Angel of Deathvaxx PA Gov. Mengele Wolf: “I’m not resigned to anybody not getting a shot”

By David Wenner |

Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday described a sudden drop in demand for COVID-19 vaccines, with places around the state that had waiting lists a few weeks ago now able to offer plenty of next-day appointments.

He said at least some of it results from people who believe vaccine is unsafe or unnecessary, and he’s unwilling to allow that to prevent Pennsylvania from reaching “herd immunity.”

“Now we’re in a new phase. The line is a lot shorter than it was. The supply is a lot better than it was. We need to recognize that new reality,” he said.

Yet even after greatly expanding the eligibility pool, demand is still down, said Dr. Gerald Maloney, the chief medical officer for Montour County-based Geisinger Health System.

He said next-day appointments are available; not long ago Geisinger was booked several weeks out.

“We seem to be at the point where most of the people who want to be vaccinated, in the eligible group, have come forward and been vaccinated,” Maloney said.

He said “vaccine hesitancy is a major problem right now.”

Maloney expressed grave concern over the situation, saying Pennsylvania needs to get to the level of least 70% of residents being vaccinated and, ideally, around 90%.

That would make it highly unlikely people will pass COVID-19 to others. Moreover, people who aren’t vaccinated can enable COVID-19 to mutate into more contagious and dangerous strains, and possibly strains that aren’t blocked by existing vaccines.

“It’s the unvaccinated people who become infected who give rise to the variants,” he said.

“I’m not resigned to anybody not getting a shot,” Wolf said.

“We should not resign ourselves to less than the numbers we need to get to herd immunity,” Wolf said, adding that “more and more people recognize this is not just about them.”

9 thoughts on “Angel of Deathvaxx PA Gov. Mengele Wolf: “I’m not resigned to anybody not getting a shot””

  1. This is not a vaccine, it’s an experimental gene therapy device. The FDA has not approved it. It is out there under the Emergency Use Authorization. Under the Nuremberg Code, you cannot be forced to accept this injection. How about “My body my choice.”
    Maloney needs to read the CDC info: “The risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be completely eliminated as long as there is continued community transmission of the virus. Vaccinated people could potentially still get COVID-19 and spread it to others.”

  2. Most new Covid cases are coming from the “vaccinated”. Maybe God let this happen to us so we could see the evil men running our states.

  3. This is what happens when you trade your tried and true Constitutional Representative Republic form of government with its balance of powers and the participation of and consent of the governed for a pukey little dictatorship.

    He wants everyone to get the jab. And what the Governor wants, the Governor gets.

    I get the sense that the tide has turned on these little fascist wannabes. Wolf should take his act to China, whom he obviously admires, where his mediocre talents can get him a job as a block monitor informant for any number of village committees. They’ll love him as much as we do.

    I want my government back.

  4. Proof that the guv’nur doesn’t actually read what’s on the bottles of what they’re pushing to know what it actually claims to do.

    Nothing said has any relation to science. It doesn’t even have any relation to the bullshit “the science” they made up. They can’t even remain consistent within their own stupid narrative.They’re just saying anything at this point.

    Who gave this monkey a microphone?

  5. Isn’t funny how every authority figure is now a de facto medical expert? Who do these people think they are?

    1. Here in my small town, our city council passed the mask mandate last year based on one council member, who has a Master’s in Public Health, who said she “read the science”. So I read the actual science and wrote the council showing them they were completely wrong. They never got back to me.

      Public education and narcissism have ruined our government.

      1. jmy1975 – it is a mark of the times that to claim “science” on your side is to end the conversation and to demonstrate pursuit or possession of the astral plane. “Oh! You read the science! Well, that’s impressive”!

        I contend loss of the One True Faith and the many dim Protestant reflections of it in our Protestant society and Constitutional heritage is what has ruined our government.

        “ Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        – John Adams

        Ours is not a government for godless barbarians.

        The loss of Faith is not restricted to the sad, empty Nave. Out in society we also see it. Desperate people seeking they know not what, which is hard-wired into their unseen, unmeasurable, unscientific souls.

        Mankind was made for religious belief, ever since the fall, and Adam was separated from God by an Angel wielding a flaming sword. We live by faith “as through a glass, darkly”. And whether we belong to the religion revealed by God, or belong to the religion(s) of God’s enemy, we are fundamentally practitioners of religious faith – in something. We are blind at the level of the soul, but we were made to see. And our souls desperately want to see. Those who choose God see, and are happy. Those who choose God’s enemy are increasingly blind and unhappy; angry; bitter; violent.

        There is a void in our world when our Church has left the Faith from the very top down to the very bottom. And that void is filled by God’s enemy. Satan tells us “You will be like gods when you taste the fruit of knowledge and the fruit to decide good and evil” (paraphrase).

        And thus, Scientism is the religion at the end of time. Politics is their god and science is its prophet.

        It all makes sense, once you understand these are not rational men and women pursuing God in some dim reflective way but reprobate barbarians who have given themselves over to the god of this world, his politics of power and domination of strong over weak, and his prophets are those who use their minds, pure intellect, disconnected from the Law Giver, ruler of the natural and supernatural worlds, God Almighty.

        The engine of knowledge without wisdom and virtue to steer it down proper paths is the ultimate evil. And I contend much of America has chosen exactly that; much of Holy Roman Catholic Church as well. THAT is the source of our *present* ruination (but God will prevail mightily in the end).

  6. God I hope you dont stop posting!

    We are completely redefining the definition of ‘herd immunity.’ …Actually, this is exactly what Wikipedia has recently done during the Covid era. If you go back in the ‘History’ of the ‘herd immunity’ page, you will see that we used to understand that Herd Immunity was a NATURALLY OCCURRING PHENOMENA, where a population becomes immune through basic interaction. This used to also be called ‘passive immunity’ which was transmitted via… [*gasp*]… human contact (i.e., the very thing you were PREVENTED from doing in the Lockdown.). Per the 2015 Wikipedia Page for “Herd Immunity:” “Herd immunity SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH ‘contact immunity,’ a related concept wherein a vaccinated individual can ‘pass on’ immunity to another individual through contact.” [emphasis mine]

    You might be familiar with this ‘ancient’ understanding because rational people were using it just one year ago. However once the Research and Logic side started throwing around Rational terms, the Left needed to ‘delete and redefine.’ Go and look at today’s “Herd Immunity” page. Now the “not to be confused with” term of “contact immunity” is EXACTLY what the new definition of ‘herd immunity’ is!! Now we see vaccinations listed as the primary catalyst of herd immunity and that passive immunity (no longer tied definitionally to its source) “wanes,” and that “any contribution to herd immunity is temporary.”

    Some have been arguing over whether it was Orwell or Huxley who would be correct, without realizing that they saw the same future just from a different street corner. The views should be combined!

  7. Unfortunately, I live in Pennsylvania, where Gov. Diktat’s power mongering continues on. To say he is not well regarded here in my little corner of the state is an understatement. He, like so many other narcissistic politicians in the country, has no idea of the rage bubbling beneath the surface In the population. He can shove that needle right up his butt.

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