Is the “Extraordinary Form” about to become extraordinarily rare? Do you have a plan?

I first saw this at Rorate, who republished from the source, which I link to here. Could this be the move for which the real not-the-bot Pope Benedict breaks his silence and *cough* call a press conference or something?

Algorithmic translation follows:

Summorum Pontificum, Francis wants to abolish it! He said this at the CEI Plenary.

For now, this is still fragmentary news, from our multiple sources within the CEI and episcopal, but it seems that yesterday (24.5.2021) the Pope (sic), addressing the Italian bishops at the opening of the annual assembly of the CEI (and in a subsequent meeting with a group of them), announced the imminent reform for the worse of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum .

After yet another warning against welcoming “
 rigid ” young people (ie faithful to doctrine) in the seminary , Francis announced to the bishops that he has reached the third draft of a text that contains restrictive measures regarding the celebration by priests Catholics of the Mass in the extraordinary form liberalized by Benedict XVI who, according to him, with the Summorum Pontificum wanted to meet only the Lefebvrians, but who today are especially young priests who want to celebrate the Tridentine Mass…

From what we understand, we would return to the pardon – with the prior authorization of the bishop, or even the Vatican – with all that follows, namely a reintroduction of the prohibition to celebrate according to the Missal of St. practical ghettoization of priests and faithful linked to the ancient rite. After Moses the liberator, the Pharaoh would return.
The belief that the Summorum Pontifucum was drawn up only to meet the Lefrebvrians is 
unfounded and false : not only because it is deduced from the text of the Motu proprio (and from the Universae Ecclesiae ) but to expressly say it is Benedict XVI himself who on page 189-190 of the book “ Breaking conversations ” (edited by P. Seewald, and Corriere della Sera) that the rehabilitation of the old Mass with Summorum Pontificum should not be totally understood as a concession to the fraternity, but as a way because all the “Church preserved internal continuity with its past. What was once sacred did not suddenly become wrong. There is no other Mass now. They are different forms of the same rite ”.

If they have already reached the third draft it means that they have been working seriously (and for some time) to limit and – in fact – cancel the Summorum Pontificum. So there is really something to worry and pray: will Benedict XVI have something to say ?

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  1. I know of many that are upset with their NO mass but they won’t move to the Latin Mass. Now the window is closing. I have a plan… Hopefully God agrees 🙂

  2. Yes, SSPX was our move of 2020 – straight from the Novus Ordo. Our plan is to continue the long Sunday pilgrimage for as long as we can afford gas for our big van.

  3. Grandma and I have not been in a church since the first communion of one of our grandchildren last spring! That day was our last confession also. We are living as brother and sister now, and pleading with God to keep us sinless. I ordered two kneelers, and on Sunday we have a small table with a linen cloth, Crucifix and two candles. We have a supply of Holy water for us to bless with. I have a full year of Masses on a thumb drive, and select the one needed. It is viewed on our large screen television. This is our Sunday now, we pray God approves.

    With the speedy progression of the corona scam going forward, we needed to do something to help keep our sanity and not get into the troubles going on in the churches. The clergy has let us down terribly, and by design. We cannot comply with these horrendous practices now occurring in the churches. They have made their choice, we have made ours, and we can sit on the porch without any regret.

    Pray, for the worst is yet to come. But with Our God, we can do anything. Stay faithful to the best of your ability.

  4. A handy reference to find the Mass of Ages, (hopefully) near you.

    I lived through 2020 in one of the worst lockdown states in the nation, and our little SSPX Chapel kept Mass open every week. We made adjustments, our Priests shouldered the burden of more Masses on Sunday (Friday and Saturday too) and … just as importantly *they maintained their Confession schedule* for every Mass – which is 30 minutes to an hour prior to Mass.

    I can tell you, that as the lights went out across America and around the world, I was paying close attention to SSPX chapels. I can’t speak for them all, but I do think almost all (if not all) remained open everywhere throughout the CoronaScam of 2020.

    Their light remained on, in a darkened world. Thanks be to God!

    1. I know SSPX Philly, which is a tiny mission chapel, had to shut down at the initial lock down, as they were threatened by police. SSPX Phoenix has been wide open and increased the number of Masses, as did FSSP Phoenix.

  5. Our SSPX mission chapel stayed open, and doubled Masses to accommodate those fleeing the Novus Ordo closures, even when the priests had to drive 10 hours to bring us Mass on Sundays. True priests will do anything for their flocks. The wolves, not so much…..

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