“This is what we do about anti-vaxxers: No job. No entry. No access to healthcare.”

Sean O’Grady @_seanogrady 8 hours ago 392 comments

“What shall we do about the anti-vaxxers? A presumptuous question, I know, because they’re human beings, same as the majority of the population who choose to take the Covid-19 vaccines, and we’re all entitled to do what we will or won’t with our own bodies.

“But the time has come when the hard choices are looming closer. If we don’t want this Covid crisis to last forever, we need some new simple, guidelines: No jab, no job; no jab, no access to NHS healthcare; no jab, no state education for your kids. No jab, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums. No jab, no entry to the UK, and much else.

“Who wants their grandma looked after by someone with coronavirus, or teaching in a school full of kids sneezing the Indian variant everywhere, or to watch a football game with someone coughing their viral load all over you? That’s not my idea of freedom.” 

“We have to protect the wider population from ill-health, death and the lingering social impact of a fractured economy, stuttering month-to-month in and out of tiers and restrictions. Who wants that to go on forever? Of course, we could try to “learn to live with” the virus and the succession of more vicious variants, but it would cost many lives, and tear society apart…”


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  1. This is already happening in Canada. My mother’s friend was told she could not have the surgery she needed without the shot. She is nervous because it is in a rural area where everyone knows everyone else, many people have been injected, and people are talking about the various side-effects they are experiencing. My father is on dialysis, and also told he needed it. He did not ask what would happen if he didn’t get it. He has nowhere near the level of heroic virtue needed to resist. I asked him recently if he would be willing to become a Catholic if everything really started going to pieces in the world, and he said he would. Please pray for him. I’ve been praying to Rhoda Wise for him for a long time now.

  2. “No jab, no job; no jab, no access to NHS healthcare; no jab, no state education for your kids. No jab, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums. No jab, no entry to the UK, and much else.”
    Your Joking… It’s my body… It is my choice Right!!

  3. In one respect, Sean O’Grady, represents an important reality we must learn to accept: The two sides within Western Civilization are no longer compatible with each other to debate, reason, compromise, come to agreement and change for the greeter good.

    Normally, in a functioning civilization like ours for the past millennia (Magna Carta signed 1215) we work within a framework of common high principles that govern us at the social-philosophical-political core. We may have different ideas about how to achieve best outcomes, but we all agree on where we are going.

    What we, who are of the Judeo-Christian civilization with roots back beyond Rome to the Greeks, and which is imbued with Christian principles of love, forgiveness, industry, community, family (etc) love … is not what Sean O’Grady, (and the horde who are of his tribe) loves.

    What we love, they hate. What we hate, they love. When we understand that, the current strife makes sense.

    Why do they not “get it”? Why can’t they understand what we are saying? Don’t they see that they are burning down and ruining all that’s good in the country we love? Oh, yes … they get it as much or more (more) than most of us get it. If you listen to them, they will tell you. They have been telling us, quite plainly. They hate us and everything America and the Judeo-Christian civilization sourced in Greek philosophy, Roman government and Christian religion stands for. “When they say burn it down”! They actually mean it.

    And so Mr Sean O’Grady and all who think like him are enemies. If they have their way, they will burn it down and kill everyone (not hyperbole – kill) who stands in their way. “Do what we say, or we will force you, and if you still refuse we will kill, imprison or banish you.

    Do you know why that contract sounds familiar? It is the ancient contract of Christianity’s ancient enemy, Islam: Dhimma. What is Dhimma? A choice: (1) Convert (2) Pay Jizya tax (3) Die.

    Islam, the great friend of Antipope Bergóglio. Communism, the religion of one Sean O’Grady. Two sides, same coin.

    It is nothing less than the reality of hell itself. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can get in the fight to reclaim our land for our families and future generations who are now gravely at risk and peril.

  4. Maybe I’m naive and way off, but I’m loading up on ivermectin. If and when the proverbial poop hits the fan with the jabbed and they start getting deathly I’ll or dying, I’ll be able to help some…..and then they could give me a little food or supplies.

