Chief of Pediatric Critical Care: ‘Never Taken Care of a Single Patient With a Vaccine-Related Complication Until Now’

REMINDER: All the Covid “vaccines” are unapproved and experimental, and no drug company can be held liable for any injury they may cause.

Dr. Sara Ross, chief of pediatric critical care at Tufts Children’s Hospital, said the standard for safety for COVID vaccines “seems to be different for all the other vaccines we expose children to.”

By Arthur Allen

Lucien Wiggins, 12, arrived at Tufts Children’s Hospital by ambulance June 7 with chest pains, dizziness and high levels of a protein in his blood that indicated inflammation of his heart. The symptoms had begun a day earlier, the morning after his second vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shot.

For Dr. Sara Ross, chief of pediatric critical care at the Boston hospital, the event confirmed a doubt she’d been nursing: Was the country pushing its luck by vaccinating children against COVID at a time when the disease was relatively mild in the young — and skepticism of vaccines was frighteningly high?

“I have practiced pediatric ICU for almost 15 years and I have never taken care of a single patient with a vaccine-related complication until now,” Ross told Kaiser Health News. “Our standard for safety seems to be different for all the other vaccines we expose children to.”

Most of the 800 or so cases of heart problems among all ages reported to a federal vaccine safety database through May 31 followed a similar course. Yet the pattern of these cases — most occurred in young males after the second Pfizer or Moderna shot — suggested that the ailment was caused by the vaccine, rather than being coincidental.

On Friday, June 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee is set to meet to discuss the possible link and whether it merits changing its recommendations for vaccinating teenagers with the Pfizer vaccine, which the Food and Drug Administration last month authorized for children 12 and older. A similar authorization for the Moderna vaccine is pending, and both companies are conducting clinical trials that will test their vaccines on children as young as 6 months old.

At a meeting last week of an FDA advisory committee, vaccine experts suggested that the agency require the pharmaceutical companies to hold larger and longer clinical trials for the younger age groups. A few said FDA should hold off on authorizing vaccination of younger children for up to a year or two.

15 thoughts on “Chief of Pediatric Critical Care: ‘Never Taken Care of a Single Patient With a Vaccine-Related Complication Until Now’”

  1. It’s hard to know what’s up with these vaxx. I followed your link and in the end we learn Lucien’s hospital stay was overnight with IV Motrin and his mother remains pro-vaxx. OTOH, we learn from the Covid Blog a Northwestern student went into heart failure, needed a transplant and died after her second shot. We are indeed alone on this journey of discovery.

  2. It’s not hard to know. Do your background research. It’s been a big lie from the beginning. The covid-19 is a delivery vehicle for the death-vaxx ‘vaccine’ that is not a vaccine at all. It’s untested; unapproved by the FDA; does not confer immunity of any kind; may or may not mitigate symptoms of covid seems from current reports to make them far worse; and has a plethora of known neurological and unknown adverse effects up to and including death—6,000 at last count, at a minimum.

    Furthermore it’s made with or tested with aborted baby tissue.

    It’s not hard to know red feather. It’s not hard at all.

    1. Hi Bro. I am aware of ALL you say. There is a Cult of Covid for sure. It’s all a huge lie. I will not get the Quackcine because of the brutal sacrifice of the unborn to bring them to market. Yet, are they so very lethal? Perhaps in most it will be a harmless serum. The Clique of Barnhardt thought there would be bodies piled up in the gutter by now. Granted, the truth about these vaxx is unfolding.

  3. Give it time Red Feather, give it time.

    A harmless serum?

    Let’s see what happens after this years flu season. Brother Alexis Bugnolo in a recent FromRome presentation suggests that all of us “unvaxxed” consider purchasing Hazmat suits so that we can be protected when we’re called upon to bury the “vaxxed.”

    1. Harmless serum, yes that was for Grandma and I, one once of vermouth, one ounce of gin, shaken, and 2ml of Ivomec ivermectin. We are all set for the next month.

