Arizona’s Democrat Senators Rip Biden Administration Over Border Invasion

“The federal government has failed Arizona”: Arizona senators call for immediate border change


GILA BEND, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Arizona’s U.S. senators said Washington needs to do something about the border crisis now. While they’re trying to help, they said this ultimately should be up to the feds to fix, not the states.

In speaking with Sen. Mark Kelly Wednesday, it’s clear he’s frustrated. Both he and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema had to step in to help out the tiny town of Gila Bend, and they said enough is enough.

“The federal government has failed Arizona on this. Washington needs to do a better job,” said Kelly.

Sen. Kelly wants a solution to the border and migrant issue that’s now affecting Arizona towns like Gila Bend.

“This shouldn’t be on them. This is the federal government’s responsibility, not the responsibility of communities across our state,” Kelly said.

 Border Patrol releases video showing toddlers, aged 3 and 5, dumped over border fence

Border patrol has dropped off migrants by the busload in the tiny town, a town that has no resources for them. Both Sinema and Kelly helped divert buses. Kelly had to find a last-minute solution just this past Friday.

“We arranged for an NGO (non-governmental organization) to pick up those folks and take them to a center in Phoenix that’s equipped to handle this,” he said.

Gila Bend declares ‘state of emergency’ as CBP continues to drop loads of migrants in town

“To drop people in basically the middle of nowhere, it’s 30 miles to the next type of town, and that’s 30 miles of open desert,” said Mayor Riggs.

Sen. Sinema spoke to Arizona’s Family about the crisis, talking about her conversation with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

“I specifically asked him to send direct support to border communities to help them as they’re facing these challenges. He committed he would work directly with those communities, and I intend to hold him accountable to his commitment,” Sen. Sinema said.

 CBP deploying more agents to US-Mexico border amid influx of migrants

Kelly said he’s spoken to President Joe Biden and Homeland Security trying to come up with workable solutions and said his office is committed to staying on the federal government until something changes.

One thought on “Arizona’s Democrat Senators Rip Biden Administration Over Border Invasion”

  1. I’d like to say it’s shocking, but what is shocking anymore? It’s appalling, more than shocking. It’s appalling that with one side of their mouth the Biden administration wants to put Americans under strict Covid controls, while with the other side of their mouth they are denying a catastrophe as they fill our nation with people who demonstrably have high Covid rates and other diseases like TB. Many of the people have to go straight to the ER. It’s vile to do this to Americans, to America, and it’s rotten to do this to the people who come in with these small children. It is estimated 80% of the children have been sexually assaulted on their journey, God help them. So they come here and are traumatized and what typically happens to people who are victims as children. They look for victims. The Biden administration does not care about those children or America. If Trump has opened the border they would be shutting it and no one would get in. When Democrats wake up, they will find the Biden administration cares as little about their complaints as they do about Republicans. Everyone is a deplorable, now.

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