    1. I’m taking ivermectin 2x a month and since I started, I’ve had zero colds and my allergies which usually make my life rough this time of year haven’t been a problem. I travel by plane once a month and the plane is always packed like a sardine tin. I have never had any sickness following such travel and I’m constantly pulling the face burqa down to breathe while in flight. This morning I woke up feeling a little groggy like something was coming on. Took a booster dose of Mr. Ed’s paste and I kid you not, I was feeling 200 percent an hour later.

      I saw a cartoon recently where a group of people were on an elevator which stopped at hell. Satan was there and said, “Oh I’m sorry big pharma is the next level down.” Indeed!

    2. If you don’t have Ivermectin, make sure you eat red meat and get plenty of sun. Zinc and vitamin d.

      The day is soon coming when our overlords will ban Ivermectin.

    3. “Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.”

      “I think you’ve been afraid all your life”.

      Quotes from Gladiator, I’ve had these quotes memorized since the movie came out 20 years ago. We all die … but do any of us live?

      My disdain for the Corona Scam™️ extends to Ivermectin. I think it’s great it can be used to provide relief and as a preventative. Not for me. Since Jan 2020, when I first became aware the Chinese were initiating a virus based PsyOp (my wife was connected to China then due to adoption work) I have seen this virus like a stinky t#rd. Not taking nor ever will any correctives or medicines or “vaccines” for Coronascam.

      Hard to imagine, one year ago, some lunatic like Sean O’Malley saying what he says here. We were normal, just one year ago. Now? Fear rules us all. And people are not nice when they are afraid.


      1. I’m holding on to some hopeful news I heard on Ann’s last podcast with Nurse Claire….that it MAY help the jabbed. IF that happens to be the case, it’s a win, win. If I can help those foolish enough (my entire family) who have gotten it, and have enough to help many others….it just might lead to the ultimate good…..their conversion to Christ. That’s my number one objective.

      2. Sorry, Kono. That may have come across directed at you. It was not meant that way. I respect your situation, which you’ve shared some, I really do. Everyone has unique situations and circumstances. I did not mean to diminish that or refer this directly toward you. If it came across like it did, I apologize.

        It’s more just a year and a half of frustration for me. It never stops. And it (the PsyOp) infects everything

        I don’t disagree with my wife much, but we had disagreements about this, back when it came out (we were warned early, as I said). Maybe it’s just because I don’t trust communists, but when she told me what her sources were saying about this “threat” that was destroying Wuhan unbeknownst to the world and which would likely spread to the rest of the world – wife was terrified of the threat … I was terrified of the PsyOp … I knew, KNEW, this was going to change everything. And I was angry then – because I knew where this was going to go. And I’ve always been angry – at the galactic senselessness of it all. She was stocking up on supplies (in January) because of the coming “crash” and I told her it was a communist lie that would amount to nothing. She saw the truth of it pretty early, but still – the conversations have always been the same, just the players change.

        And it just seems like all we ever talked about … ALL we have ever talked about and planned around since then … is the virus,virus,virus. And it just won’t stop. And the red communist b@@#**ds are just laughing at us, as they party on in thriving Wuhan.

      3. No worries Aqua. And I apologize if I misunderstood you. I am concerned though that the jabbed could be in grave danger especially when/if they contract the virus later and seek medical help from these lying bastids.

        As always, I enjoy your comments.

        God bless you and yours.

  5. This guy is either disingenuous or stupid. Either he knows that we’ve had Coronaviruses since man first put a fig leaf over his junk, or he knows that Coronaviruses are the perfect cover for endless tyranny. Since we can’t destroy them, there will always be a need to control people because of it.

    Death to these demons. All of them.

  6. Maybe everyone should get some Ivermectin and keep it on hand. Bill Gates made a smirking comment a while ago to the effect that we would definitely not ignore the “next” pandemic…and also something about having to slow down temporarily on the “really crazy stuff”… I don’t know how many people are aware of a condition called Morgellon’s and the not fully credible stories about it being in non-cloth face masks, but in the event it is not just a particularly ghastly sci-fi style hoax, Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic — maybe effective?

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