Raising Arizona: Neanderthal thinking is a beautiful thing

The deathvaxx is free and available to anyone in Arizona who wants it. There are no age or eligibility restrictions. And yet…

Vaxx injections peaked three weeks ago, on 12 March, and have since been declining.

Arizona is 100% open. No restrictions on anything. All local mask mandates have been made illegal. And yet…

But in the states with Leftist leadership, mass vaxx compliance, universal masking, restrictions on all activities, something else seems to be going on…

At some point will someone admit the masks don’t work, and are probably causing additional sickness among those forced to wear them for long periods? Is the vaxx really a vaccine, or is it useless, or does it cause additional sickness? Or are these numbers not really true, they don’t really measure sickness after all? Pick a lie and stick with it, already.

Are the proles ready for lockdown #3?

8 thoughts on “Raising Arizona: Neanderthal thinking is a beautiful thing”

  1. how do I send you a video? did you see the CNN clip with the lady admitting they want your freedom tied to a these experimental drugs?? I sent it to Ann so hopefully she will post. CRAZY!!

    1. No Agenda played it I think on Sunday’s show. Those guys are one-stop shopping for COVIDian insanity, especially for those of us who otherwise avoid mainstream media like the (actual) plague.

  2. If it doesn’t work, keep doing it. If the opposite works, discourage it. As my mother used to say, “All the fools aren’t dead yet.”

    1. I’ve only heard this clip. Seeing how earnest and sincere this omnipotent moral busibody truly is takes the horror to a whole new level.

      On a related matter… secular women have lost their ever-loving marbles.

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