A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found.

By Scott Morefield Posted: Jun 15, 2021 9:00 PM

We’ve been told for well over a year that widespread forced public masking should be implemented because, even if only moderately to slightly to negligibly effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19, there are ZERO drawbacks. 

“What’s the harm?” they ask.

“It’s only a minor inconvenience,” they bleat.

“If it saves ONE LIFE, it’s worth it!” they implore.

Meanwhile, we on Team Reality have not only continued to point to real-world data that shows masking to be entirely ineffective, we’ve also maintained that forced public masking, especially long-term, has negative societal and even health ramifications that the powers-that-be are all-too-happy to ignore in subservience to their newfound face mask god. 

It only stands to reason that one of those health ramifications would be the fact that millions of people, particularly children, have been forced to wear and carry around pieces of cloth they’ve continually breathed through for hours on end. What lurking pathogens might be found on these disgusting contraptions being incessantly handled, stuck in pockets, and mindlessly tossed on books, tables, and desks? Well, one group of Florida parents sent a batch of masks worn by their children to a lab to find out. And yeah, you’ll probably need to make sure you aren’t eating dinner anytime soon before you digest THESE results. 

Via press release:

Gainesville, FL (June 16, 2021) – A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, concerned about potential harms from masks, submitted six face masks to a lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses.

The analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks:

• Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia) 

• Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis) 

• Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis) 

• Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis) 

• Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics) 

• Escherichia coli (food poisoning)

• Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)

• Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)

• Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease) 

• Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates) 

• Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis)

Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

The face masks studied were new or freshly-laundered before wearing and had been worn for 5 to 8 hours, most during in-person schooling by children aged 6 through 11. One was worn by an adult. A t-shirt worn by one of the children at school and unworn masks were tested as controls. No pathogens were found on the controls. Proteins found on the t-shirt, for example, are not pathogenic to humans and are commonly found in hair, skin, and soil.


4 thoughts on “A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found.”

  1. The facial under wear strikes again for the New World Order with the zombies being captured into the cult of the mask. Most people will not give these virus breathers up, they love them. Coupled with the Fantastic Fauci Fluid in their veins, the cycle of death is complete. This was all about the jab, and herding these sheep to the edge of doom did it. Mission complete, with the co-operation of the Catholic Church. Just look at all the booger bagged priests on media. Disgusting, as they are enabling the breaking of the eight commandment. There is no emergency, or a pandemic, all a lie, and they are promoting death to God’s children. Some kind of sheepherders they should be, but goat herders. We are truly disgusted with these people and what they are doing to civil society.

    My rant, now back to the wood shed construction in progress.

  2. You’re correct to note the false shepherds led by false shepherd in chief Antipope “Francis,” the sine qua non to roll the world with the covid scam. Podesta saw clearly the need for a new spring (of death) for the Catholic Church, the need for a false ie unCatholic pope, and thus the need for the forced ouster and banishment of Pope Benedict.

    With cooperation of the antiChurch, Brother Renfrew, coexisting within Holy Mother Church like a cancer.

    Bergoglio’s the vicar of satan and unfortunately all we’re left with in the episcopacy are fems or fags all of whom support him. Pace, + Gracida the Brave. Pace, Archbishop John Paul Lenga.

    Who else in the hierarchy defends Pope Benedict. And the sheep are scattered. Scandalous.

    Thx for the inspiration. Back to my own shed project.

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