19 thoughts on “Because, of course: The Weather Channel breaks MSM silence on the truth about Ivermectin”

  1. Man, are they in trouble! This announcement opposes the cure for Climate Change: no more useless eaters.

    Way to point to this article, Mark. Thank you.

    1. I came down with COVID in January (no test, but extreme fatigue, headaches, coughing, fever, etc). Started taking the horse paste a week into it. By the third dose, it was gone. No medical intervention required.

      I think we’ve stumbled upon the cure for the common cold/flu. I bet the planners didn’t see that one coming.

      1. I have both Ivermectin tablets and paste in my home. Would never consider taking an experimental gene therapy shot with unknown long term side effects and also came to market on the base of abortions.

  2. I called my mother-in-law to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, and inevitably she brought up vaccines. (She is VERY pro covid vaxx.) Told her that we can’t take the vaccines available due to the use of aborted fetal cell lines. She then called me ignorant, unscientific, and “going against the pope.”

    Mother-in-law isn’t even Catholic, btw. Both my husband and I are converts.

    She even said she hope I don’t die from covid due to my archaic decision. I replied that I wished her the best of luck. Best I could do in terms of charity in the moment.

    They really do hate us, and it is a new religion for them. Keep up your convictions, folks.

    1. @Samantha: Well done. I have children who tell me that it’s their own choice. They are correct but it doesn’t make it any easier. One thing that we might keep in mind through ALL of the VAERS–including supposedly non-jab caused deaths–is that human immune systems are NOT, Not, not animal immune systems. That is in large part why researchers just love, Love, LOVE aborted baby thymuses to implant in mice thereby “humanizing” the mice for experiments.

      This is my point: It is a race against time with more and more international lawsuits establishing the fraud (look at Portugal’s PCR test appellate-court decision from November or October 2020 and Vienna’s March 24, 2021 decision) and the unpredictable-ness of individual “human subjects”” immune systems. Considering these two data points, think about this:

      The lawsuits from Pam Popper’s Make Americans Free Again as well as Reiner Fullemich, et al’s international lawsuits prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the Global Scamdemic. Juxtaposing this fact of fraud (that cannot remain hidden, e.g. this Weather Channel article) with the fact that animal mRNA testing was 100% fatal BUT humans do not have animal immune systems, gives me a glimmer of hope. Unlike with the test animals, we really won’t know until flu season just how “jabbed” humans will actually respond to the wild virus. Also, Ivermectin may be a way to calm overreactive immune responses. So by the grace of God, “jabbed” humans could respond much better than the mRNA test animals did; thus, the Elite’s plan to totalitarianize the middle class out of existence may be thwarted because of not only the staunch non-compliers but also because God’s design of the human immune system is more ingenious than the mega-brained, Elite evil-doers’ plans to take over the world.

      We still need to Act so that God may act and pray because everything depends on Him; so keep up the awesome work with you mother-in-law. AND welcome to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church!

    1. It’s hard to find, but I managed to get some of the injectable stuff for horses. Is anyone taking the horse stuff out there? Have you experienced any weird cravings for oats and hay? I am expecting supply chain collapse up here shortly, so am going to hang onto it for emergency use. If they shut down Enbridge’s pipeline 5, half of Ontario’s fuel needs will be squashed.

      1. We’re in horse country in North Phoenix, so the stuff is everywhere. I haven’t noticed any supply issues, but some of the stores are putting up signage to scare people off of buying it to treat COVID. I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring signs over the last year, so I don’t even read them. There are plenty of non-Amazon sources online for it, as well. Amazingly, I haven’t see any price gouging yet. Still about five bucks a tube.

        I’ll second what Mark said. I successfully treated a COVID-like illness with it, and I take a dose once a week as a preventative. I don’t even measure it anymore, I just do it by sight. It’s a little perfumey on the pallet, but zero side effects.

  3. We all knew this, and now trumpeted around somewhat. Even if the peons knew or cared about their health, they would not care, as they are immersed in their scamdemic religion antics. I took Grandma out for our daily adventure again today (screw the government by the way again). Way out, I mean way out in God’s country, a scenic lookout, vista view, magnificent scenery, no one but us for miles, a scummy scamdemic-19 advisement at the property to warn us of the sniffle bug, and to adhere to social distancing, and masking! We wish Ivermectin well, no offence to it, but we cannot fix mental illness.

    Pray for your mother today, where ever she is.

  4. It appears Br. Bugnolo’s web site has been taken offline, as of Sunday afternoon, May 9. All links are broken.

  5. I found this in Amazon: Ivesco 6859010 Ivesco Bimectin. It is .21oz and can treat up to 1250 pounds of body weight. What is the dosage for prophylaxis (how much paste per dose and how frequent). Also what is the dosage when I start showing symptoms?

  6. Mark, I looked through your archives and didn’t see any posts but I might have missed them. Did you already post this information regarding the Nov 2020 lawsuit in Portugal and the March 2021 lawsuit in Vienna? https://covidwatching.org/portugal-takes-a-stand-against-flawed-pcr-test/


    Of course it is not in MSM and I only learned of their existence via an April 1, 2021interview of Reiner Fuellmich (who you did post about in January). The truth is making it’s way out of the ooze of the lies. Thank you for all you do.

  7. We get injectable ivermectin from Valley Vet , put it in drinks with large syringes because thick . We’re fine here in TN. No jabs for us. Mother in law, brothers, sisters etc in NY happily jabbed,masked and passported. So sad, but they won’t listen.

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