World’s most vaccinated country reports highest global COVID-19 case count, re-imposes lockdowns

VICTORIA, Seychelles, May 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The government of Seychelles has re-imposed lockdown measures following the largest per capita surge in detection of infection with COVID-19 in the world, despite ranking as the top country for coverage with a COVID vaccine.

Though previously boasting that some 60 percent of its population had been “fully vaccinated” against the coronavirus, the country recorded 336 positive tests per 100,000 population in the first week of May, more than double the amount of second place Maldives at 153 per 100,000, according to the New York Times’ global coronavirus tracker.

Seychelles’ supposed outbreak vastly outstrips that of India, which has seen around 28 positive tests of the virus in the per 100,000 population in the same time period. Even total deaths per 100,000 show Seychelles to have almost double the rate of India’s overall COVID-related death toll.

The country’s health ministry announced that more than a third of those who tested positive for the virus, around 37%, had already been “fully vaccinated”…

3 thoughts on “World’s most vaccinated country reports highest global COVID-19 case count, re-imposes lockdowns”

  1. The last year has given an entirely new meaning to me, for the deeply American phrase: “Live Free Or Die”.

    It still means, what it always meant. But now, it means so much more – including the spiritual death of slavery; the physical death of placing your life in the hands of evil totalitarians who hate you; the social death of giving your daily life over to the whims of stupid people. The list could easily go on.

    Truly – Live free! Or die.

  2. A very important little Twitter conversation on Jeffrey Tucker’s AIER Twitter account.

    We can’t every get sucked into being glad at getting “cookies” from government for meeting pandemic performance metrics (If you’re good, we’ll let you take off your mask for a few hours a day”). The whole system is screwed up at the basic assumptions level. I don’t care what the numbers are. I don’t care how many days to flatten the curve. I don’t care how many hospital beds are, or might be filled. You don’t ever get to give or take away my rights Guvner!

    This is how these two put it.

    “Many say that Covid-19 has been declared effectively over. Here’s the problem. The supposed reason for the ghastly lockdowns (hide from the pathogen) still dominates. Govs can lock us down again, because there’s always a new pathogen. We cannot live this way.” (Jeffrey A Tucker – AIER blogger)

    “I’ve been saying this from the beginning. It is not enough to end the restrictions (which BTW are nowhere close to being over). We have to completely defeat the ideology behind lockdowns, and the absurd risk appraisal mentality, *and* the utter lack of regard for natural rights”. (Ryan Kemper – commenter)

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