Neanderthal New York opens up maskless 100% capacity even as “cases” rage, because ¡Science!

Corona cases in New York, according to their own data, are higher than at any point last year, when the entire state was shut down, and Gov. Cuomo was murdering thousands of nursing home patients. Remember?

Half a million active cases, and they are fully opening 100% no masks no distancing no capacity limits. How can there be any doubt that this has been the worst crime against humanity ever committed. Why is no one asking any questions?

N.Y. to drop mask rules, follow CDC guidance

New York will follow new federal coronavirus guidance that says fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks or socially distance, the state’s governor announced Monday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the new rules will go into effect Wednesday, the same day New York and New Jersey will eliminate most fixed, percentage-based indoor capacity limits on restaurants, stores, personal service, and other businesses, while also removing all outdoor gathering caps.

Masks will still be required in New York on public transportation and businesses and private venues could still require people to wear masks, Cuomo said. People who are unvaccinated are still required to wear masks and social distance.

7 thoughts on “Neanderthal New York opens up maskless 100% capacity even as “cases” rage, because ¡Science!”

  1. Reporting from the largest outdoor prison in the world, Ontario, Canada. Prison leave will not be granted until June 2/2021, since April 24/2021, pending review by our jailer Doug Ford aka “the Pillsbury Dough Boy”. This is a serious pandemic here folks! Please send whisky, wine and beer pronto, we are running low.

    Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

    COVID-19 local cases
    Confirmed Cases
    Resolved Cases
    New Cases Today
    Population 105,717 est.

  2. I’ve never heard of a vaccine that is more effective than attained natural immunity gained from actually having the disease. This must be the case though since people who have had corona aren’t included in the great unmasking. Funny that.

  3. This sudden opening up is too good to be true. Me thinks it’s happening because of one of these two possibilities:

    1. Enough people have gotten the jab to where the powers that be are confident that shedding will take care of the deplorables who aren’t going along with the flow.

    2. This is a planned set up. Things are opening up without face burqas and social distancing on an honor system that can’t be verified. Don’t be surprised if in a few weeks, there’s an explosion of new (fake) cases. This will be blamed on the anti-jabbers and will lead to a level of us v/s them not seen since the French Revolution. “National safety” is how they’ll justify legislation for a national vaccine passport.

    I hope I’m wrong but I think scenario 2 is what’s about to unfold.

  4. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it’s just a major set up to roll out the vaccine passports. In the next week or two after they open up fully, there will be a cry against the unvaxxed that they aren’t being truthful and are also going around unmasked, etc and deceptively putting everyone at risk.

  5. At first I was worried about backlash from all of us unvaccinated people taking off the masks but then I remembered how many moron’s are out there in this world. There will be more than enough idiots who are vaccinated still wearing masks to make it look like we’re all playing by the rules.

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