      If you believe Dr. Montagnier also, yes there will be an excess of corpses to be dealt with in the next two years. Perhaps Br. Bugnolo is being prudent in his advice. There will be work to do by us, the remnant.

  4. Let’s be prudent and not have to eat crow. Perhaps God, in His Wisdom, will put limits on the evil of the vaxx. We must pray for that.

    1. So, you think Mark 16:18 will be put to the test?

      [16] He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned. [17] And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they shall cast out devils: they shall speak with new tongues. [18] They shall take up serpents; and “” if they shall drink any deadly thing “” (insert “injected with”), it shall not hurt them: they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover. [19] And the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God. [20] But they going forth preached everywhere: the Lord working withal, and confirming the word with signs that followed.

  5. A little on another topic here. The Russian Sputnik V “vaccine” was supposedly the safest one. But now Russia is apparently seeing a surge in “cases.” Gee, I wonder why…

  6. I am trying to follow what researchers are discussing, and a word I am seeing more often recently is ferroptosis. I think U of Pittsburgh professor Bing Liu was looking into this when he was murdered last year.

  7. The father of lies is hard at work deceiving even the elect. Hopefully the time will be shortened but according to the Mother of God all will seem lost when she finally steps in. Get ready for the ride of your lives.

  8. Counter point…..

    I seem to remember reading that Ivermectin is a staple remedy in Africa, you’ll need to cut me a little slack since it’s 9:43 PM here in Philadelphia and I’ve had 2 Sauvignon Blancs…will research the “prevalance” of Ivermectin in Australia, Antarctica and Asian Islands and get back to you.

    Remember: (1) Most hospital staff have been instructed not to test for Influenza…and (2) the only “isolated sample of the “covid/sars” virus was obtained from….wait for it….the Wuhan lab and that “sample” was sent directly to the CDC: amazing.

    ….and it’s not the “wild virus” it’s the “vaccination.”

    So, the question is “Are they succumbing to the vaccination?”

    Maybe they drink a lot of “pine needle tea?”

    “Recently, a report has come out about an antidote to the spike protein that is being transmitted. This is why we need to be out in nature!!

    It was found that an injection of a substance called suramin would block the effects that they are seeing with the transmission.
    Suramin is made from an extract of pine needles!
    And, since we don’t have access to suramin, we can proactively be around pine trees.
    You can read about it here.
    My takeaway is that nature has solutions. We need to be open to them.
    Being outside, walking among the trees, breathing in the terpenes that are released from the trees; are all very protective.
    I have been inhaling pine essential oil when I am out and about in crowds.
    You can also make a pine needle tea. This was a highly regarded remedy among the Native Americans, but do note that 3 cups a day of pine needle tea as suggested in the article above may not be in our best interest, so please do your research and use your discernment.”

    Where is the Southern Hemisphere?
    South America
    The Southern Hemisphere contains most of South America, one-third of Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and some Asian islands. There are differences in the climates of the Northern and Southern hemispheres because of the Earth’s seasonal tilt toward and away from the sun.Mar 22, 2011

    1. I’m sorry, but your wine has resulted in a rambling indecipherable stream of consciousness that is not helpful to this discussion. I don’t think we need a need a geography lesson. The Southern Hemisphere is everything below the equator and we here do understand it contains a variety of climates due to altitude, proximity to ocean currents, latitude, etc. But trust me, I’ve needed a hat and gloves and warm coat in Sydney in July. Plain and simple, it’s winter (cold and flu season) down there.

      In simple terms, due to Antibody Induced Enhancement, it is predicted that the vaccinated might die from exposure to wild coronavirus, no?
      I did not hear that Ivermectin would be helpful in these cases, nor pine needle tea.

  9. If the vaccinated in the Southern Hemisphere ((where it is cold and flu season now) are not dying from subsequent exposure to wild coronavirus, why is it predicted that in a few months a hellish scenario will begin to unfold here? Can someone answer that simple question?

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