10 thoughts on “This is what’s going to happen when you try to claim a religious exemption to the deathvaxx”

  1. Our Primary Care Physician thinks we are crazy for not getting the vaxx. That is what he said to my husband. Trouble is: he is the crazy one !

  2. My daughter’s (now ex-) GP told her that if she’s not getting the vax, the Dr. would ‘think twice’ about being in the lunchroom with daughter.

    That GP has been fired. Oddly, was recc’d by a “good Catholic family.”

  3. Easier said than done, of course, but I’d be looking for a new oncologist. And as for the bishops and Pope Francis, well, the same holds true for them as does Bill Gates: they are not doctors and they can try to guilt trip all they want, but in the end, it is my decision. My rage grows every day that I hear this ridiculous, over the top peer pressure over these “vaccines.”

  4. The first line of the first amendment to our constitution – meaning, there is nothing that matters more in our civic life:

    “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”

    My religious belief and how I “freely exercise” the practice of my religious belief is between me and my conscience and my Priest. I don’t have to prove anything or defend against statements if an illegitimate Pope. Government has no rights to my conscience or my beliefs or how I freely exercise those beliefs. None. There is no discussion or debate. No judgements on whether I am right or wrong or whether I can adequately justify myself. These are my religious beliefs, and that ends the discussion. No jab, because I said so. And government will make no law to prevent me or force me.

  5. With the experimental gene therapy injections only entering mainstream population recently, information is slow to emerge about its great dangers. It can be said that its risk is far greater then the “cv19”. There are reports now of a great increase in miscarriages not only among those taking the injection but among those who are close to or live with those who do!!! Read that again: those with the injections may be ‘shedding’ or somehow ‘transmitting’ side effects to others and one result is with miscarriages and also many menstrual irregularities. These, I am certain, are just the tip of the iceberg. Unusual mammograms are happening. It is said to not engage in sexual activity for several months after getting the jab. In the future will there be more cancers or auto-immune diseases or antibody enhancements leading to death? The goal of the globalists is depopulation–never forget that. These injections might just be one ticket towards that goal.

  6. I don’t wear a mask anywhere except my gym. Why? Because it’s a completely voluntary thing, working out, I only have to wear it going in and going out, not at the stations, and because it’s the only game in town. I got thrown out of the other gym. Anyway, I’ve developed swollen lymphodes around my ears, painful, and I think it has something to do with wearing the mask. Like maybe breathing in my own expelled germs.

    When “cold and flu” season starts, which just exists because we all lack vitamin D, Death Shot patients will drop by the tens of millions, and either everyone will be forced to get vaccinated (because the unvaxxed will be blamed), or we will be in mandatory, nationwide lockdown, forever. Or both.

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