Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias on Fleek: Baby catches Covid from all vaxxed people, parents stress importance of getting vaxxed

Welcome to the latest episode of Brainwashing. How does a baby, who has never been around unvaxxed people, catch the rona from a vaxxed person, and then baby gives the rona to his vaxxed mom, yet the message from the parents to the public is thank goodness for the vaxx, go get yours asap? Read it all…

Phoenix baby tested positive for COVID-19, even with vaccinated parents

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5 ) – Parents: You may be vaccinated, but even if you test negative, your young children and babies could get very sick and sometimes it’s difficult to tell if it’s COVID-19 or not.

The Novak family in Phoenix said they have been very careful this entire year; mom and dad got vaccinated as soon as they could. They’ve also been careful with their 3-year-old daughter and baby son. But then, they got hit with news last week that shocked them: Baby Walter had tested positive for COVID-19.

Right now, Will Novak waves to his son behind a window in their guest house. It’s not how he wants to see his son right now, but it became their reality last week. They thought the baby was fussing from teething. But things quickly changed. “He’s like the chillest baby in the world. So, if he’s fussing it’s usually for a good reason,” Novak said.

Baby Walter and Novak’s wife Veronica had gone to her ladies book club where all members are vaccinated. She brought Walter because he’s breastfeeding. It’s one of the safest activities they could do.

“We’ve been taking COVID very seriously. Wearing masks, trying to eliminate going outside, so on and so forth,” Novak said.

But the next day one of the book club members called; even though she was vaccinated she ended up testing positive for COVID-19. So, the Novak family went to get tested too and everyone was negative. Everyone except baby Walter. He was positive. “He’s just gotten worse and worse. He’s coughing a ton, very irritable, snotty, glassy-eyed, having a hard time sleeping,” Novak said.

Now the family is separated: Will and their daughter are in the main house. Baby Walter and mom are in the guest house. And Will’s mother-in-law is at a friend’s house since she’s in her 70s with underlying health conditions.

Even though Veronica is vaccinated, she just tested positive too after quarantining with the baby and is fairly sick with the typical COVID-19 symptoms.

Novak said they’re getting through this hurdle the best they can, and hopes this shows others how important the vaccines are. “The more all of us adults get it, the better chance we have of reducing spreading it to our kids,” he said.

Novak and his daughter are taking COVID tests every other day; so far they’ve both stayed negative.

To other parents they say if your baby or young child seems a little off or sick, it’s good to get them tested just to know, since in this case Baby Walter contracted COVID from all vaccinated people.

12 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias on Fleek: Baby catches Covid from all vaxxed people, parents stress importance of getting vaxxed”

  1. Ok, so let’s keep track of scandals ruining America and the world. If I am missing one, please chime in.

    1)The moral light of the world, the papacy, is being squatted on by a demon.
    2) Covid 19 bioweapon unleashed to justify fascism
    3) Covid shot designed to depopulate, control, and kill
    4) China ascendant, Russia luxuriating in its error
    5) Trump lost a fraudulent election
    6) Biden spending us into oblivion while
    7) Demographically ruining the country with an illegal alien invasion
    8) the Mass hypnotism of the new world order.

    1. 10. Men can change into women and women can change into men at will.
      11. It’s a thought crime to claim there are only two genders. Those of us who claim male and female created He them are criminals.

  2. Considering the state of the Church right now, it’s no wonder how messed up the entire world is.

    Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us and for Holy Mother Church.

    Blessed Virgin Mary, help us.

    St. Joseph, pray for us.

    Jesus, have pity on us.

    1. I think many of the worlds problems would be solved if the Bergoglian antipapacy was officially exposed and dismantled. And, if Pope Benedict would, among many things, dismantle the college of cardinals and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

      1. That is precisely the solution to what ails the world. Very simple solution, but each item on your list is essential.

        The problem in the secular world is that the connection between heaven and earth, which is Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church, is not clear right now, is defective and in need of spiritual reparation and repair.

        The whole world suffers because the Church suffers and due to its sins and chosen rebellions in all significant Offices and throughout the Church is at a distance from our all holy God.

  3. Wow. Despite their affluence this little family is poor and woebegotten on so many levels. To live in such fear despite being young and likely healthy before taking the Quackcine. Transmitting fear to the young’ uns as well. And socializing only with other like-minded young adults. All so delusional. So tragic. And this story being pushed by the MSM. Clown world indeed. Our Lady of Victory, please end this nonsense!

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