemed unacceptable by the German Federal Environmental Office by a factor of 6. This was a value reached after 3 minutes of measurement. Children under normal conditions in schools wear such masks for a mean of 270 minutes. The Figure shows that the value of the child with the *lowest* carbon dioxide level was *3-fold greater* than the limit of 0.2 % by volume. The youngest children had the *highest* values, with one 7-year-old child’s carbon dioxide level measured at *25 000 ppm* (factor of 12.5).”

    They are killing us. They are killing our kids. I’ve seen track meets where a female athlete ran the 1/4 mile masked and passed out unconscious in a heap as she reached the finish line. We have to acknowledge that the people imposing these restrictions are not like us. They are communists of the CCP strain and somehow – knowledge of the threat is the first step to defeating the threat – we have to stop their intent to gain total control, for which they are well on their way.

    1. And as to the first imposed condition – Social distancing, isolation, destruction of our daily economic way of life.

      It didn’t remotely stop the little Covid fellers. It did, however, unravel our decently functioning society, which is by every measure and observation experiencing collapse (not a mistake but by design of the political arsonists) … pending reversal by qualified political First Responders.

  2. Mark my words: this anti-vax crap by Trads will be a huge contribution to the continuing discrediting of religion in general and Catholicism specifically. You’ve zero competence on this. Zero.

      1. And btw, Mark, the slide, when seen in the actual video presentation was passed over. It was in the tray, but he never talked about those pallet of symptoms. Click. Next topic.

        The “expert” mortiz356 touts as having “competence” to speak, did speak and *completely passed over these terrible symptoms* KNOWN to be a threat to human life long before they were released on humanity.

    1. @mortiz356: How does transparency and full information even remotely connote “anti-vax crap”? You seem to be offend by facts and so in a knee-jerk response reveal yourself to be pro-censorship. Hmmmm… How is censorship of factual information Catholic? That seems to me to be anti-Catholic.

    2. Mortiz355: Why is it so important to you what anyone else thinks about getting jabbed with an mRNA shot? Or any shot? Or any medical treatment that you’d care to mention? Why is that any of your business? Why is my personal medical choice any of your business?

      And in your mind how does forced universal vaccination against the will and conscience of the individual positively connect to the Catholic Faith?

      Did you get a “vaxx”? You are safe now, right? Why do you still care?

      As to your competence to speak for anyone else … you don’t have any. People are getting injured and dying from this in numbers never seen before which means this is about as personal a choice as you can possibly imagine get it if you wish. I truly don’t care. Stay out of other people’s business.

      As to the competence issue – there is only one person competent to make medical decisions on my behalf – me. One thing I’ve discovered is that when it comes to “competence” …. the “experts” are usually not only wrong but very, very wrong. Especially in the area of science. “Experts” gave us lockdowns, masks and mRNA gene altering therapy (NOT vaccinations high is why you’re still worried). Overrated.

      1. One thing I’ve found about the vaxxers is that, as with all other measures of this Covid-based totalitarian event, they have a need to impose their views and actions on others.

        “I will wear the mask as soon will you.”
        “I will stay inside my house and so will you.”
        “I will force my children to cease all outdoor activity and so will you.”
        “I will stop all economic activity and quit my job, and so will you.”
        “I will get every treatment and medication injected into my body and so will you”.
        “I will stop going to Church and so will you.”
        “I will do all these things and anyone who disagrees with me I will impose penalties and jail time to enforce compliance.”

        I was treated by a doctor a week ago, and instead of giving me patient advice he spent the entire time trying to convince me to take the vaccination. Of them arguments I made in return, one was that this was an experimental “vaccine” that had not been tested or approved on human beings. His response? “*It has too been tested … it has been tested on 300,000,000 people*”. I kid you not, that’s what the “expert” doctor said.

      2. Your reply is so completely in the classical liberal vein it is almost a perfect expression of it. Every man his own priest, own doctor, our engineer, own pilot. Sure, let’s live that way! If you don’t know what a classical liberal is, look it up, It’s partly behind the “religious liberty” confusion of a lot of Catholics.

    3. One last thing and I’m done ranting: the only thing that will discredit the ONLY true religion which is the Catholic Faith, is a Church which turns its back on the Author and Perfector of our Faith, Jesus Christ; turns its back on its Holy Dogma and Sacred Traditions which clearly mitigate against taking evil vaccines like abortion based mRNA therapy and which also protect the rights of individual consciences, properly formed, against totalitarians.

    4. Honestly, the pro-vaxxers have shown themselves to be credulous dupes who cannot do simple math. It seems many in the scientific community have little actual scientific competence or are extremely crooked. The only competence you need is the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Reading comprehension also helps. Even the questionable numbers put out by the crooked government (which, to date, has NEVER put out data on ANY subject that did not have to be later retracted or revised) demonstrates the utter falsity of the panic.

      A little common sense overcomes a lot of scientific “competence”. A rushed vaccine with questionable efficacy and even more questionable safety trials with a large profit motive backed by known criminals for a disease that is simply the “New Coke” of the flu – what could possibly go wrong?

      Scientific competence has little to do with it – the real issue is statistical competence which, apparently, many “scientists” lack or ignore. You trust the “science” if you want; I’ll trust the math.

      Most Trads are not “anti-vaxx” on this issue – they are anti-experimental-gene-therapy for a questionable concoction developed under suspicious circumstances to “cure” a relatively benign transient condition to the exclusion of cheaper and safer alternatives. To be precise.

    5. Here’s a fellow with some competence – an ER Doctor with 25 years ER experience.

      He says the Covid year was the quietest, most peaceful year in ER he’s ever had. Very few patients – huh!

      He says masks, as mandated beyond standard hospital protocols, made him sick. Huh!

      He says these shots are not actually vaccines, but gene altering therapy. Huh!

      He says effective treatments have been widely suppressed from the sick. Huh!

      He says the majority of people already have immunity and it would be harmful, not helpful to vaccinate them. Huh!

      He says forced vaccinations without full disclosure and consent is against WW II anti-Nazi Nuremberg protocols. Double Huh!

      Maybe the reason your so-called consensus doesn’t include front line doctors like this is that they are politically suppressed by powers with personal agendas which advance their interests, not ours.

      Ya think?


    They’re not just smothering children to death, they are trying to eradicate them almost entirely. So if the infant doesn’t get purposefully aborted, then he or she will be spontaneously aborted through the vaxx.
    Truth can’t be discredited except by liars so who cares a rats a** what an evil murderous liar thinks.

    1. Meanwhile, Covid deaths continue to plummet.

      From the graph we can follow the “science” of infections that strangely follow the precise political line of the 20202 Presidential election, beginning to rise in Sept 2020, climbing to unprecedented heights until Joe Biden was sworn in Jan 2021. Then, under his amazing leadership, Covid deaths plummet to almost nothing today, just 6 months after a Democrat has assumed power. Thank you Dear Leader of Science and the Expert Consensus!

    1. I had the Harley disease….almost bought a Suzuki Intruder….a dealership convinced me to by a Kawasaki….sold the Kawasaki. Now I have natural immunity. Just to assure Aqua – Sauvignon Blanc does not play a part in this evening’s stream of consciousness.

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