Arizona called, they need to return their extra dosages… any takers?

Jabs peaked on 3/31. Sharp decline since, and about to go to zero. What will they do to us next?

5 thoughts on “Arizona called, they need to return their extra dosages… any takers?”

  1. In Japan, there have been 8.75 Covid19 deaths/100,000 population: .0000875 (.00875%)
    In U.S, there have been 178 Covid19 deaths/100,000 population: .00178 (.178%)
    – These according to a Johns Hopkins study

    In U.S, there were 15.2 influenza deaths/100,000 population: .000152 (.0152%)
    – This according to CDC

    Japan’s statistics match reality: Covid19 does not. U.S. statistics are a PsyOp lie – a big fat juicy lie. Everyone knows it except for the Covid religious zombies.

    There is a 1,934% larger number of deaths in the U.S, than Japan. Sure. Right. That.Is.Dumb. Flat Earth level dumb.

    The Party Of “Science” deceives themselves. They are a cult. To the extent “Science” goes along with this cult, they have discredited themselves as a cultish religion. Their credibility is shot.

    And now the cult want us all to drink the Kool-Aid. The cult is surprised and disappointed at the lack of obedience. The cult is offering incentives to take a cup and drink. Give some to your wife, your kids. Priests are demanding we comply on pain of mortal sin – “Drink the Kool-Aid!” (Austin Priest) The true cult believers are excited to be next in line to drink from the bowl. “Yes! Kool-Aid! Yes, dear Leader .. I will drink. We must all drink, dear leader!”

    The rational are running for the hills.

    1. No vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research.
      No vaccine for the common cold.
      No vaccine for cancer after 100 years of research.
      A virus mysteriously appears, and within one year (!) a vaccine is created …
      And we are all expected (yes, expected) to take it.
      “Whaja put in the punch bowl chief”?
      No thanks.

      1. And not only one vaccine was created in less than a year, but at least four vaccines by four different companies!
        Billions and billions of dollars thrown at pharmaceutical companies, and they all got smart at the same time…

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