Be ready to answer the vaxxforcement when they accuse you of going against “the pope”

Oh happy inconvenient truth. He’s not the pope. Benedict is pope, and has been since April 2005. But the commenter is right; this tactic will be used against you in the near future, and not just for the vaxx.

14 thoughts on “Be ready to answer the vaxxforcement when they accuse you of going against “the pope””

  1. Hello again! When I said pope, I was referring to the guy currently squatting on the Throne. (That’s who my mother in law was referring to, since she has no exposure to the “Benedict is still pope” story.)

    Regardless, my husband and I firmly believe that Benedict is still the valid pope.

    God protect us all from this despot (Bergoglio), and the virus religion.

  2. So HAPPY know the TRUTH of BiP is getting out there! Band together, Mark… with Bugnolo as well … he’s NOT CRAZY he’s right on! You ,Ann B. and Mazza got some Truth …. band together with Br. Bugnolo and it’s ALL THERE!!! YAY! God’s will be done!

  3. Challenges and opportunities….what a great chance to really proselytize!

    A great opportunity to counter someone who tells you that the “pope (meaning the current usurper of Saint Peter’s Chair) ” says you must get the vaccination….

    I know, they’ll probably look at you with this blank expression on their face and say, “I have no idea what your talking about….when you begin to explain that Jorge is not the pope and that Benedict “resigned from the ministerium and does not mean that he abdicated the munus” So, that you can bring them to an understanding that Jorge is not the pope and whatever Jorge says/mandates/approves/recommends or supports isn’t worth squat.

    When visiting my local FFL who is very active in his parish and a Eucharistic minister to boot I began to explain the current dynamics citing Canon 212, Canon 1339 and Canon 1340 and by the expression on his face and his follow up commentary I knew that Pope Pius X was absolutely on to something when he attempted to mandate that all parishes have a regular Sunday continuing CCD for adults so that they would know their Faith. Most NO folks have no clue…as well as many “trads.”

    My FFL had no clue….so break out your penny catechism, Catechism of the Council of Trent and have access to Annie B’s website as well as non veni Mark’s posts and Brother Bugnolo’s posts….

    As they say in Motor City…”kick out the jams brothers and sisters.”

  4. Since Benedict XVI received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the BiP folks obviously couldn’t appeal to his example for a religious exemption. So what exactly can they “be ready to answer?” They’d still be “going against the Pope,” wouldn’t they? Tough times indeed. (Myself, I still pray for the Pope, or more precisely, for his “perpetual intentions” – exaltation of the Church, propagation of the Faith, etc. I don’t name names – it’s “whoever he may happen to be.”)

    1. “Since Benedict XVI received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine”

      It’s only hearsay. We have zero proof.

  5. Excellent critique.

    Do you think Pope Pius XII would have agreed to the “jab?”

    I wonder if the “Te Igitur” allows for a “whoever he may happen to be” papal invocation?

    Tough times indeed…

  6. Extraction from a Penn Medicine Center controlled study, released Dec 2020.

    “The only evidence on safety came from small Phase 1 and 2 trials”.

    “Severe systemic adverse events were recorded in 5-10% of trial subjects”.

    And the question is asked: what is 5-10% of 328,000,000? (Answer – 16,400,000 to 32,800,000 projected with severe adverse symptoms in the U.S.).

    And this is *BEFORE* we get to how this serum affects the body’s natural defenses to subsequent Covid infections.

    But … they not only release it, knowing that millions will be permanently disabled and die, they release it with full legal liability protection for its makers. And shame anyone with reservations about known safety threats.

    I just read another anecdote, this time about a healthy and active Utah 18 year old boy, who plays basketball 7 days a week, whose mom got him vaccinated, and who then almost died from blood clots in his brain two days after the jab. Severe pain in his head and knock and his eyes are almost swollen shut.

    The stories keep coming, but no one makes them public in mass media. And so Americans just don’t really understand the threat, because they are kept from knowing.

    Criminal, all the way around.

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